Hey guys, first off i want to thank everyone who actually read this story. It really surprised me because shortly after reading it i discarded it from memory out of it being full of cringeworthy amounts of angst. But still people have continued to review it, and even more surprisingly, reviewed it positively. I only remember this story when i get emails about reviews to it. Now i think the time has come to set some things straight.

A lot of people request i continue the story. Unfortunately, i regret to inform you that i can't really see it happening. I wrote this story in 2006, when i myself was in High School and in fact i bore many similiarities to the characteristics he shows in this fanfic - that's what's so self-indulgent about it, he's completely out-of-character because it was me trying to project my own woe-is-me tripe into a story under the guise of fanfiction. I didn't do this consciously, no, but i can see now that that's what was happening. But that was almost 4 years ago now, and i honestly cannot write stuff like this anymore.

I may pick up the story again and revamp it, making it better and more relevant, because there are some things i like about it, and i have improved greatly since i wrote this piece of crap. But for now, i'm gonna have to close the lid on it. I apologise to all who wanted to see this carry on, but even if i tried to carry on it just would not come out the same as the first chapter.

I thank you all for reading. Peace