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"Come, Linna!" five-year-old Ceilear shrieked, running as fast as her legs would carry her.

"I'm coming! Wait up!" the older girl shouted, giggling and running after Ceilear down the stone hallway.


"Run! Run!" Lilliana cried, grabbing her sister's hand and helping her run faster, away from their nurse.

She shoved the door open and they hit the gravel path, barefooted, at a full sprint. Ducking into various paths and shortcuts, they managed to lose their nurse before long and ended their flight at the iris field.

"Whooee!" Ceilear said, collapsing on the ground in laughter. "We did it!"

"We sure did," the eight-year-old agreed, also laughing. "You wanna play?"

"Yeah!" Ceilear said, scrambling back onto her feet. "I wanna be the knight! You c'n be the dazzel in 'istress!"

"Alright!" Lilliana said. "I just read a great story about a knight and a damsel! It's where the damsel is trapped in the big tall, tall, tall tower guarded by a dragon. You wanna do that?"

"Sure!" Ceilear agreed happily. "Does the knight sing?"

Lilliana thought.

"No, the book didn't say so."

"Oh," Ceilear said with a frown.

"But, we can add that part in. The books don't always tell you everything," Lilliana added hastily.

"Oh good!" Ceilear said, all smiles again. "I'm gonna kill the draggo' by singing him to sleep then choppin' his head off!"

"Good plan!" Lilliana encouraged. "Alright, now, here I am, in my tower."

She then took on the persona of a distraught lady.

"Oh! Oh! The dragon, bold knight! Behind you!"

Ceilear whirled around, a look of determination on her young face.

"Feelin' sleepy, draggo'? You better be, 'cause you're gonna sleep!"

Lilliana put a hand on her forehead dramatically.

"But what if he doesn't sleep, bold knight?"

"You leave thatta me, dazzel," Ceilear instructed. "I'm gonna getcha outta there, if It's the last thing I do!"

She then turned back to the dragon and began to sing a lullaby to it soothingly. Lilliana caught herself yawning once, then whispered loudly down to Ceilear.

"I think it's asleep, bold knight!"

"Yeah," Ceilear whispered back. "Now, look 'way, dazzel. I'm gonna chop its head off."

Lilliana looked away and Ceilear picked up a stick from the ground, bringing it up slowly over her head before crashing it down on the ground in front of her.

"Now it's dead!" she said triumphantly. "I'm gonna come up'n get you!"

The nurse watched them play with a smile, bouncing the little baby boy on her hip.

"You see your sisters, Mittlan?" she asked. "You can play with them soon."

Mittlan sucked on his fist and nodded, observing the two girls dancing together in celebration of Lilliana's liberation.

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