Well, it was 4 am and I was trying to fall asleep when I suddenly had this idea. As I couldn't fall asleep anyways, I turned on the computer and wrote it. x3 Hadn't written a fic for ages and this is my first Ouran fic. Sorry if there is OOCness, I hope not.nn; But I discovered I liked writing Kyoya. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: If I owned Ouran would I be here?

Good Night

He wasn't working at this time, for a change. Not that it meant he didn't take care of the Club's finances during holidays, but right now, he was simply reading a book, in his pijama, in his bed. Resting. After all, the Shadow King was a human being too, he had the right to stop for a while, didn't he?

Here he was, in one of his many summer houses, in the company of his best friend. The said best friend was in the room next to his, probably sleeping or simply fantasying about Haruhi. Kyoya wouldn't think much about it, he was definetly not interested in what was goin on in Tamaki's inner mind theater.

He was about to put his book away, when he heard a knock in the door.


Slowly, Tamaki entered the room, pillow in one hand, Beary in the other.

"Kyoya..." He started, looking at the floor.


"Could I..." Kyoya noticed he was blushing a bit. "...Er..."

"Just say it Tamaki."

"Can I sleep here with you?" He finally asked in a hesitant voice.

Kyoya raised an eyebrow. "You have your own room."

"Yes, but..." Tamaki looked pleeding at him.

"But what?"

"You have a large bed and I'm not that mcuh of a bother..." He smiled sheepshly.


Tamaki looked at the floor again. "I don't want to be alone."

Kyoya just stared. He was actually serious. Despite being outgoing and flirty, Tamaki was actually a lonely person, like Honey had once said. He had been alone for too long and Kyoya knew it. That's why he had invited Tamaki to spend his holidays with him. Well, not only for that. He looked at Tamaki again. How could he say no to someone who looked so... adorable? He could never say no to Tamaki. At least after the puppy dog eyes he would beg with later. And Kyoya was not going to wait for that to happen now. Besides, having Tamaki there with him wasn't even a bad thing. It was actually quite nice.


Tamaki looked up.

"You can stay."

"Yay!" The blond returned to his usally happy self as he threw himself to Kyoya's bed.

Kyoya's eyes softned and he couldn't help but smile. "Now, don't move or make noise. I was reading."

"Of course." Tamaki closed his eyes. "Good night, Mommy." And soon, he was asleep.

The dark haired boy lowered his book and looked as his friend. Tamaki's sleeping form was the picture of innocence, with that peaceful look, a little smile and holding his stuffed bear close to his chest. What the fangirls would pay to see him like that. But right now, he was only Kyoya's. He placed the book and his glasses next to the lamp and turned back to the sleeping blond.

"Good night, Daddy." He softly kissed Tamaki in the lips.

He turned off the light, but before that, he still saw Tamaki's smile widen a bit and hear something that sounded like "Kyoya..."

"Kyoya, what are you doing?"

"I'm going to take a shower. Isn't that obvious?"

"But I'm taking a shower. Right now."


"So… you have to wait?"

"Why? Since you wanted to sleep with me, you might as well take a shower with me."

"I never said that!"

"Do you mind?"


"Thought so. I'll wash your hair."