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Author's Note: My WIP is being a pain so I'm trying to shake loose my muse. ;) Set post-DT. I hope you enjoy!

He's the ground they walk on.

You don't think of the ground, notice the ground, appreciate the ground— until it shakes.

It's shaking now.

Collapsing under their feet and there's nothing they can do. They hadn't noticed the tremors, hadn't seen the cracks…

And who could blame them?

The ground had never faltered before. It had always been exactly what they needed it to be when they needed it to be -- a perfect soldier to command, a trained comrade in the heat of battle, a protective older brother who defends, a carefree best friend who encourages— whatever was needed.

The ground had held steady for 23 years.

You don't notice the ground you walk on.

And you can't stop it from shaking once it's begun.

You can only hold on and utter a stream of desperate promises one after another -- you'll never take it for granted again, you'll remember to appreciate it, you'll remember to thank it; you'll step more softly…

You will swear that you will change, you will swear that you will do better, that you will be better…

The words will pour forth with fervor and passion and they will be the most truthful you will have ever said.

But the ground will stop shaking.

The ground will steady itself, because that is its nature, that is its purpose— because it knows nothing else.

And when it does you will release your grip and breathe a sigh of relief, confident and joyful that all is once again right with the world.

You will not see that the cracks are wider; you will not see that portions have crumbled away to ash; you will not see that there is less beneath you feet than before — you will only see that the ground is steady beneath your feet.