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Last Time (End of Part1):

He couldn't believe how long it has been. It felt like it was ages ago when he Bulma and Krillin made their trip to Namek. He was just a child the last time he saw the vast emptiness of space; he was only five years old then. Now he was a young adult; 14 year old now, and here he was headed back into space. He sure had grown up since then.

'How long ago was it?' he thought. '9 years ago? Wow, it sure has been a while since I last saw space.'

"Well," he said out loud to himself as he entered the final keystrokes to begin lift off. "Here goes nothing."


It was nice being in space. It was very quiet. He could actually sleep without worry of the twin terrors' rude awakenings. He could do his training without worry of interference from anyone, and that included Piccolo: Mr. finding-all-his-training-islands. What a hassle he is. Even though they were still on Earth and he wasn't, he had yet to fully let himself go in his training. He wanted to get a little bit further away just in case they could still sense him.

It had been three days since he left Earth. And while he hadn't been training hard, he had been getting some worthwhile physical training, something he rarely did on Earth. He usually trained his mind back home. He would spend hours upon hours deep in meditation, without ever throwing a single punch or kick. But that was just as important as strength. Also, back on Earth, he couldn't train above his regular state. If he did transform, Piccolo would be sure to find him. He even had to push down his power when he trained on Earth. That felt really weird… not to mention it didn't really do much.

It had been so long since he had powered up fully… He wasn't even sure of his own limits these days. It had been at least a year since the last time he became a Super Saiyan. When he transformed, he reveled too much of his power. He didn't want them to know how much power he had. And it had worked… almost a little to well… not even he knew how much power he had outside of his regular form any more.

While he may not have increased his strength much, he did improve other things. His mind was just as strong, if not stronger, than his body. Even Korin had difficulty breaking his mental barriers, on the rare occasions that he actually could. But the other thing that improved greatly was his technique. He no longer fought from instinct. He knew multiple forms and styles of martial arts now, not just what Piccolo and his father taught him. Also, he had taught himself a few neat tricks and fighting techniques.

'Today,' he thought as he ate breakfast, 'I should be far enough away to power up fully in my base form. But I still don't dare transform… Why couldn't they just let me train in peace? Every time I would power up, they would come and try to find out what I was doing… Gah… why couldn't they leave me alone?'

There were just too many eyes trying to watch him. Even at night, when he did most of his training, they were always trying to follow him, to see his power. Ever since he made it past Super Saiyan and became an Ascended Super Saiyan while fighting Cell, that is all anyone ever seemed to talk to him about. How powerful are you now? Want to spar? I bet you 1,000 zenie you aren't as strong as you were when you fought Cell.

They were unrelenting. Especially Piccolo and Vegeta… even though Piccolo knew he trained. He had found 18 of Gohan's training islands. But Vegeta… he thinks Gohan stopped training. He would always hassle Gohan about that… poke, yell, smack, hit… Vegeta would do anything to try and make Gohan angry. Vegeta knew if he could do that, he could find out how strong Gohan was.

But thanks to all the mental training Gohan had been doing, he had a better control over his emotions. And what was even better for Gohan was that he had a better control over his power. Everyone knew he had potential and hidden power. His father counted on it when he told him to fight Cell. But now… that hidden power… it wasn't so hidden anymore. He couldn't get it all… but he knew where to find it. He didn't know if he could reach it, and bring it out, but he knew it was there.

Even in his base form, he could feel it in the pit of his stomach. He had been feeling it really strong for three days now, since he could train using more of his power.

'Maybe before I reach Old Namek,' he thought as he cleaned up the mountain of plates that once held breakfast, 'I should try a full power up. Hopefully I'll be far enough away that they won't be able to sense me.'

Ever since that morning before he left, he hadn't been dreaming. No Cell Games nightmare. Just quite sleep. Maybe space was good for him. Maybe it took his mind off of past failures, problems, and issues. Since he left, he only seemed to be looking forward. He hadn't looked back once. He was on a mission, and it seemed to be all that he could focus on… well, that and training.

He wondered what would happen when he reached Old Namek. Would Gwen be waiting for him there? What would he find? It all just seemed very weird.

What was even weirder was that since that morning, he had not had that dream with Gwen. She hadn't tried to contact him. But she did say that Old Namek was the convenient place for them…


Gwen continued, "When you reach your ship, set a course for the coordinates for the location that you call planet Namek. We are aware that the planet was destroyed, but that location would be convenient for us to assist you in reaching us on Yaketsu. I will speak to you again when I see you on Yaketsu. Until then, farewell."

Again, she started fading from sight. Once she had fully disappeared, his eyes snapped open. He was back on Training Island 19.


That was the last time he had seen her. He wondered if they knew he was coming. They had to. If they could talk to him from where ever Yaketsu was, they had to know he was on his way.

When was she going to contact him again? Was she going to wait until he got to Old Namek? He was so confused…

There was another possibility that nagged in the back of his mind… was she even real? Was he just going insane and imagining strange things? Was he wasting his time following a dream?

"I guess I'll know for sure in four days..." he said to the sink as he cleaned off the plates that his "small" breakfast used to be on. After cleaning the kitchen, he went back into the fridge. He took out a can of juice and headed into the lounge room. He sat on the couch while he drank his juice. He leaned his head back and stared at the ceiling.

"I hope that I'm not insane…" he said to the air above him. He stood up and climbed the ladder into the training room. He walked into the middle of the room.

"Activate gravity sequence, power 100x's gravity," he ordered. The machine flashed and beeped a few times, and then it started to hum. An opaque purple screen dropped from the ceiling and rose from the ground. They met each other half way, and clicked and hissed as they sealed.

Gohan braced himself for the rush of the gravity. It came and he stood tall. It was a strain, but nothing he couldn't handle. He spread his feet apart and hunched slightly. He clenched his fist and released his hold on his power. He pushed it up and a white aura surrounded him. It grew as he pushed his power higher. Then he stood tall once again. The gravity didn't seem to bother him much when he powered.

'I wonder how high I could go if I transformed? Maybe I'll try that tomorrow.'

He jumped up and landed on his hands with his feet in the air. He lowered his head to the ground, and then pushed himself back up. "One!" he said. He did it again. "Two!"

He went at it for hours. He did push ups, he did sit ups, he practiced his martial arts forms. He threw punches and kicks at invisible opponents. Jab, jab, roundhouse kick, right hook, sweep kick, a flurry of punches as fast as he could, followed by a one of kicks, then he shot a small energy blast at the ground. He jumped backwards and landed on his hands, then pushed off and his feet landed on the wall. He pushed off from the wall and tucked himself into a ball and flipped over as he flew away from the wall.

He worked on mobility. He worked on strength. He wanted to be faster and stronger. Six hours later, he decided to take a break. He was dripping sweat by the time he finished. He hadn't worked this had in years. He went down the ladder and fixed himself a small lunch that consisted of five foot long sandwiches, a few bagels, a pot of noodles and a pot of steamed rice. He sat at the table and licked his lips.

It was gone in a few minutes. After he was satisfied by his snack, he cleaned up and went back up the ladder.

He trained again for another six hours, this time at 200x's gravity. When he finished, he was exhausted. He came down the ladder, dripping and sore. He did some energy blasts, and one had gotten away from him. It was headed for the shield. He didn't want to test the strength of the shield, so he jumped in front of it. It him square in the chest. He regretted doing that, but it was better than destroying the ship. He would heal, but if he destroyed the ship he would surely die.

He grabbed some more food and made his dinner. After inhaling his meal, he took a quick shower and got into bed. He would train some more tomorrow when he woke up.

'Maybe I will try my max out tomorrow,' he thought as his exhaustion caught up with him and he broke out of consciousness and into sleep.

"Proximity Warning. Proximity Warning." A mechanical voice said.

"What's going on?" A sleepy Gohan asked the voice…


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