Alternate Ending 2:

Everyone ran as Hammy pursued them, wheedhacker in hand.

They hid behind a tree as Hammy ran by, and you could hear

their little hearts thumping away.

"What do we do?" Heather asked.

"I don't know, sweetheart." Ozzie said.

"I don't want to die, dad. Not for real!" Heather said.

"We'll be okay, I hope."

Then, Hammy appeared, and everyone began running again.

They ran to the wagon, and RJ picked up some explosives.

"We need to use these."

"I will." Ozzie said.

"Dad, no!" Heather shouted.

"I've lived my life, you and RJ

get out of here."

Heather stayed put.



RJ grabbed Heather up in his arms,

ignoring her cries of sadness.

Ozzie stared as Hammy charged him,

and lit the fuses.

"Come and get me you mother-fucking son of a bitch!"

As the weedhacker tore into Ozzie's body, the explosives detonated.

RJ & Heather came back and watched. Tears poured down Heather's

face, and she leaned up against RJ, his arms around her.

"Your father died for you. He was a true hero."

They just stood there, as the flames slowly went away...

End of Alternate Ending 2