Naruto and The Village in Ice. Chapter 3


Naruto woke up in nee high deep water, and new where he was at, 'awwww crap, not again' he thought.

He decided to walk and he came upon a huge cage, a cage that housed the greatest of all demons, Kyuubi no Kitsune. The legendary nine-tailed fox.


"SHUT UP YOU STUPID FURRY FUZZBALL!" yelled Naruto. Making the fox cringe at the loud volume.

"Why did you bring me here? If its to ask if I will let you out, you can forget it." Said the boy.

Fox replies, "I am not asking for that, I came to offer you a deal, since you are now a missing-nin, I have decided to train you. For a price."

That got Narutos attention, and then he shook his head and said, "what price?"

The fox grinned, "it is simple enough, all I want is a little freedom, but listen," he quickly said when the boy opened his mouth to say no.

"I will teach you an advanced technique…"

When he was done explaining, Naruto grinned, and quickly agreed. Then he was sent back to the waking world.

Meanwhile, with mystery ninja

He was sitting there, thinking, 'how did that boy know Zabuza.' When he heard rustling, he turned around and saw the lavender eyed girl start to stir, when she woke, she looked at him with frighten eyes.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you, I simply have questions that your boyfriend needs to answer." He said.

She nodded, then blushed at being called Narutos girlfriend, this did not go unnoticed, but he decided not to tease her now, after all, the guy was a big softy for this kind of thing, even though he would never admit it.

Not 5 minutes later did the boy begin to stir, and when he woke, he asked, "who are you, and why do you look like Momochi Zabuza?"

The man said, "my name is Momochi Masamune, the older, and much more handsome brother, of Zabuza, now I have questions for you kid. Like for one, why were there Anbu chasing you?"

Naruto, on kyuubis advice, told the man everything, he told him about the fox, the way he was raised, all the way up to his exile. Masamune did not look pleased. There was even a hint of sadness in his eyes, when he learned that his brother is dead. Now your probably wondering why Naruto told everything to a complete stranger, well there's a simple reason. He had nothing to lose. Even if he didn't tell him, the man could kill him, no problem. At least this way, he could play the pity act, as the Kyuubi hoped. When Naruto told him of Zabuza wanting Naruto to posses the sword, he made a decision right then and there, that he was going to train the boy. And the girl.

Naruto was happy at that, than a question dawned on him, "uh sensei, what village are we in?"

Masamune began to chuckle, "oh the irony, it turns out that you're in the Hidden Sound Village."

"WHAT", yelled a shocked Naruto.

"Kid keep your voice down, don't want to wake the neighbors." Yelled masamune.

"But what if Orochimaru finds us?" asked Naruto.

"Don't worry, he won't. He's been busy trying to repair his arms, hasn't been seen in days. Now as your new sensei, I have some orders to give you. 1. Get rid of that hideous outfit, it practically scream, kill me. 2. Work on your voice volume, your way to loud. 3. Get to sleep, both of you. I'm tired and need rest. That is all, nighty night."

And with that the big bad ninja went to his room to sleep. But he accidentally left his door open a crack, allowing Naruto and Hinata to chance to see him sleeping with a teddy bear. They silently chuckled, and they to, went to sleep.


They awoke to a bucket of ice-cold water being dumped on them, courtesy of Masamune. Naruto and Hinata were not pleased. They made that clear through the death glares he was receiving.

"Alright folks, time for you to get up, today we start off your training, but first I must go and put my ninja status on temporary hiatus."

They grumbled and started to dry off. When they were done, they followed their new sensei through out the village, looking in awe at the village that the leaf was at war with. Looking at the village, you wouldn't believe they were at war by seeing all the smiling faces. When they reached the office they followed Masamune to the door that said, ninja status. The bored looking clerk spoke, "what can I do for you today?"

He reminded Naruto oddly of Kakashi and his lazy attitude. Masamune spoke,

"I am here to put my status as jounin on hiatus, I am going on a training mission to improve."

After sighing the papers, they were off, to go shopping for supplies. When they reached the clothing store, Masamune left them to the clerk, saying he knows more then he did. As he left, Naruto swore he heard him say, 'ugly orange suit.'

3 hours and a very happy Hinata later, they were out picking up supplies. They got some new kunai and sherukin, a practice sword for Naruto, food 'not ramen' much to Narutos disappointment. They were also sporting their new cloths, they got rid of there old ones, Hinatas was ripped, and Narutos screamed "KILL ME". Now Naruto was sporting a new, cool trend. He was wearing black pants, similar to Kakashi's, a fishnet shirt, over the shirt he wore a t-shirt with a saying, "I'll try to be quieter, if you try to be smarter."

Over his shirt he was wearing a long, blood red crimson coat, (a/n: think of dantes coat from devil may cry.) On the back of his coat was a golden 9-tailed kitsune, its tails spreading out and wrapping around the entire coat. Two of which went to the end of his sleeves.

Hinata had a makeover as well, in the shop; she was directed to a female shopkeeper, who noticed her blushing when she was talking to Naruto. The shopkeeper gave her some advice, "he's not going to be available forever, if you want him, and you have to go for him."

She then proceeded to pick out some rather, revealing clothing. She was now wearing a very short black mini-skirt, and a tank top that barely covered he 'assets'. Which surprised the shopkeeper, it turns out, that benith that coat, Hinata had a very well developed body, so of course, the shopkeeper said to flaunt it. Hinata was also worried that Naruto would not notice, but he did, so did Masamune, and kyuubi, and every male in sound, and some women as well. Every time Naruto looked at her, he would blush just as much as her, which made her very happy.

After they bought their supplies, they packed up and headed out. Their destination: Wave Country. To pick up Zabuzas sword, and on said trip, Masamune would train Naruto on how to properly use a sword. It would also be the first time both Naruto and Hinata would make their first kills.

(A/N: ok people, here's the third chapter, tell me what you think. Someone e-mailed me and asked what does the sword that Masamune carries look like, well, it has the same design as the sword cloud uses in final fantasy 7. But with a better paint job, which I described in the previous chapter. I would also like to thank the person who helped me spell Zabuzas and Masamunes last name correctly, it's a big help. Lastly, I would like to thank all the reviewers who read and liked my story, and I encourage you to keep reading and reviewing.

Next chapter: Naruto gets his new sword, he kills for the first time, Hinata kills for the first time, kyuubi gets a little freedom, and drunk. What does a 900,000-year-old fox do when he's drunk, read and find out, till next time, see ya.