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Final Fantasy 8

Balamb Garden vs. Galbadia Garden.

Chapter 1 – Preparing For Our Demise

At this point, Squall has to prepare their garden for the battle against Galbadia.

Squall: Well, since we are to lay siege on Galbadia over the mountains over there, I suggest that we get some rest and be ready to attack by morning. This shall be a cruel war, everyone fighting and dying, but realize this. If you don't fight back, you shall die a worthless death. And we cannot have a majority of our students die in a battle. We pay enough money for other student deaths, like the T-Rex prank, or the bite bug swarm.

Quistis: Well, I told you never to put a jungle inside our mobile school!

Xu: I suggest telling them the attack plan.

Squall: Ok, this is how our troops will be split up. Squad A, consisting of all seniors, shall invade the enemy base. Squad B, consisting of all students not seniors or freshmen, shall defend the garden. Squad C, consisting of all freshmen, shall run away using our very classy escape pods and call for help. Any questions?

(Zell comes charging into the office)

Zell: Yo, I have a question. What are you going to do?

Squall: I shall watch over the battle in my highly-fortified tower. With my outstanding leadership, I will call out commands and help everyone to victory. Also, I will be watching for anyone who dies, because they fail all their classes and get an F in PE. That is all. (Microphone feedback)

Zell: Well, I'm not complaining, I already have an F in PE.

(Squall gathers up his party and talks to them about our tactics)

Rinoa: Well, what should we do now, everyone doesn't feel like we can win. Probably because someone told them that we were most likely going to die a horrible death.

Squall: It's true you know.

Zell: I say give out free hot dogs in the cafeteria! That'll give them courage.

Squall: You mean give you an all-you-will-eat buffet?

Zell: Yea, pretty much. Could we though?

Squall: No.

Zell: Damn.

Quistis: So what is the plan?

Squall: Since I love this place, and I love you guys, I decided that 3 of you will defend our garden, while the other 2 come with me to siege Galbadia garden. Oh, and whoever defends the garden gets stripped of their Guardian Forces. So, who wants to stay here?

Rinoa: I'll stay here.

Squall: No, you're coming with me for this battle.

Stephie: I'll stay.

Irvine: If she's staying, than I'm staying.

Quistis: I'll also stay.

Rinoa: Say, Stephie, isn't your real name "Selphie?"

Stephie: No, apparently, there are items in the game that changes my name to something retarded. Now I can't change it back! Stupid SquareSoft!

Squall: Who? Anyways… Give me your guardians.

After hours of junctioning abilities…

Squall: Alright, this battle will begin! Now how do I move this garden?

Xu: Use the pillar over there?

Squall: This big…white…thing...ARRRGGG.

Balamb garden flips upside-down.

Zell: Wow, nice driving. Here, let me drive.

Balamb garden heads toward Galbadia garden, upside-up

Squall: Alright, let the battle begin! Just go crash into them. It's fun. Again. Yea. Yea. Oh wait, what's that? Is that a dent? They'll pay. Crash into them again. Haha! Haha!