Disclaimer: I am writing this fic so you can take sympathy on all 3 characters, I am not "taking sides" with any characters.

Donald Love's eyes fluttered open. He stared at a Vietnamese painting that was hanging on his bedroom wall. He yawned and got out of his huge king sized bed and slipped into his linen robe and monogram slippers. He headed out of his bedroom and into his massive living room and flopped down on his leopard skin couch that had cost him 10,000 dollars. He found the remote and flicked on to Liberty City News. A blonde female reporter was talking about a recent crime.

"In recent news a gang member, most likely Columbian, stole a van containing incriminating evidence on the owner of Love Media, Donald Love. The police are baffled and divided on whether or not the contents of the van did hold evidence that could cost Love his job. In recent news interviews Donald Love has denied that there is any incriminating evidence against him, and that whatever stories the police make up wont serve without proof. In other related news a police officer named McCarthy was murdered while being transported to Staunton Island hospital, no supporting evidence has been found besides an ejected rocket launcher shell used to blow up his ambulance…"

Donald love turned off the TV and cheered. "Claude boy, you did it again!" he yelled. He got up and went into one of the hallways of his massive penthouse and opened a door and walked up a staircase to the building roof. He grabbed a watering can off a workbench and began watering plants. Suddenly he heard a gun click behind him. He dropped the watering can and turned around with his hands up.

A tall slightly chubby man wearing a black suit with a pink undershirt was standing 10 feet away with a high powered .44 magnum aimed directly at Love. His face had wrinkles and signs of plastic surgery. His hair sheen had faded; it was light brown with specks of grey in it. Two balding men with blue and green Hawaiian shirts holding shotguns were at his side. "Hello Donald." The man said calmly. "I've been sent here for a very special reason, do you know why?" Donald's temples started sweating, "I don't know Tommy, why?" he asked nervously. Tommy Vercetti moved forward, his 2 goons followed. He stood 5 feet away from Donald. "Well, I someone told me that you ordered the death of a friend of mine. Do you remember Avery Carrington?"

Donald's knees wobbled, but he kept his cool. "Yes, he was a very good mentor to me, and I know who killed him, but trust me Tommy I didn't order the hit! Salvatore Leone did!" Tommy Vercetti stared at Loves face to see if he was lying, then turned around and mumbled to his 2 men. After 5 minutes of chilling silence, Tommy turned around and let the magnum drop to his side. "You're coming with me to Vice City, right now. You're going to help me take over Alex Shrubs seat as the governor. You understand?"

Love nodded. Tommy placed the gun inside his jacket and turned around; his 2 thugs got behind Donald and shoved him on. They all left the building and got into a white Infernus and sped off toward the Francis International airport.

Two days later, a tall mute young man with black hair, a black leather jacket, green cargo pants and blue tennis shoes walked onto the roof garden of the Love Media building. He walked around the garden in confusion; Donald Love had promised that he would meet him here on the roof and give him a job to do. He walked around for 5 minutes then shrugged and walked off. If he doesn't want to make his appointments, then I'm not gonna waste my time with him, the man thought. He strolled casually to his blue banshee parked in front of the Love Media building and drove off.