hottie1993- Luke DOES make references believe it or not, it's just with his dry undertone it is much more unnoticeable than Lorelai because she puts emphasis on them. Luke references (excuse my horrible spelling but I hope you get what I mean)- the Matrix, Dylan Thomas, My Little Pony, Star Wars, P is a Door, like a horror movie, National Velvet, Journey, Lords of Flat bush (most of these JUST from season 4 BTW and I mean anything before Season 7 too), Thelma and Louis, Lancelot, and I could keep going on but I'm just using up more space I could use for the story. Also, with all the time he has spent with Lorelai there is a possibility he could pick up a few current references from her. If not then for a fact he could have heard them from the news because what new station DIDN'T do a report on Britney Spear's fallen life or Anna Nicole's death? The point is that I appreciate his humor much more than most of the actual writers do and I like to give him more of a personality. I write the references with SP's voice in my head and that's the way I wish them to be read as well. I'm just sorry it hasn't been conveyed as much as I would like. Anyway, I hope that helps you out more so you can read this with a different view on it and be able to enjoy the story better. I might have over-done it with the first couple of episodes that I wrote to make them funnier but after those I found a nice rhythm to it that I like and have stuck with it. Everyone writes fanfics differently and it helps to open people's minds I think. Not everyone will agree to a specific author's way of writing and that's understandable. So I take no offense at all, I just try to explain my views on why.

ggandothlover- Last episode's town meeting was actually a spontaneous thing. I needed a teaser and I needed to find a reason for Kirk to take a boat to a lake then viola I put the two together. It came out really good and it makes me laugh when I read it because I swear I wonder why ASP never thought of doing the cell phone thingy herself. Thanks so much for your kind comment, when people laugh I get great satisfaction out of that.

an-angels-light- Season 7 just seemed a little out of place to me and only recently have I been able to connect this season to the other ones. So writing this allows me to show them how it all could've gone if they just looked outside the box. It's sad the show has to end like it does. Writing this is cathartic for me. Thank-you for your feedback!

This is really a two-parter episode but I think it would be way too long to make it just one episode. So I just split them up like I did with episodes 8 and 9.

Episode 21: "Life is a Major Pain"

Rory knocked on the Twickham House's front door. She heard Lorelai's voice.

Lorelai: "Come in!"

Rory: "Come in?"

Rory opened the door and walked into the front room. Lorelai was lying on a couch watching TV with a big bowl of ice cream and a big bowl of popcorn both on top of her pregnant stomach. Next to her on the couch was Paul Anka, just as relaxed as she was.

Rory: "Mooomm!"

Lorelai: "Oh, hello Honey,"

Rory: "You were supposed to meet me at the mall in Hartford so we could go shopping for things I'm going to need for the move to Boston! I called your cell phone AND home phone and you never picked up either phone,"

Lorelai: "Well see, I was craving a huge bowl of popcorn. Of course I HAD to add jalapeno peppers and ketchup to the popcorn. Then it was REALLY spicy so I wanted something cold to counteract with it. The solution? A HUGE bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup and whipped cream, of course. SO I sat down and there wasn't a table to put these bowls on and then I remember my stomach would work as a substitute table. I put the bowls on my stomach, turned on the TV and there was "Look Who's Talking". I couldn't pass it up so I got all comfy and then the phone rang. But I was WAY too comfortable to get up and I really got into the movie,"

Rory: "You eating a bowl of popcorn with jalapeno peppers and ketchup is one thing but choosing "Look Who's Talking" over meeting up with your daughter is just not right. Come on…"

Lorelai: "Wait, this is the part where John Travolta DANCES,"

Rory: "John Travolta dances in EVERY one of his movies, you're not going to miss anything,"

Lorelai: "I forgot that this is my favorite part about being pregnant; sitting it front of the TV stuffing my face with food…"

Rory: "You do that even when you're NOT pregnant, but shopping with your daughter… priceless,"

Lorelai: "But the ice cream is going to be soup soon if I don't finish it…"

"Well put it all in a blender, make it a shake and take it along with us,"

Lorelai: "Ew, that's disgusting,"

Rory: "Oh and sitting here eating popcorn with jalapenos and ketchup on top isn't?"

Lorelai: "What do you have against me, Don Imus?"

Rory: "I'm not going to let you slack off on responsibilities. Now come on…"

Rory removed the bowls of food while Lorelai reached out for them in dismay. Rory put the bowls in the kitchen, returned to the couch where she grabbed Lorelai by the arms and started pulling her up.

Lorelai eventually joined in and she soon was standing with a pout.

Rory took one look at her and sighed.

Rory: "Okay, I'll buy you an ice cream cone at the mall,"

Lorelai's eyes lit up with excitement.

Lorelai: "Ooh, yay!"

She ran for the door.

Theme music

Lorelai and Luke were in bed sleeping. It was VERY early in the morning when a sudden loud "bang" woke them up with a jolt.

Lorelai: "AH, Air Raid!"

Luke: "Air raid? In Stars Hollow?"

Lorelai: "Oh sorry, I was in the middle of a dream where I was the queen of a powerful kingdom where the palace was made of candy and there was a chocolate moat…."

Luke: "Please stop describing this Candy Land dream of yours or I may go into a sugar-induced coma just by listening,"

Suddenly the loud noise happened again.

Luke: "What the heck is going on out there?"

Lorelai turned over so she could see the clock.

Lorelai: "It's five thirty in the morning! Who the Hell dares to make all of that noise at five thirty in the morning… Rosie O'Donnell?!"

Luke: "Even she wouldn't dare to interrupt you from your Candy Land dream,"

The loud bang happened again, THIS time it nearly shook the house. Lorelai and Luke leapt out of bed and scrambled for clothes to put on.

Lorelai and Luke exited the house and noticed a large group of townspeople down the block. They took Lorelai's Jeep to the site and hopped out. They ran up to Miss Patty who was standing there with awe.

Lorelai: "Miss Patty, what is going on here?"

Miss Patty: "Oh some new couple in town are tearing down two houses and going to use the two lots of land to put up one gigantic house,"

Lorelai: "WHAT? Who would be CRAZY enough to pull a stunt like this at five thirty in the morning?!"

"Lorelai! Over here!"

At the sound of the woman's voice, Lorelai cringed. Luke's jaw nearly fell to the ground in astonishment. Lorelai had to mentally push herself to look towards the ex-houses to see whom it was that had called out to her.

There, standing before the wreckage were Emily and Richard Gilmore wearing yellow construction hats.

Lorelai: "I'm still asleep, right? This is just a nightmare, right?"

Luke: "Well if this is a nightmare, we're both sharing the same one,"

Emily: "Lorelai don't just stand there like the Tin Man, get over here,"

Lorelai heaved a great sigh and then marched up to them.

Lorelai: "Mom, Dad… what are you DOING?! You are disturbing everyone in town!"

Emily: "You don't have to yell at us like this,"

Lorelai: "It's five thirty in the morning! I have to go to work in an hour… I would LIKE to use up any extra Z time while I can, so does everyone else in town!"

Richard: "If anyone in this town had any real business sense they would get up at this time. If they are sleeping while this construction is going on then it's certainly not our problem,"

Lorelai: "Don't you have to get a PERMIT for blowing up two houses at five thirty in the morning?"

Emily: "Lorelai don't be absurd, we did not blow up the houses and of course we got a permit for this. That man…. Um, Taylor I think it was… signed the papers,"

Lorelai clenched her fists mumbling: "He would…"

Just then Kirk came by wearing a yellow hard hat and pretty covered with dirt.

Kirk: "Okay, the houses have been demolished successfully,"

Lorelai nearly choked.

Lorelai: "YOU? YOU'RE the contractor? You tore down the two houses and you are going to build the new one?!"

Kirk: "I would LOVE to but unfortunately no one would give me a license to do that, I'm afraid. Can't figure out why. BUT I am the assistant to one,"

Kirk pointed over to TJ who held a huge architect outline map in his hands. Richard walked over to him and pointed things from the map to where the house would be.

Lorelai nearly fell over in shock.

Lorelai: "TJ?! You two are having your construction done by a Village People's reject like TJ?"

Emily shot Lorelai a glare.

Emily: "I most certainly did not. He must be qualified enough if he has a license," (yeah, by this time TJ finally passed his test and now has a license in my story… scary, huh?)

Lorelai: "Okay, WHY are you doing this? Why NOW?"

Emily: "Ever since Richard had his heart attack we became worried about our financial situation. So we consulted our accountant and he informed us that we might be in trouble in the upcoming year due to the amount of spending we do and Richard having to slow down into retirement. In that case we made a decision to consolidate our assets into a smaller house further away from the bigger cities, where there are lower property rates. After some research we decided that Stars Hollow was a suitable place to live in,"

Lorelai: "You can't live in Stars Hollow,"

Emily: "Why not? Oh, it's because YOU live here right? You live here so we can't,"

Lorelai had to gulp back to truth while she replied with: "That's not it…"

Emily: "Then WHAT is?"

Lorelai: "You two will go crazy here! I mean; there are old fashion town meetings, which would bore you. There are silly town events like Winter Carnivals, Basket Bidding, Dance Marathons, Bake Sales…"

Emily: "Those are just part of the small town charm,"

Lorelai: "Everybody KNOWS everybody, what they're doing, who they're doing…"

Emily: "Now don't be graphic,"

Lorelai: "You won't get a moment of privacy,"

Emily: "You seem to get away with it with us,"

Lorelai: "We don't have any BIG, expensive, Cleopatra-type stores; all we sell is cheap crap,"

Emily: "We have to cut down on our expenses that is part of the reason why we decided to move here in the first place,"

Lorelai pointed a finger at Emily: "Ah ha, so what's the MAIN reason for why you decided to move here?"

Emily turned and looked at Lorelai with a fed-up look in her face.

Emily: "It just so happens that we want to stay in closer contact with you and Luke. There, happy now?"

Lorelai: "You…?"

Emily: "Needles to say, now that Richard and I are entering the so-called Golden Years of life we want to make sure all the past family affairs are straightened out. In short, since you and Luke are married and are going to have a family together, we want to be in closer proximity to you so we can be a part of that family while we're still around. Now if that sounds like an evil plot to you, Richard and I can go to Litchfield and blow up a couple of houses there instead,"

Lorelai didn't know what to say. On one hand she thought it was very sweet of them but on the other she knew having them in her face everyday was going to drive her insane.

Emily: "Don't worry, we don't intend to be in town a lot. I still have my DAR functions and Richard will still have some of his clients so most of the time we will be out. Other than that we can pretend that we don't know each other if we HAPPEN to bump into each other in the street,"

Lorelai: "No, it's okay. I will have to try and get used to it but we can work this out as long as we keep things civil. IF we have ANY personal problems we have to agree to keep that away from the kids,"

Emily: "Kids?"

Lorelai: "You know; Rory, April, baby-to-be, and whomever else if they happen to come along,"

Emily sighed in relief a little: "Oh, okay… good then. I think we can come to an agreement with it,"

Lorelai: "Right, okay. So I have to have breakfast and then head to work…"

Emily: "Fine then. When you're done with work you can come by and help us with our plans,"

Lorelai: "Uh Mom, I have my own construction I have to work with. The Butterfly Inn… remember?"

Emily: "Oh you can always work on that later, you need to help your own family more,"

Lorelai blinked hard and then put her hand on Emily's shoulder.

Lorelai sarcastically: "This is going to work out JUST fine,"

She then turned around and walked away. She found Luke in the crowd and walked up to him.

Luke: "So, what did you find out?"

Lorelai: "The devil really does wear prada,"

Luke: "Lorelai…"

Lorelai: "The apocalypse must be approaching because not only did Bush get re-elected president but also Richard and Emily Gilmore are moving into town,"

Luke: "WHY?"

Lorelai: "Because I am SO loveable they just can't get enough of me,"

Luke: "Stop being so loveable then,"

Lorelai: "Sorry, once I turn it on I can't turn it off,"

Luke: "Oh do I know that one,"

Lorelai winked and then blew him a kiss.

So cut to a scene of Rory packing a lot of her stuff while Paris bugs her. Since I'm not going to write out this scene but just summarize it. Basically, Paris and Doyle have decided to elope in Florence, Italy instead of a big huge wedding since Paris wants to find any excuse to keep her family away from them. Rory mumbles responses and then someone knocks on the door. It's Logan and they go out.

Lorelai was talking with Sookie in the kitchen.

Sookie: "I can't believe that your parents are moving to Stars Hollow,"

Lorelai: "I can barely comprehend it myself. I fell like I'm stuck in quick sand and the more I struggle against them, the more I get sucked into the bottom of the pit. To make matters worse, they expect me to help them with their construction chaos while we have our own little hectic construction going on with the Butterfly Inn. With Tom busy there, my parents had to resort to Liz's TJ and Kirk for contractors,"

Sookie: "What? That's like having two of the "Three Stooges" building their house! Do they actually want to LIVE in it?"

Lorelai: "I know that's what I told my mother but of course she considered that a verbal assault and launched one of her own,"

Sookie: "Kind of like playing a game of war, huh,"

Lorelai: "Yeah and I lose almost every time. I am too exhausted to put up a good fight this time,"

Just then a waiter came in, gave Sookie an order and Sookie gasped.

Lorelai: "What?"

Sookie: "There are guests who want to put MUSTARD on the lamb…"

Lorelai: "Why don't you go take a break, Manny can handle that,"

Sookie: "Good idea,"

Sookie quickly left the room. Lorelai went to follow but stopped when she suddenly winced. She grabbed hold of her stomach in pain with one hand and grabbed the counter for support with the other. When the pain went away she stood there with a look of horror on her face that rivaled the one she had with her parents that morning.

Logan was showing Rory the new apartment he had bought for the two of them to stay in Boston with. As he was explaining things to her Rory kept whining about getting last minute things done before the graduation ceremony the next day. Logan left the room to make a quick call, leaving Rory there and she decided to snoop around. She happened to see a little drawer next to her and she opened it, revealing a little box inside. Curious, Rory quietly took the box and opened it. She gasped when she saw whatever was inside of it and quickly tucked it back into the drawer when she heard Logan returning to the room. With that Logan lead the way out of the apartment so she could leave.

Lorelai followed the Gilmores through the wreckage of what used to be two houses. She sighed as they went on about what they wanted and where. Every once in a while Lorelai had to quickly ditched them to hide from them the pain she was still feeling in her stomach. Eventually she couldn't take it anymore and so she confronted them.

Lorelai: "That's it! As much as I just love spending all these warm fuzzy moments with you two I really have to get to my own construction woes for the Butterfly Inn! You two are very capable, strategizing people who I'm sure can handle this project all by yourselves or are you too Julius Caesar? I have so many things to do and not to mention that Rory's college graduation is tomorrow. Soon she's going to move away and I would like to take whatever little time I have left between working with the two inns to spend with her. So if you don't really need me I'm Little Nemo, please let me go free,"

Emily and Richard started to react.

Richard: "This is completely outrageous,"

Emily: "Some family, huh? When we need to all get together to support one another you bail out as usual. Fine, go then since you're so used to it. So are we going to be able to sit near you at the graduation ceremony or do we have to sit with the band playing Pop and Circumstances?"

Lorelai: "I was thinking more of during "Louie, Louie". All though I do believe "American Idiot," is more hip. Green Day is in again. Honestly Mom, don't make this into the Korean Conflict. I was hoping that you would be more understanding about everything,"

Emily: "I understand perfectly Lorelai. Now that your father is out of the hospital and back to his old self and there's no emergency, you want nothing to do with us,"

Richard: "Now Emily that is not true. She only comes to us when she's in need of money don't forget,"

Lorelai just shook her head in exhaust.

Emily: "Oh, you're right Richard. How silly of me to forget that we are nothing more but Piggy Banks to her,"

Lorelai was now pissed off.

Lorelai: "If THIS is the way you're going to be after I inform you that I have a life of my own then we will NEVER be able to make this work out! You are the most selfish, thick-headed, control-hungry people I know who would make even Fidel Castro look like a Care Bear!"

Emily: "Well look in the mirror, Wicked Queen!"

Lorelai: "My first mistake was going to you for help to put Rory through Chilton! My second mistake was going to Friday Night Dinners even after I paid you back for them because I let you manipulate me out of holding onto how I felt about you as parents from the past, into thinking that possibly I was wrong. That maybe I had been so full of determination to live my own life; I wasn't able to see you as generous, hardworking people. I was so stupid to even believe for a second that little speech you gave me this morning about family was true! I'll make sure not to make that same mistake in the future. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go and walk away from you again… this time for good,"

Lorelai turned around sharply and marched away. She passed by TJ who was trying to drill two planks of wood together.

TJ: "Whoa, you remind me of the drill sergeant in "Celebrity Fit Club"

Lorelai: "TJ, I'm not in the mood to deal with you right now!"

TJ: "Okay, okay… sheesh,"

Lorelai: "By the way… remember what Luke taught you about drilling…?"

TJ looked from Lorelai's gaze over to his drilling project.

TJ: "Oh, that's right; righty tighty, lefty loosy,"

Lorelai: "Yeah try to keep that in mind because my parents are going to be slave drivers and if their house falls down, you are going to be tossed into a Coliseum with a man-eating lion!"

TJ eyes widened: "They have Coliseums in Connecticut?"

Lorelai rolled her eyes: "Metaphorical ones, yes,"

TJ: "Oh, I'll be sure to be careful of that then,"

Lorelai shrugged and stormed off but with a slight chuckle.

Logan and Rory returned to Rory's shared apartment with Lina and Roselyn. The place was starting to look empty with boxes around.

Fin: "Are you sure you have the First Bottle packed up love?"

Lina: "Of course, I couldn't forget our first love making juice,"

Roselyn made a face like she was going to puke until she saw Rory.

Roselyn: "Oh Rory, thank God you're here. Colin Farrell and Lindsey Lohan over there are driving me batty,"

Rory: "Just be glad you're going to be attending Yale next year with a reasonable dorm room. Unless of course your roommates end up being like Courtney Love and Madonna on a rampage together,"

Roselyn: "Then I'll make sure to keep away from tattoo parlors and England,"

Logan: "Hey Finn, how about if you and I went to drop off some of this stuff to your apartment?"

Finn: "I would love to but I'm moving in with Lina, not you. Unless you can swing that way but even then I'm not into blonds,"

Logan: "I meant, I think we should leave the girls alone for a little goodbye time,"

Finn: "Sure, NOW you turn straight,"

Logan just shook his head, grabbed Finn and practically shoved him towards the door.

They shut the door behind them and Roselyn sighed in relief.

Lina: "What's with you Roselyn?"

Roselyn: "Huh, oh NOTHING. Really, I just hate large crowds and was feeling a little closephobic back there,"

Lina: "Sorry about that. Hey Rory we three should have a little goodbye toast!"

Rory: "How about if we just make it a toast with water? Otherwise you would have to unpack everything. Besides, Roselyn is underage,"

Lina: "Right, okay you got me there,"

Lina walked into the fridge and grabbed three bottles of water then returned. She passed the water to them and they held the bottles up into the air.

Lina: "To three roomies and their futures… whatever comes their way!"

Rory: "To endings and new beginnings!"

Roselyn: "To old families and new ones! May we stay healthy and live long, happy lives!"

They cheered, tapped bottles together and then took some sips.

Lina: "So Rory, has Logan moved all of your things to your new apartment?"

Rory: "My apartment won't be ready for two weeks so he's putting some of it in his place and some in this small cottage his family owns. I have enough to stay here for tonight but then I'll be staying with my mother until I move there. I'm glad. It'll give us some time to spend together before I leave,"

Lina: "It's so great you have such a special connection to your mother like that,"

Rory: "We've had our share of fallouts but I've always valued the relationship I share with her. She's an amazing mother and best friend,"

Roselyn: "I wish I could've spent time with my mother like that before she died but I hold the time we DID spend together in my heart,"

The three of them looked like they were starting to mist up there.

Lina: "Look at us, we're pathetic. Here one day before a big day in Rory's life and we're almost bawling like in "All My Children,"

Rory: "It's just… we're at this moment in our lives… we can see the road right in front of us and we can view where it's going to take us,"

Roselyn: "That's very poetic Rory. You are going to be one of the best reporters Boston has ever had,"

With that they hugged.

Lorelai walked into the diner. She wanted to go straight to Luke however Kirk interrupted.

Kirk: "Lorelai, can I sleep over at your house?"

Lorelai: "What? Is this a trick question?"

Kirk: "I need somewhere to stay,"

Lorelai: "You DO have somewhere to stay… with Lulu… in your house,"

Kirk: "She kicked me out,"

Lorelai: "She kicked you out? How come?"

Kirk: "See she her stomach was upset and I thought I would cheer her up by making her favorite… sushi,"

Lorelai: "SUSHI?"

Kirk: "That's sort of the reaction she had to it except she ran to the bathroom. Then when she came out I wanted to give her something to calm her stomach down,"

Lorelai: "I can only guess what happened after that,"

Kirk: "She asked for some stomach pills and so I grabbed a bottle thinking it was them. They were laxatives,"

Lorelai: "Kirk! No wonder she kicked you out for the night! But NO you can't stay at my house Rory is going to be staying there starting tomorrow,"

Kirk then turned to Luke.

Kirk: "I'm crashing at your apartment upstairs,"

Luke: "What, no you're not. I don't want cooties up there,"

Kirk: "But you moved out there and you're not using it for anything,"

Luke: "I've got some ideas,"

Kirk: "What are they?"

Luke had a blank face. Finally he sighed and said: "Okay, you can sleep up there tonight but that's all. I don't want you to make a Huckleberry Finn habit of it," (April informed him about HF)

Kirk cheered: "All right!"

He shot upstairs.

It was night and Luke was fast asleep. Suddenly Lorelai bolted up in bed and rushed out to the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Her back leaned against the door as a terrible pain gripped her stomach and she knelt down to the floor.

Lorelai: "Please no… not tonight and not tomorrow,"

When the ache finally subsided, Lorelai carefully rose to her feet. She breathed a sigh of relief. She quietly opened the door and went back into the bed.

Luke: "What's the matter?"

Lorelai: "Oh sorry, did I wake you up?"

Luke: "Not really. Are you okay? You've been acting strange all day and night,"

Lorelai: "Nothing that important. Just a little motherly worry about tomorrow, that's all,"

Luke: "I see. Is there anything I can do?"

Lorelai: "No… just be here in the morning,"

Luke was a little confused on that one.

Luke: "Uh, okay. There's no way I'm joining Kirk at my old apartment so there's no chance I'm going anywhere else tonight,"

Lorelai laughed.

Lorelai: "That's not what I meant but I like your way of thinking better than mine. Thanks,"

Luke rolled over, put an arm around Lorelai and the two of them fell back asleep together.

The next morning Rory tried to sneak quietly into the house until she noticed Lorelai in the kitchen sitting at the table.

Rory entered the kitchen.

Rory: "Mom? What are you doing up this early in the morning?"

Lorelai: "I was trying to be Donna Reed and wake up early to cook breakfast… then I remembered I hate to cook so I just made coffee instead,"

Rory sat down at the table with Lorelai.

Rory: "Mom, really… what's going on with you?"

Lorelai: "N, nothing!"

Suddenly Rory's eyes lit up in shock.

Rory: "Hey, I can smell the coffee… you're drinking…!"

Lorelai jumped to her feet and covered Rory's mouth with her hand to keep her from saying anything else more.

Lorelai: "Yes, I'm drinking good old regular coffee, okay?! I just can't handle decaf… not today,"

Rory: "But you shouldn't be drinking regular coffee! There must be something up with you because you swore to me that you would resist,"

Lorelai seriously considered telling Rory the truth. However, she didn't want to make her nervous.

Lorelai: "Oh I'm just sort of depressed that you will be leaving to go far far away soon,"

Rory: "I'm only moving to Boston, I'm not moving to Japan… it's just three hours away from here,"

Lorelai: "I know that but these darn hormones are making me panic about it so I need something to calm myself down. I kept on thinking about everything the entire time last night and I kept waking up like Dracula. Finally I gave up going back to sleep and came here. I just need ONE cup… that's it. It's all that I intended on drinking. Please don't tell Luke,"

Rory: "I hate keeping things from people but I don't want to start anything between you two. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,"

Lorelai looked a little relieved as she replied with: "Thanks,"

Rory: "No thanking necessary,"

Not too soon afterwards, Luke entered the kitchen and there was deadly silence.

Luke: "Uh, did I just walk in on something?"

Lorelai: "Of course not it was just us being serious, we do that once in a while… it throws people off,"

Luke: "Yeah well don't do that again it scares me because I think you two are plotting something,"

Rory: "Like Pinky and the Brain?"

Luke: "I don't know what that means, but probably yes,"

Lorelai: "Sorry Bones, it's a cartoon where two lab mice plot to rule the world,"

Luke: "Then yes, that is exactly what you're like. So Rory what time is you're graduation ceremony again?"

Rory: "Three o-clock,"

Luke: "Okay, I have to work at the diner today but Lane should get there to take over for me. Explain to me again why it's in June and not May like most college graduations?"

Rory: "There was a trip to France for students who took French classes if they wanted to go and some of them are Seniors. It was set during the beginning of May and lasted two weeks so the administrators just wanted to make sure all the Seniors who returned from the trip had time to study and take all their finals,"

Luke: "I guess that makes sense now,"

Lorelai: "I have the day off from work so I can pick you up from the Diner, Luke and then we can take off straight from there,"

Luke: "Sounds like a plan to me… hey…"

Lorelai and Rory snickered for a minute.

Lorelai: "By the way don't forget Christopher really wanted to come the graduation so…"

Luke: "I'll be on my best behavior as long as he is,"

Lorelai: "No I was thinking more along the lines of: "I will be polite otherwise, I will be sleeping with Kirk at the diner tonight"

Luke: "I don't need Morse code to understand that message. Okay, I'm going. See you later Rory… don't forget to pick me up Lorelai,"

Lorelai playfully: "But you're too heavy to pick up…"

Luke dryly: "BYE,"

Lorelai turned to Rory: "He loves me,"

Rory: "It's a complicated relationship but if it works, I can't complain. Okay, I have to get ready and then meet Paris at Yale. Are you all right with everything here?"

Lorelai: "Of course, what else could there possibly be?"

Lorelai laughed nervously and Rory gave her a strange look before leaving. Lorelai sat at the table until she knew Rory was gone and then clutched her stomach in pain.

Chris pulled up at the Crap Shack and got out of his car. He went to the door and rang the bell.

Lane and Zach opened the door with the loud sounds of Tom Waitts was playing in the background. Lane was holding her baby in her arms and both she and Zach were dressed in gig clothes.

Lane: "Can I help you?"

Lorelai was getting ready to pick up Luke so they could head to the graduation when there was a knock on the front door. She opened it and there was Christopher.

Lorelai: "Christopher?"

Chris: "I accidentally went to your OLD house only to discover either some rockers pulled a Freaky Friday or that you had moved. I took the smarter root and asked Lane where you moved, so she gave me directions,"

Lorelai: "Oh Christopher, I'm so sorry. It didn't even occur to me to think of that,"

Chris: "No harm, no foul,"

Lorelai: "Oh, right… come in,"

Lorelai lead the way inside the house and gave him a brief tour.

Chris: "Wow, this is quite a house,"

Lorelai: "Yeah all though Cribs has yet to do a segment of it,"

Lorelai noticed that Chris was looking at her pregnant stomach.

Lorelai: "This must be very uncomfortable for you…"

Chris: "Hey Lor, don't worry about it. As long as you love him and he treats you right then I'm really happy for you. I didn't come to start anything, I just came to see my daughter graduate from college and heading out into the Real World,"

Lorelai smiled but the smile quickly turned to winces as she crouched over and grabbed her stomach.

Chris: "Lorelai?!"

Lorelai couldn't respond because she was so busy concentrating on trying to get over the intense pain.

Chris: "That's it, I'm calling 911…"

Lorelai grasped onto Chris's arm with one hand while the other still remained on her stomach. It made Chris freeze in place.

Lorelai begged: "No, please… don't call them. It'll pass…. Please!"

Chris stood there studying her face to try and tell what he should do. Finally the throbbing stopped and Lorelai stood up. Her face was sweaty and she seemed very pale but she was breathing normally again rather than the shallow breaths she had a second ago.

Chris: "Lorelai, what's going on? I've NEVER seen you in that much pain before and even from what you described giving birth felt like to you,"

Lorelai couldn't hold it in anymore and tears started to form.

Lorelai: "I, I don't know. It's been like this for days now. At first I thought I might be in labor but it doesn't feel the same way. It's more like needles being jammed into my stomach and when it happens I feel dizzy,"

Chris: "You should've gone to a doctor, the MINUTE you felt the symptoms,"

Lorelai: "I'm only in my seventh… almost eighth month, Christopher. What if something is wrong with the baby; they tell me that, and then forbid me from attending Rory's graduation or worse put me in the hospital? I would be missing one of the biggest steps my daughter has in her life… I couldn't do that to her or to myself. So I just thought whatever it is I can endure it until tomorrow,"

Chris: "Does Luke know?"

Lorelai reacted to that question as if it had slapped her across the face.

Lorelai: "No,"

Chris: "Rory?"

Lorelai: "No,"

Chris: "So nobody knows?!"

Lorelai: "Just you and God,"

Chris: "Lorelai! This isn't good at all! I understand why this happening is freaking you out but not informing anybody that you're in serious pain is irresponsible. You could be putting your life or your baby's life in danger,"

Lorelai: "Christopher! I KNOW that, I know all of that stuff but it's too late now! Rory is going to be graduating in an hour! I KNOW I can make it until after the ceremony then I will handle whatever situation happens afterwards. You just have to trust me on this one. I'm not missing my daughter's graduation, no matter what,"

Chris: "She would hate you if she found out you're risking so much just because you don't want to miss out on her graduation,"

Lorelai: "I have been there for her for almost everything in her life. The good times, the bad times, all of her birthdays (except when we had that huge fight), all her graduations (even her Elementary School one), when she moved into college, and now that she's about to enter the Real World Boston. I want to be there Chris… I want to be there when this big door of her life closes and another one is about to open, so she knows she always has me there with her even if I can't be there physically. If I did go to the hospital and she found out, she would skip her graduation to stay with me and that thought scares me more than anything else. I don't want her to stay because of me, I want her to move on ahead… with me cheering her on,"

Chris: "I have a feeling that no matter what I might say, it won't change your mind. There's no way I could have the strength to carry you into the hospital. Not to mention, if I say what I know to anyone, it will snowball trouble like an avalanche. If you say you can handle this and believe it 100 then I believe you. But if you have any doubt at all… even an inch I'm calling an ambulance right here and now,"

Chris and Lorelai stared each other down until finally Chris folded.

Chris: "Okay then, whatever happens I hope you made the right decision,"

Lorelai: "I know I did Regis. Whatever comes I can endure it if it means I won't miss this graduation,"

Chris nodded. He put a hand of support on her shoulder and then started to walk away.

Chris: "I'll see you at Yale,"

Lorelai: "I'll be there,"

Rory was getting ready with her Yale colored robes when Paris busted her way through the room.

Paris: "August Fifteenth!"

Rory: "August Fifteenth, what?"

Paris: "Is my wedding day,"

Rory's eyes nearly bugged out.

Rory: "What… but it's only three months away!"

Paris: "I know but it was the only day available for the both of us and the chapel in New York so we decided why not just dive in and so we will!"

Rory: "Okay, I guess a congratulations is in order,"

Paris: "Thanks! Okay, so it's going to be at two in the afternoon wear something green,"

Rory: "Hey wait, you didn't even ask if I was available that day!"

Paris: "But you ARE available that day aren't you…?"

Rory sighed: "Yes,"

Paris: "Then what's the problem?"

Rory: "I'm going to miss you Paris…sometime I'm sure… when it's too quiet,"

Paris: "Thanks, I'm going to miss you too. Especially the hair dryer I always borrow from you,"

They hugged.

Lorelai and Luke arrived at Yale. Lorelai looked up and saw Chris waving at them. Emily and Richard were sitting on the other side of them.

Lorelai mumbled to Luke: "Okay just sit down and ignore them,"

Luke: "Which ones?"

Lorelai: "The one in the bowtie and the one in the hat,"

Luke: "Should I even ASK what that is all about?"

Lorelai: "It's on a Need to Know only bases and it's best if you don't know… trust me,"

Luke: "Oookay,"

Lorelai and Luke approached the saved seats.

Lorelai: "Hello Christopher…"

Lorelai coughed: "Mom. Dad,"

Then she quickly turned her head away.

Richard and Emily together: "Hello Luke…. hello Luke,"

They completely ignored Lorelai.

Luke: "Good to see you Richard and Emily. You too, Christopher,"

Hmm, I think there was a slight wince from Luke on that one but it went unnoticed.

Christopher: "Likewise,"

Lorelai: "Okay so now that all the pleasantries are out of the way, can we sit down or do we need your permission first, Mom?"

Emily: "Hmmm? Who asked that? Richard, did you hear someone ask us a question…?"

Lorelai growled as she took the seat next to Christopher who sat in between her and the parents.

Chris: "SO….. World War three?"

Lorelai: "You got it,"

Chris: "Right… I know nothing,"

So, while the tension stirred at the seats, the band began to play and everyone got quiet. Since graduations are boring to me (I'm the girl who falls asleep until someone jabs me in the ribs to let me know it's time to clap) I'm doing a quick summary. Plus it's not like Rory is going to have a speech at this thing so why not skip over that? Exactly. Logan was actually there watching by the sidelines. The principal called out the student's names and as he did so Lorelai kept shifting in her seat awkwardly. Once Luke asked if she was okay and of course she replied with yes. So, Rory got her diploma. When the class list was done; the graduates took the tassels, flipped them over to the other side, the entire audience cheered, and then the new grads threw their hats into the air.

Emily, Richard, Christopher and Luke all went to personally congratulate Rory while Lorelai stayed behind not looking too good.

Rory hugged Richard and Emily. They gave her their best wishes (along with a check) and then they took off. Luke also gave Rory his best wishes and in a very generous gesture he offered Christopher his hand to shake. They shook hands without any kind of tension flowing between them and as they did Christopher whispered.

Chris: "Go to Lorelai and take care of her or I might,"

Luke: "I would've considered that a threat before but I'm taking it as advice,"

Luke walked back to Lorelai while Chris and Rory hugged.

Chris: "Keep an eye on your mother. She's not herself today. If anyone can talk some sense into her, it's you,"

Rory: "Huh? What does THAT mean?"

Chris: "There's a lot you have to take in but there is just as much she has to take in too. You both are going to need each other in order to make it through the months of separation. She might have the baby soon but that doesn't mean she will let the baby ever take your place,"

Rory: "I understand that Dad, I really do,"

Chris: "Okay then,"

Chris handed her a check, gave her a pat on the head and then walked away.

Luke: "Come on Lorelai, we have to get to Sookie's for the graduation party,"

Lorelai: "I'm sorry… looks like I'm going to have to skip the party,"

Luke sat down and noticed Lorelai's miserable face. He put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

Luke: "What? Why?"

Lorelai: "Oh maybe a little thing called giving birth might be too messy for an activity,"

Luke had to let it register for a minute but when he finally got it her rose to his feet in a panic.

Luke: "WHAT? Your going into labor NOW? But it's only been seven months!"

Lorelai: "You try telling the baby that because obviously it's not working coming from me!"

Luke: "Are you sure?"
Lorelai: "Yes, they are MUCH different pains than before and I've been having them since the ceremony started… a couple of minutes apart from one another. I'm no math wiz but I think that adds up to something!"

Rory joined them just then.

Rory: "Mom, what's going on?"

Luke: "She's going into labor,"

Rory now started to panic: "Right here?!"

Lorelai: "Not if I can help it but it's going to ruin the party plans,"

Rory: "Screw the party, we've got to get you to the hospital,"

Lorelai: "The stuff! I need stuff like clothes, baby stuff, you know… STUFF!"

Luke: "Okay, we'll make a pit stop at the house but then Mad Max it to the hospital after,"

They carefully helped Lorelai to her feet and she hobbled in pain with them to Rory's car.

Lorelai: "The Jeep…"

Luke: "I'll come back with Rory for it later, right now we have to drive like Speed Lighting to the house,"

They got Lorelai into the passenger seat, then Rory scrambled to the back seat while Luke jumped into the driver's seat.

He was driving when something Lorelai said occurred to him.

Luke: "What did you mean when you said these pains are different than the ones you were having before?"

Lorelai had been concentrating on her breathing so much but when he asked that question she stopped to gasp being thrown off by that question.

Oooh suspense… sorry folks I'm leaving you on a Cliffhanger because I'm evil like that. So you have to check out the next episode to find out what happens.

Episode 21: "Are You Happy?"-

Lorelai confesses about the pain she was feeling to Luke and Rory on the way to the house and then they head to the hospital. Their reaction to it is short lived when Lorelai's labor gets more intense. They race to the hospital but they are in for the hardest battle ever as things start to go wrong. Will Lorelai and the baby be okay? Will Lorelai ever be able to fill in the gap between her and her parents? Will there be a happily ever after or will reality be their undoing? You better read on because if you don't then you're a Girly Man (Arnold S. if you couldn't tell)