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Danny, Sam, and Tucker lounged about the lab of the Fenton household. The weather being a scortching 110 degress, the place was the coolest of all the rooms. Danny leaned in his chair, a hand-held fan in his face,

"So. . .hot. Slowly. . .fading. . ." Danny's chair fell back with a thud. Sam looked down at him,

"No, duh, state the obvious, why don't you!"

Tucker groaned, his PDA off due to his worry of it over heating, "Man, this weather makes you down right grumpy, Sam."

She gave him a sort of animal growl and aided Danny to his feet.

The group had been doing the same thing for the past summer week or so. Danny's enimies, from Skulker, to Technus, to even Vlad Plasmius; they had all been quiet. Either they were all planning an evil plot, or even ghost suffered from heat exaughstion and were too hot to move. And from the looks of Danny at the moment, the heat exaughstion seemed very likely.

Danny sat up again, shifting his vision towards Sam, "Thanks."

She smiled, "Yeah, no prob. Hey, you know, it's a hundred something degress, and we're all just sitting here, why don't we all go to the Nasty Burger for a shake or something? It's freaking hot."

Tucker rose to his feet, "I'm with Sam, this sucks hard."

Danny shrugged, "Sure, I'll buy."

The three teens headed up the hot metal stairs. Danny sighed, "You know? I'm kinda happy I'm somewhat in a break of ghost hunting, even you guys get a break from it.

Sam slid a friendly arm around Danny's neck, and finding it sweaty, she pulled it back, "Uh, yeah, I know it. But do you think something's up?"

Tucker opened the front door, "Nah, it's prob-" At that moment, Maddie Fenton stepped up behind the three,

"Danny? Have you seen your father's keepsake box? I haven't seen it for a while, we just wanted to add to it. It has his baby keepsakes, to teenage pictures. It's a shame it's gone."

Danny scratched the back of his head, "Nah, haven't seen it, but if I do, I'll tell you."

She nodded, smiled, and left the group.

Later that day at the Nasty Burger. . .

Sam set her shake down as Tucker picked up his burger. Danny Leaned back in his seat, over exaggerating the affect of the heat. His head only slightly edged over to the set of seats behind himself, which was occupied by a single man. Had it been another day, he would have been more polite and sat straighter upright on behalf of the man behind him, but it was too hot for manners. He kept his position. All who sat in the restraunt came to get to the air conditioning and ice cold drinks, but this person behind him just sat there with no food or drink before him. Danny shrugged off his suspition, "Sam, can you pass the ketchup?"

She slid the red container towards him in a single, half minded action. He took it and topped of the greasy frenchfries before himself, "You know guys, I feel kinda lazy, maybe we should actually do something."

Tucker raised an eyebrow, "Yeah? And just what do you think that would be? It's hot. Too hot even for me to chase girls around!"

Sam sarcastically chocked on her beverage, "Wow! Now we know it's really hot. But Danny, seriously, what could we do in this weather?"

He shrugged, "I dunno, maybe we could-" stopped abruptly and let out a shout.

Sam sat up, "What's the matter?"

A confused expression smeared across Danny's face as he turned around to see the man sitting behind him fast-walk out of the restraunt, "I have no idea, but that freak just pulled my hair!"

Tucker frowned, "He looks familiar. . ."

Sam gasped, "It's Vlad Masters! He dressed as a hick! We should've known. . ."

And in fact, it was he. Hair pulled back in a sloppy fashion, baseball cap with the Greenbay Packers' logo on it, sleeveless tee, and hole-covered jeans, it was a creative disguise. And the rusty pick-up Ford was a nice touch. . .

Danny shot up, "I'm going - !" He took in that all the people around may see him go ghost, ". . .to. . .go to the bathroom, and you guys wait for me outside!"

He raced to the restroom to change form and Sam and Tucker rushed outside. Tucker watched Vlad hurry to open the rusty pickup's door, "What do we do? He's geting away!"

Sam smiled wickedly, "I have an idea. . ." She grabbed Tucker and threw him before the truck and said in a fake acting voice, "Oh! Sir! Don't start the car! My friends hurt, come help, please!"

Tucker's shoulder slammed against the bumper, "What? I'm fine, I'm--oh, oh! Oh, the pain, please help. . ." He toppled upon the pavement before the Ford.

"What are you children doing! Get out of my way!" Vlad roared the engine and honked the horn. Tucker opened one eye, "It's not working!" He hissed.

Sam looked about and shouted in frustration, "Ah! where's Danny!"

At that moment, Danny Phantom burst out from the restraunt walls, "Get out of the truck, Vlad Plasmius!"

Plasmius' eyes glowed a firey red from under his cap. "Now you've done it. . ." He muttered through clenched teeth. Vlad Masters burst from the truck as Plasmius. A pinkish plasmatic blast flamed from his fists towards Danny, "You stay out of this, child!"

Danny fired a neon green blast of his own, "I'll stay in what I want to!"

Plasmius slammed him against a light post and whisperd in his ear, "This does not concern you right now, my boy. This holds in powers far beyond your compacity. . ." He dropped Danny.

Instead of launching another attack, Vlad rushed towards the truck and recieved the canister holding Danny's hair, "Wait for it, son."

And with a swish of his cape, Plasmius teleported from the scene. Tucker sat up and walked to the open truck door, "Sweet! He left his wallet!"

Danny changed form and snatched the wallet, "Maybe there's a clue in here. . ." He sifted through the wads of bills and withdrew a photo, "Hey, this is one of my dad's baby photos."

Sam glanced over Danny's shoulder, "But why would he have this?"

Danny shrugged, " I don't know, but who's up for a trip to Winsconsin via ghost portal?"

Tucker grinned, "Sure. After we go on a shopping spree courtesy of Vlad Masters!"

1 day later, Maddison, Winsconsin. Home of Vlad Masters

In the laboratory of Mr. Vladimir James Masters, five ghost gathered around an odd contraption. Wires ran through test tubes and such, with lights going in all colours.

Ember McLain folded her arms and jutted her hip out to her right, "You know, this better work out on the twit and his dad, I don't wanna find out that I wasted good time on some damned piece of scrap metal."

Skulker nodded, "Yes, I agree. How do we know this is going to work? I mean, sure I put my expertise into it, Plasmius here put his money in it, but how do we asure it wasn't wasted?"

Technus floated about the metal item, "Well, with my knowledge of the programing, I saw there's a ninety percent chance of it going right."

Vlad's hands were crossed behind his back, "And what, pray tell, is the other ten percent?"

Technus straightend his posture, "I have no idea what the ten percent is, it just rounded off."

Vlad slammed his fist upon a counter, "We can't have any unasurances in this case! This has to be gaurunteed, one-hundred percent-satisfactory, do we all understand?"

The Box Ghost shrugged, "At least we know the metal box it's contained in is reliable, because I'm the BOX GHOST! And I chose it!"

Vlad took a deep breath, "Now, we all collaberated for one common reason, we all despise Danny Phantom! And that's where we hold our confidence, my friends. And with this, Daniel and Jack Fenton shall experience what we've been through. Being treated like a child, authoruity shall be ours for once!"

Ember glanced at the clock, "Yeah, can we get going with this? I have a date at like, eight O'Clock, and I really don't wanna miss it. . ."

Skulker snarrled, "I knew we shouldn't have let a child join us. . ."

"Who you callin' child, punk?!"

"Stop it!" Vlad pushed the two apart, "Stop fighting! We must be organized."

Ember put a fist in his face, "Aw shut it, ya old koot!"

Technus burst in, "If you don't stop it we'll never get this done!"

"You shut up, too, you geeky nerd!" Ember shoved him aside.

"Geeky nerd? I resent that. . ."

In a split second Vlad's ghost portal burst with a swirl of green as Danny Phantom, Sam, and Tucker burst from the circular device, "Sorry to interupt the fight but-"

The ghosts were too caught up in thier fight to see him.

Skulker shoved Vlad's chest, "I'm sick of you telling me what to do! I no longer wish to be submissive under your hold!"

Plasmius growled, "Oh, but I pay you!"

"Not nearly enough!"

Vlad grabbed Skulker and threw him against the wall. He fell down with a thud, right atop the electical device. At that moment, Danny ceated and ecto shield around he, Sam, and Tucker in fear that something would blow. Ember's hold on Technus' neck was paused as the two looked at the smashed item. Vlad's eyes widend, Skulker rubbed his head, and the Box Ghost shifted his vision from the boxes he held to the contraption. In an explosion of a firey blaze, the spherical ecto-shield was all the protcted the three teens from what ever fate the villians may have. Some sort of sonic blast leaked from the item the ghosts had been fighting over. The room was filled with smoke and all was quiet. Danny let his arms down and the green dome faded.

Sam coughed and waved her arms, "Skulker falling on the thing must've triggered a destruct mode. Wonder what it was?"

Tucker shrugged and squinted, attempting to see clearer, "Probably, but even my PDA can't read what it was. "

The smoke began to clear up as they all heard the sound of some other coughing, "What was that?" Danny said in a hoarse voice.

Sam paused in confusion, "It sounded like a . . .baby cough?"

"Achibidea!" A very young child shouted a nonexsisting word.

Danny's eyes widened as he slowly looked at the floor, "Guys, we have a problem."

On the floor sat Skulker and Vlad. Vlad in tears as Skulker pulled on his black hair. Of course, the two were about a foot tall and in diapers.

"Oh my gosh!" Sam shouted, "What happened?"

Ember and Skulker sat several yards from the other two, laughing as one poked the other with a metal rod. Sam rushed over and took the stick from the laughing babies to thier dissapointment, "Bad. . .baby ghosts?"

Tucker glanced around, "That blast must've reversed thier aging process. But Vlad wasn't a ghost as a kid, so it must be an extreme age cream."

Sam frowned at him, "You're such a dork, Tucker. Age cream?"

Danny knelt down and seperated Vlad and Skulker, "I don't understand, but all I know is I'm not changing any diapers!"

Sam picked up a box which held the giggling Box Ghost, "Awe, even this guy was a cute little baby. What do we do though? We can't take care of them, there has to be some way to fix this."

Danny sighed, "Yeah, but do you know what my mom and dad would do if I brought home ghost babies? Worse than bringing home Wulf or that ghost dog! They'd probably tear them apart moecule by molecule, and even if I hate these guys as adults, they babies at the moment." He held Vlad in one arm and skulker in the other. He chuckled, "But Vlad is so going to pay for drooling on me." Baby Vlad Masters settled on Danny's shoulder and drifted off to sleep.

Sam smiled, "How cute!"

"Sam! This is serious!" Danny shouted, causing Skulker to cry. Danny attempted to comfort him, "Ghosts Zones greatest hunter my butt. . ."

Tucker scooped up Ember and Technus, "We could keep 'em at Sam's house, she has a theater, a bowling alley. And a grandma!"

"Are you crazy? My grandma's not that old and stupid yet! She'll never let me take ecto-babies in." Sam sighed as the Box Ghost sucked on his thumb, "Why don't we take shifts? One person cares for one or two of them at a time? Just untill we get them sorted out."

Danny nodded, "Guess we have no other choice. But wait, what if Tucker's mom makes cookies out of them?!?"

They chuckled and switched on the portal. Danny looked down at Vlad, "We're so using your credit card to buy diapers and all that stuff."

Baby Vlad's bottom lip quivered, "Dude, you're not supposed to know what that means! And how can red glowing eyes be so sad, cute, and innocent?"

Sam looked around, "How are we going to get them past your parents and into your room?"

Danny smiled, "Well, the box Ghost's got himself an idea. . ." The Box Ghost squealed as he peeked out of his box, "Maybe he was smarter as a baby. . ."



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