Royai Fan fic, hopefully the only one of its kind and NO I DON'T OWN FMA

"Colonel Mustang! Lieutenant Hawkeye! To my office immediately!" Fuhrer Bradley yelled through the telephone. Riza just looked at the phone.

"Colonel we'd better go the Fuhrer sounded upset." She said in her normal monotonous voice to Roy Mustang yet again slacking off in his office.

"Fine" was all the response she got as he walked up to the door and headed to the Fuhrer's office. 'What did we do this time? I hope it was not for fraternization but no way anyone would know.' Roy mused to himself as they walked silently down the hall. When they finally reached the Fuhrer's office they were greeted by his secretary (A/N lets just ignore the fact the Fuhrers a bad guy, his secretary too,) and ushered them into his office and they saluted to him.

"At ease solders, I have a mission, just for you two, not the other subordinates in your office, are we clear? We have a murderer on the streets that's attacking musicians, and well you two work well together and Lieutenant Hawkeye must be on this case"
Roy looked confused why does Riza have to be on this case?
"You will begin tonight, Lieutenant, I trust this wont be a problem"
"No Sir, the rest of us are in town this month"
"Good. Dismissed" They saluted him again and walked out once in the hallway,

"Lieutenant, why do you have to be on this case?" Roy asked.
"Sir, you will find out when we start this case," She stopped talking when they reached the office, then she sat down at her desk and picked up the phone and dialed some numbers,

"Hey, can the rest of ya'll meet me at Billy's bar at 4 today and bring the equipment we got ourselves a job," Everyone in the office looked at Riza during the phone call, for some reason she had a southern American accent,

"Hey Hawkeye why are you meeting people at Billy's only Americans hang out there," Havoc said. However Riza took no note too it, and walked into Roy's office. Said something and walked out of the office.

"Lieutenant, why again did you want to come here?" Roy asked, they were both in normal clothes, though Riza giggled sort of when he walked in,

"I told you to dress like your going to a Honky-tonk and you dress like your going to a City club"
"But I told you Riza, I don't know what a Honky-tonk is"
"Touché" She laughed, she herself was in cowboy boots, tight blue jeans, and a small yellow tank top that said 'Kenny Chesney, No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems' Roy wondered what it meant.

"Hey Hiedi!" Two guys said as they walked in they were dressed similarly but with tee shirts saying other musicians on them, Riza turned around she smiled and said all their names in that southern accent.

"So is this your new boyfriend?" one of them asked,

"In a way," she responded.

"So are we ready?"

"Yup just a mic check and we're ready,"

"Can you even still sing its been what 3 months?" one directed at Riza, Roy looked shocked, 'Riza sing?' he thought of it for a second and shook it off. He was just being difficult, right?

"Roy I'll be right back okay?" Riza said, He was utterly confused but nodded just the same. She laughed at his face and mouthed I'll explain later. Then after waiting for about twenty minutes she and thetwo guys stepped on stage and she took the microphone and waited for the band to start their mic check. When they did her voice was like one he had never heard before however the first lines of the song scared him to death,
The day is finally here

There's flowers everywhere

'She sounds like she's singing about a wedding had she been married before it sounds like she's done it before,' Roy thought to him self but found great relief in the rest of the song,
The guests are waiting in sweet anticipation

As I look down the aisle the preacher starts to smile

Church bells are ringing and the organ is playing

I'm so overcome that I could cry

I'm so happy

I'm not the bride!
She's such a pretty thing

She don't know anything

Ain't gonna tell her that she's out of her mind.
The preacher asks the question

No I have no objection

I do , I do

I want him out of my life

Throw the rice and let those white doves fly

Oh happy day

I'm not the bride

Eat some more cake

Throw the bouquet

Have some champagne

Its time to celebrate

I'm going to dance the night away

The groom is getting loud

His new wife starts to shout

Oh this is perfect and it can only get better,
There fighting in the car

Of to a rocky start

His mommas crying

Aren't they lovely together

Their driving away

We're waving goodbye

Close call

Free at last



By the grace of god

Oh I

I'm not the bride!
No I'm not the bride

I'm free, I'm free

And I'm not the bride.
Oh thank God

Buh bye now

Good luck girl

Your gonna need it

Ta Ta

They finished the song without any trouble and Riza looked happy. However what he really wasn't expecting was what was to happen next.

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