The Wherever Hedge Massacre.

Hammy sat alone in a tree, crying to himself.

He had been crying for an hour now, and was hurt badly.

Then, his mind snapped...

Hammy snuck into Gladys's backyard, and into her garage.

He grabbed her weedhacker, and carried it to the tree.

Hammy then gathered up tape, some rope, and decided to lure Verne to the tree...

Hammy went to Verne, and asked him to come with him.

"Hammy, I'm sorry about what I said."

"Its okay, Verne. But I want to show you something over here."


Hammy led Verne to the tree, and knocked him to the ground. He then tied Verne up,

and put the tape over his mouth. They were too far away for anyone else to here the

noise, and Hammy turned on the weedhacker...

Verne tried to call for help as Hammy cut off his arms, legs, and tail. Then,

Hammy stabbed the weedhacker into Verne's stomache, and Verne's last

memory is seeing Hammy raise the weedhacker to cut off Verne's head...

When everyone else found Verne, Hammy was with them, and began crying,

acting innocent. Verne's head was gone.

"What monster could have done this?" RJ asked.

"I don't know," Ozzie said.

"I bet it was the humans!" Hammy shouted.

"Those monsters!" Shouted Ozzie.

The others had no idea what would happen next...