Chapter Four

The sun really had brightened the room, Luis realized and he checked at the digital clock. It was only noon. Licking his dry lips, the Spaniard slowly sat up from where he was laying down next to Leon. His mind automatically rewound to what happened at the very dawn and then back to present.

"Hey," Luis said quietly, rubbing his hand on Leon's shoulder gently. It looked like the blond had been sleeping on his chest. He recalled some cuddling but was not for the whole time. Leon fluttered his eyes, stirring quickly from the short-lived sleep.


"I'm going to take a shower. Can we-- like go right after?" Luis asked hopefully. He heard the other man sigh.

"Okay," Leon sighed, once closing his eyes again. Apparently he didn't want to move just yet. Luis got up and blushed slightly as he realized he was very buck naked. He walked fast toward to the bathroom and closed the door. He sighed in relief as he was convinced enough of having one hundred percent privacy. He reached his hand to turn on the shower and waited for the steam to appear.

Meanwhile he looked into the mirror.

Ugh. It had been while since he looked into a mirror. There was an inflection of a man with a very greasy hair that had blackened his true color of a brunet. He hadn't shaved for days. These days he shaved, he would get these little red dots from the burn. The area around his eyes darkened. He obviously had lost weight. Jesus, what was Leon thinking when he was grinding his pelvis against me? Luis thought, disgusted with his form in the mirror. He rubbed his face and looked down. The only thing he was surprised about was that there was no discoloration to his body. He seemed to manage his continuous tan tone of his overall body.

When he sensed there was enough steam, he stepped into the pounding stray of the shower. He brushed his hair from his eyes, looking around to check the emptiness of the room. He wasn't sure why he did bother doing that. It was as if he would never expected to be in shower ever again. Even a motel's shower seemed luxurious to him. It had been too long since he'd get used to the feeling.

A warm blush came to Luis' face and he smiled to himself, thinking how astounding the entire situation had become. He thought about what happened this morning again.

However, a twinge of hesitancy crept into his system as an old reflex reminded him that things never remained content for long. Swallowing hard, he pushed that thought aside and decided that he would live whatever the future held for him. Maybe things would be better. Especially after he had bumped into Leon. That beautiful American blond…

He closed his eyes and threw back his head, opening his mouth to gather some water. He spitted out the foul taste of morning and sighed. He pushed his hair behind his ears and kneaded his tensed neck, his shoulder. A message right now sounded paradise to him.

But he heard a rustle of shower curtains.


Luis opened his eyes immediately to see a shadow of hand and yelped, "What are you doing?" His whole body tensed at the sight of the blond's silhouette close to him.

"Nothing. Brushing my teeth. You need some gel?" Leon asked, not moving from the sink. Luis let out a deep breath. Suddenly, he felt self-conscious about his body and looks. He wasn't ready (and wouldn't like to) to see Leon's face, especially in the shower.

"Y-Yeah," Luis said with a wavering voice. Clearing his throat, he tried again, this time louder because of the strong spray of water. "Please don't get in here."

A pause.

"Okay… Sorry." Leon finally said. What is going on, the American operative thought. "But hurry. We've got to go."

Luis concurred. Leon was absolutely right but he waited till Leon finished his business. He rubbed that soap bar that smelled like Irish spring, over his shoulders, watching absent-mindedly at the distorted shadow through the stained plastic curtains.

Once the shadow was gone, Luis turned off the faucets and heard the soft creaking of the door being closed, but he could tell not completely by the absence sound of it being shut. He got out and started to fix up his tired face by grabbing Leon's shaving gel.

Meanwhile, the blond made the bed and lay on top of it, waiting for Luis to finish. He sat against the wall, disassembling and assembling his pistol over and over again. It was becoming a bad habit for him. Occasionally, he would try to peek through the opened portion of the door. He could see Luis partly only when he leaned over the sink to look in the mirror but he didn't bother to say anything. He didn't have much to say, especially after what had happened previous night.

Not that he liked it. He loved it. He wanted to do it again. Luis… he would never ever forget that warmth that steamed into his arms and that feeling of his hard body rubbing against his. It was nothing like he felt before with anyone else.

"Okay, I'm done. Let's go," the Spaniard said with confidence, walking out of the bathroom with a fresh t-shirt that belonged to Leon. He didn't feel odd wearing it… just like it was supposed to happen. It fit him. Very well… since the blond always wore something so tight and it fit him like a regular t-shirt because he had lost a lot of weight. Luis shrugged it off. He would have to learn how to do laundry again eventually.

"Alright, cool."

Leon said this casually like nothing was going on. But when the dark-haired man came out of the bathroom, he was struck. Struck by the sight. He looked completely different from just a few minutes ago. His hair went from greased black to a vivid, brunet color and his face brightened up tremendously by its clean look from shave. His face was cleared of dirt and free from fatigue. He actually looked, for once in his life, healthy. And handsome, Leon added.

"But where exactly are we heading for?" Luis asked, putting the hygiene in the plastic bag and throwing it gently at the American operative.

"Didn't I tell you? We're going to the nearest science and research facility," Leon said, getting off the bed and collected the backpack which held most of personal things. Both men started to head out the door, double-checking for any leftovers.

"What do you mean exactly by 'nearest'? And why should I go with you?" Luis said, thinking more deeply about what he was doing at the very moment. He must take any precautions. For some reason, he felt like he was the public number one enemy, especially after he had done with the outbreak. He would like to have a repent but it was too late. No time for regrets.

"They established facilities all over Europe- well not exactly. They established themselves precisely on some locations, researching treatments and possibly cure but I can't keep up with the updates. You'll know more stuff about this than I do."

"Then, why should I go with you?" Luis asked again but this time, quietly. The blond operative paused for a while before he pulled at his wrists.

"Just before you took the shower, you didn't look very good. I mean, the shower pretty much covered everything but I didn't see you for days. So I want to know if your health is really damaged or not. They will test you—"

The Spaniard shook his head, pushing away Leon's soft, yet firm touch. "I'm fine."

"No, you're not." Leon said sternly, forcing eye contact. "You're not and didn't you say, last night that you're running out of medicine? Well--"

"Whatever. I rather die now… and before handing over my fucking medicine."

"Why are you fighting with me now?" Leon growled. "They already duplicated your suppressants anyway but only its formula is improved."

"Wow. I feel like shit. Thanks," Luis threw his head in his hands. He always wanted recognition by peers, but not rewards and he got nothing now. Nobody knew him. Nobody cared. All he had left though was his prestigious journals.

After a few seconds, Leon kneeled before Luis. "This is your chance to renew your life. This is my chance to renew, too. Luis, you saved my life."

"How the fuck did I save your life?" Luis frowned, stubbornly protesting in every way he could.

"Your suppressant... if it wasn't for it, I wouldn't be able make it far and face Saddler."

"Shh…" Luis ushered and placed his fingers on Leon's lips, "Don't say that name… that name just makes my stomach curl with foul content."

"Sorry," the blond whispered, lowering his eyes. They mutually agreed that they would never mention that name again. "Luis…" He once again whispered and carefully, as if he didn't want to scare him away, wrapped his hand around Luis' neck, gently pulling him in for a soft kiss. His lips landed on his, probing for a brief moment.

Luis responded shortly after, welcoming Leon with his mouth and locked their tongues into a passionate duel. After a few minutes of feverish, demanding kiss, Luis finally pulled back, feeling the fluttering in his heart. He didn't know what decisions he should make but he knew he wanted Leon on his very side for a very long time.

"Come with me," Leon whispered heatedly. It was almost convincing enough.