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The wind blew softly throughout the Konoha. As if the small sunny day wasn't enough to give you a happy feeling, the cherry blossoms where in bloom and littered the ground with their pink blossoms. The day was small and peaceful. Not to mention hardly the day for sleeping.

"sakura…" a voice came softly.

"erm" came a weak reply as her emerald eyes fluttered open.

The pink haired kounichi tilted her head back into the shade so she could rest her eyes upon Sasuke. He stood over her wearing his jounin vest and lightly sighing at her behavior. He let down a helping hand to her.

Sakura took it. Lightly being lifted from the ground as she turned and pointed to the river.

"Look Sasuke…the lanterns from last night…they are floating in the river" she said sleepily.

"hn" he smirked as he wrapped and arm around the sleepy girl. She let her hair fall around her face as they watched the small lanterns still lit up float down the river in their boats. Blossoms all around then as sakura found herself giggling softly.

Sasuke finally pulled away but neglecting to let go of her hand.

"Come of Sakura…lets go…you need to eat something…after all you are…" He bit his lip and paused. Sakura blinked at him slightly in confusion then smiled softly. Her hand gripped his a little tighter forcing the ring on her left index finger to clink against the second promise ring. She looked at them and her smile widened.

Sasuke pulled her down the hill and they began to long walk back to the manner. Sasuke held his hand protectively at her shoulder the entire way and Sakura only smiled as she also continued on her way. Sasuke looked down at her with his rare smile as sakura smiled back up slightly giggling. Her hand was placed on the small swell of her stomach. The promise...for the future.


Naruto became Hokage soon after these events. His guidance over Konoha was great and brought many prophets and gains for the village. He even found ways to repair and expand the village quickly. He formed alliances and as he had promised became one of the best Hokage's the Konoha had ever seen. He lived his life happily with Hinata and they had a total of three children. Their children grew up to all become excellent shinobi and when his first son married he felt that he had finally achieve his dream. Yet no matter how old he got he always acted the same he had back in the days when team seven was first started.

Kakashi lived long enough to see Naruto become Hokage. Unfortunately he was killed in combat when the climactic battle to save Konoha against the Akatsuki took place. He was able however to kill two members and was recognized as a hero of Konoha. His name was carved on the memorial stone and all of team seven returned their twice a year to pay their respects.

All the other genin from the "Uzumaki's" class as it came to be known all made is successfully into shinobi. Few died here and there and all where recognized as village heroes.

Ino: died during her second child birth, she was still carved on the stone for her bravery years before.

Shikamaru: retired after inos death and raised their kids.

Kankuro: became the Kazekage head advisor but was reported missing in the battle against the akatuski.

Temari: live long and happily. She became a village elder along side Gaara after his retirement from office. She continued to train academy students for long periods of time.

Gaara: He retired when he got to old to continue and helped his sister with teaching young shinobi and counseling the next Kazekage.

TenTen: she never got married and was severely injured in the battle against the Akatsuki. She later died in the hospital from internal bleeding yet lived long enough to pay her respects to team seven about Kakashi.

Rock Lee: he lived on fighting for the friend who died in battle. He never once questioned Naruto's judgment and was often called the most loyal shinobi.

Tsunade & Jiriya: as history recorded they simply vanished after Naruto became Hokage. Yet it was rumored that team seven kept in touch with them most the time. Tsunade was later reported dead after she was seen boarding a ship that had been lost at sea but no one ever knew. As for Jiriya it was suspected he lived for a long time because his "ichi ichi" books kept coming in.

Sakura and Sasuke:

Sakura and Sasuke where married shortly after the incidents. 2 years later they had "the miracle of the Uchiha clan" of a son, Itachi. They chose the name in remembrance to the way Itachi used to be and the brother Sasuke once loved so much. Sakura became a successful medical ninja and travel far and wide bringing her son with her. Sasuke continued on as a shinobi fighting endlessly. It seemed they barely stayed together yet when they where together they where always smiling. Later that year sakura had another child named Miyori. They two children developed their sharingan at age 13 and from then on became very prized shinobi in Konoha. Sakura and Sasuke where proud of their kids and became very content with the fact the Uchiha clan was revived…both children married into the Hyuuga family making the Uchiha clan even more successful then hoped. The new generation had begun but the kids did well to continue the story about team seven to everyone they knew making the stories of Uzumaki Naruto and team seven legend through out the shinobi world forever…

Sakura lived a long happy life with her two kids and Sasuke. Their relationship never swayed and it was always filled with happy days. Tragically however sakura caught and illness that stopped her from breathing suddenly and she collapsed one day walking home from the hospital. Sasuke had rushed to her side but only to find she had already slipped away…she dies with a smile on her face and in her hand she clasped the picture of team seven.

Sasuke lived long after his wife and even enough to see the point in time when 23 people of Uchiha decent had truly restarted the Uchiha clan. All had abilities to use the sharingan and when Sasuke finally retired his duty as a shinobi he became and active "elder" in the Uchiha clan. After many years however of rebuilding his beloved clan Sasuke fell ill and died only two days before uzumaki Naruto finished publishing the autobiography about their lives. He was said to have died with a pained yet calm look on his face. He was found in his bed sleeping holding a picture of his mother, brother, father, and himself along with a small ring in his hand. The promised ring…that sakura had given him.

A simple promise that he had obviously not wanted…to ever let go of.

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