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Music Pieces:

Epilogue: Legend – "Someone to Protect" – Kaoru Wada – Inuyasha: The Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler

The quiet landscape of the forest rustled with the night wind, the trees whispering secrets to each other. Each blade of grass swayed and twitched softly as the silky air passed through their blades. Yet there was stillness upon the lake as if even its waters were immune to nature's soothing breath. With water stained black with the night sky and pinpricked with stars, it gave no sign of life among its murky waters.

As the full moon fell directly over the center of the lake, the waters in its white reflection began to twist and turn into curls that greatly resembled manipulated hair, the silence in the forest broken as the ringlets burst violently and unleashed a thick beam of white light far into the sky. Endlessly it flowed, soaring through time itself, as it would seem.

Not far away, deep in the woods and hidden discretely, was a cave, its thick dust disturbed by the messenger wind. The dust twisted around itself, crating a column of ash and dirt and compressing into a delicate shape…

The waters of the lake grew still once more, the pillar of light dissipating quickly with the wind. Beneath the serene surface, deep down to the water's floor, a glowing pair of eyes abruptly opened as the water's surface began to glow a faint lavender…