Sakura raced through the trees. Wind whistled by her ears as she shoved leaves out of her way. Naruto Uzamaki and Neji Huuyga created the path up ahead. The ANBU squad raced threw the dark night towards the small mountain village. Sakura reminded herself of the meeting only a few days earlier.

(Tsuande's Office)

"You three are to head to the mountain village south of the hidden mist village. A group of rebel ninja has taken hide out there and are plotting attack on all the villages. W cannot stand for this. It is your job to find out everything you can and capture or kill as many as you can. Sakura, you will be assisting them by aiding them when wounded…we have already sent out Rock Lee and Ten-Ten to the scene to secure more evidence. They know what they must do upon your arrival. Now go!"

(Back to present)

Sakura grinned in reply. She knew after several years of medical training her name had risen and finally "finally" Tsuande-sensei had let her out of her cooped up world of training and small missions to a very large and dangerous mission to show her skills. Not only that but she was with Neji so everything mad her feel better inside.

It was well known through out the Konoha that Neji and Sakura were and item. They constantly accompanied each other around hours of training and work and had even been seen kissing on occasion and festivals. Sakura's feelings for Sasuke Uchiha had left her when Neji and Naruto helped her to regain her senses about reality. She accepted the fact Uchiha would never come back to her and she could care less…she has Neji and it was enough for her.

This way she could prove to him her worth and then those rumors of their engagement might actually come true. She wanted so much to marry him and just spend time at home waiting for him. She loved to wait for him because every time they saw each other after a long absence he would always make her feel so safe and happy. Sakura's mother had also harassed her several time about the rumors and Sakura could only shake her head with a "not yet".

Neji glanced back at his blushing partner and lightened his pace to jump beside her. She smiled and blushed lightly only giving him a wink. He smiled and scooted next to her so Naruto could notice a private conversation was going on. Sadly for Naruto he had only had a weird relationship with Hinata that past few years that had finally sparked up the last festival when Sakura had pushed them into an embrace and Naruto actually kissed her. Naruto and Sakura had changed so much since Sasuke left. Sakura was happy to say it was for the better. Neji crept beside her stopping her mid-way on a tree branch to smile and her. He lightly pressed his lips on hers and parted quickly. Naruto already a few trees ahead scoffed waiting for Neji to be done flirting. Neji was surprisingly very different around Sakura so Naruto didn't mind seeing them together since that meant he wouldn't be so rude towards him. Sakura glanced at his ANBU suit and smile noticing that they both finally wore the same outfit.

Neji smiled. "Are you okay Sakura"

Sakura smiled and nodded shyly trying hard not to turn into a giddy little mess. She gazed up. "Um I think we should keep moving…we want to make it there before sunset to meet everyone." She spoke quietly.

Neji simply scoffed and took to advancing again. Sakura tilted her head and smiled and continued on behind them. Before they knew it they were sitting in the trees their ANBU masks hiding their faces peering down. The village was already under attack. It seemed Rock Lee and Ten Ten weren't the only ANBU involved it starting before it was time. Sakura stayed back as Neji gave her a glance and then followed Naruto into the fiery inferno. She stayed back listening and watching. Rock Lee appears behind her and shoved off his mask. "SAKURA, did they go in there!" he almost screamed at her. She looked shocked to see him then nodded, "they just went in why Lee what's wrong?"

She looked worried as Rock Lee looked at the fire then took her arm. "Come with me Sakura we have to find them…it's a huge trap...everyone was dead when we got here…it seems the one we were sent to kill was already killed before us, who ever did kill them already left but some of the ninja were still alive…Ten-Ten was able to get out alive barely…they wont make it out of that fire but if two of our team mates are in there we have to get them out…there is still one inside who the fire didn't kill yet." Lee looked argent and suddenly Kunai came flying towards them. Naruto was thrown into a tree and lay there unconscious.

"NARUTO!" Lee and Sakura screamed in unison then gazed into the fire at a blind Rebel who was half bleeding to death throw a body into a tree near Naruto. Sakura realized it to be Neji who stood up and went to charge again. Sakura screamed and the Rebel missed and jumped up to her. Neji in panic shot up as well and in a split second Sakura noticed a dark shadow come over her. Neji collapsed to one knee and Rock Lee Threw himself at the guy and both fell back into the flaming inferno. Sakura removed her mask and looked at Neji whose windpipe had been crushed in the protective blow. She cried and tried to heal him but Neji grabbed her hand. Sakura was so confused. Everything had happened in the blink of an eye. Neji's hand went limp. With the last strength he pushed himself up and lightly kissed Sakura who stood there crying. Neji Huuyga fell back onto a three branch and was dead. Sakura Haruno cried and screamed shaking his body. Rock Lee Stumbled out of the flames barely alive. Ten-Ten raced over and everything went into a haze.

Authors note: what do you think? It went by very fast this first chapter and I'm kinda screwy with it since I kinda wanted to give the impression that it was all one big confusing mess and no one knows what really happened. I'm thinking about next chapter and all I know so far is it is going to be Neji's funeral and someone's wedding. Wooohooo. Who could it be? Anyway the main story line kicks in next chapter with the return of a certain someone.