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And here's chapter 12


"Are we there yet?" Tucker pested the King.



"Shut up if you have a brain." The ghost suggested.

Tucker scooted a bit closer to Sam and away from the King. He watched Sam laugh and laughed himself. Now he knew what Danny meant when he said Sam was kind of pretty. . .then he caught himself. He couldn't like Sam, could he? No. . .


Pa-Sheri ran. He sprinted through the brush and away from his brother. He looked back breifly into the flaring eyes of his purserer and ran even faster. The brush ripped at his bare flesh and left streaks of blood trailing down his calf and to the sandal guarding his feet. At last, he came to where he aimed; as far away from his camp as possible. He stopped at the edge of the floating mass of land, chest rising and lowered laboriously and mouth ajar, showing his teeth with two sharp and pointed. Ankh glanced about confused, panting equaly,

"Where the hell are they?!" He shoved his knife into a near by oak, "You pulling my leg here, Sheri?"

Pa-Sheri stood, unsure of what to say next. He simply held up his sword and lowered his brow, "I don't want to fight you, Ankh." He breathed hard and sweat beaded on his forehead, "Not you, my brother."

Ankh grinned and laughed like one would if he was insane, then his laugh grew, "Honestly, Sheri, let's not act like that. Of course you wish to fight me. After all, I did steal your human body. . ."

"Shut up, "Sheri pressed, "Just shut up."

"And, "Ankh went on , "When Mavis' human self died at birth. Who could have caused that? Who, Sheri? Who?"

Sheri knew what he was doing. Ankh was trying to make him act out. Well, Pa-Sheri didn't go through extensive battle lessons with Father for nothing. It was best to let the opponent wear himself out and then attack. Or run. Sheri watched the demonic eyes. The devilish grin.

The two looked very unrelated. Sheri was handsom, while the same could not be said for Ankh. His stiff expression and almost pointed facial features made him hard to look at. He was still a normal looking ghost, but just not quite. One way you could tell they were brothers were the tattos, scars, and pointed elven-like ears. Even the skin-tones varied. Sheri still had a human skin colour, but Ankh's was pale and teal much like Dan Phantom or Plasmius'.

Ankh grinned, "So, my brother, do you plan on making a move?"

Sheri braced for impact. He kept his eyes locked on the grey ones before him. He wouldn't let Ankh find Danny and the others, he just wouldn't. . .


Danny rolled onto his right side. His face was smeared with dirt and grass and his eyes had just opened for a moment after a while of rest. His suit was ripped in many places, and he shivered from the chilling Ghost Zone breeze. He lifted himself on one elbow and looked everyone over. Vlad lay beside him, cape serving as a blanket. Clockwork laid, halfway propped up on a tree, using his cape as warmth as well. The Time Master looked quite wise as he slept. Walker stood over the crackling fire, the glow illuminating his white face and his black Stetson. He didn't look humerous as he did in the day. He looked upset.

Danny set up, his boots skidding against the ground, and watched Walker intentivly. The ghost just stood there. The young halfa frowned, "You alright?"

Walker jumped a bit, then shrugged and answered in a smooth tone and looked away, "Yeah."

Danny laid on his back, elbows bumping into the sleeping Brandon beside him. Then he paused as he sat up alert and wide awake, "Where's Fright Night?"

Walker kept his gaze on the fire, "He's with Ankh."

Danny narrowed his eyes, "Who's Ankh. . ."

"His brother."

"Why's he with Ankh?" Danny asked, feeling childish for asking so many questions.

Walker frowned and shoved his hands in his pin-stripped slacks, "Don't follow him, Danny."

Danny's eye widened and he rose to his feet, "Is he okay?"

Walker didn't answer.

"Walker! Is he okay?!" Danny felt his eyes begin to water. How could he care about Sheri so much? He bit his lip. Who cares why he did? He just did. He shoved at Walker's shoulder, "Tell me!"

"No!" Walker shouted. The others stirred in their sleep, "No." He placed a hand on Danny's shoulder, "He can deal with Ankh himself. We have bigger problems. . ."


Pariah bent down and examined the foot print. He tilted his head slightly, then shook his head and muttered, "We've been here before." He looked at the rest and shouted, "We've been here before!"

The others looked at each other at the outburst. The ghost slammed his fist into a tree, spooking the winged pegasus that was leading them. The King looked at the horse, "You should know where he's at!"

The bat-winged creature lowered it's head and nickered softly, srcaping at the ground. Jazz stepped forwards, "No, I think he's telling us something."

Jack Fenton looked over his daughter's shoulder, "Well, when I was younger and wanted a pony. . .I looked their behaviour up. I think his upset."

Jazz nodded, suprised her father actually knew something, "Yeah, that's right." She slid her hands down the glossy withers of the horse's back, "What is it, girl?"

The pegasus nickered again, its nostrils vibrating a bit, an looked up at Pariah. Pariah slid a hand on its velvet nose and closed his eyes. Then he pened them , "Ankh."

"What's an Ankh?" Sam asked cluelessly.

"Mavis' brother, Ankh. And Pa-Sheri. They're near." He siged and turned around, looking into the bushes. Without a word, he walked into them and the others heard his gasp. They followed his lead and saw what he saw. Foot prints lined the area, and it was cleared of any plant life. Spots of lavender, orange, and neon-lime green smeared the clearing. And Jazz new imediantly,

"They fought."

Pariah nodded slowly, "My children. . ." He knelt down and smoothed his hand through the ecto-plasm blood-stained silt. It was widely known the colour of a ghosts plasm effected the colour of their blood. He looked up at the horse and it whimpered. The King let both hands and knees sink into the mud deeply and a tear streaked his face. Jazz, Sam, and Tucker looked at each other and Jazz placed a hand on the massive ghost's shoulder. Skulker, Ember, and Technus watched quietly, having finally caught up with the others. Ember looked about sixteen, and so did the others. The Ghost King looked at the pop-star ghost and shook his head. It was only a matter of time before she regained her memory. . .


Mavis watched her brothers drag into the old building. Ankh, scarred and beaten, was limping and Sheri aided him. Mavis grinned and shook her head,

"Oh , Sheri, you helped your attacker? Tsk tsk, my brother." She smoothed a hand over Fright's bruised and bloody face. Ankh gasped and he was set on the red-velvet throne he belonged on. Sheri slowly faced Mavis,

"Baby sister, please. . .your necklace. . .it's not working. This isn't you. . ." Sheri looked at her sadly and just watched her.

she ignored him, "And you just come here? Father wants you dead, you know."

"No. . ." Sheri muttered half-sadly.

"Oh but he does. Told me himself. And why? Why would he want a son like you? He doesn't love you, silly. Nobody does." She cooed.

Pa-Sheri shook his head, "You're a liar. A dirty liar and you're not even you. Snap out of it, sister!"

"No!" She shouted in anger. Sheri smiled, she was angry. She was in there some where.

He looked into her lavender eyes and just shook his head in pity. She was such a pretty girl, such a sweet one. But her ghost half, called The Mavis, took her over. If even anything made her nagry, she would transform to this ugly-edged being and care about no one but herself. He let a hand slid onto her shoulder and his eye lids fell halfway over his eyes. He was weak from the fight. So weak, but he couldn't pass out now. Keep it contained, Sheri, keep it in. . .

Mavis looked at Fright Night, then at Ankh, then back again. she simply smiled and eft the two in the room. Sheri looked at his brother. Torn and bleeding in body and soul, begging for the mercy of his brother. He looked over at Sheri and the ghost went to tend to his brother's wounds. . .


Danny shoved at the plant life before himself. He knew any moment Ember could revert and he'd be doomed for sure. Rain pelted his head and slid off the snowy white tangle that used to be so smooth. It soaked his black and white suit and drowned his dying spirit. Determined to find his friends, he kept going. Mud slapped his now brown boots and sprinkled his face. Vlad stayed in step, equally determentd yet a bit less sure of the reason why. The other ghost simply floated behind and still barely kept up.

Clockwork frowned, "Why are we going so fast!" He shouted over the sound of rain of wildlife.

Danny ingored him. He was in no mood for a Clockwork moment.

Clockwork's cape was soaked. His jet-black hair was soaked. He was soaked, "Seriously, I don't know if I can keep going. . ."

Danny kept going.

Vlad looked at the other halfa. His hair was a mess. He was hungry. He wanted to sleep, but he didn't. Vlad wished so much he could be that strong. . .


Pariah Dark went on with a sadened soul. He recalled the day he'd first bestowed his children with their symbols. Sun, Star and Moon, all the signs of his world. He wished for them to be his, united as one family, but it was not so. Pa-Sheri had died by the hand of Ankh in the first place, and Mavis was simple girl who died at birth. Mavis and Sheri had ahd much more time together. Sheri had practically raised the girl on his own, and Ankh came in later when he died at the age of twenty-one from the pleague that struck his new land. ever since the three have been on and off companions, but Mavis and Sheri had always been close.

The King saw something in the distance. A large building and he knew he had reached his destination at the Fright Night's castle. . .


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