Obsession Chapter One

I'm not going to give the coupling away just yet, but if you've read anything I've written, you can probably guess (between a few).

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This is rated for violence, adult situations, and course language. It's at T right now, but it may be M before the fic is finished.


Hikari, Takeru, Ken, Miyako, Daisuke: 17

Mimi, Koushiro: 19

Yamato, Taichi, Sora: 20

Iori: 15

Jyou: 23

Takeru's POV

It's a beautiful fall day. The leaves are dancing around the curb creating miniature cyclones of brown, red, and orange. The Friday school day has just ended, setting the Odaiba High School students free. Here I am, casually walking with my best friend, Hikari Yagami, like I do every afternoon. We're walking at our usual leisurely pace, enjoying each other's company and the prospect of the freedom of the weekend.

"Brr," Hikari whispers, grabbing onto my arm for warmth. "It seems like it's getting colder everyday." I can sense a hint of disappointment in her voice.

I look down into her beautiful brown eyes, with the lightest tint of crimson, and just enjoy the intensity of her gaze. I love when it gets colder. Cold weather means walking arm-in-arm to keep warm. Cold weather means holding onto my sweet Hikari. "It's not so bad," I say, bringing my arm up and around her shoulder. She readjusts by wrapping her lithe arm around my waist and leaning into me.

Like I said, cold weather is awesome.

"I can't help but prefer warm weather; the cold is so, I don't know, blah?"

I chuckle lightly. All right, Takeru, you just need to say a few simple, easy words: will you go out with me tonight? It will be painless enough. I stare down at my best friend intently, the courage to ask her out slowly growing within me.

"Hey Kari! TK! Wait up!" I inwardly groan as the speaker approaches us. "Hey there," Daisuke says.

Hikari greets her long time friend with a warm smile. I feign a smile as well. "Hey Dai, I thought that you had detention." Oh how I wish that he had detention. Stupid Daisuke had to ruin my chance to ask Hikari out.

"I did, but I convinced Miss Akiyo that it wasn't my fault that my homework wasn't done. I told her that my sister tore it up because she was mad at me."

"And she actually bought it?" Hikari inquires, pulling away from me slightly to speak with Daisuke.

"I doubt it, but what can I say? That woman has the hots for me!" Dai explains as a lopsided grin falls onto his features.

God how I wish he would go and flirt shamelessly with her, then. I almost had one afternoon walking with Kari, distraction free. My fingers itch with the desire to wrap themselves around Dai's throat. "I'm sure, Dai; everyone just loves you." Hikari has distanced herself enough from me trying to listen to Daisuke that I have to let my arm drop.

"It's a curse, I know it. Oh that reminds me, Kari, what are you doing tonight?"

Did he just ask her out? In front of me?

"Miya and I are going to the movies."

Haha, shot down! Give up, Dai. "Which movie," I ask.

"We aren't going to see a movie. Miya is crushing on the guy that works there and we're pretty sure that we know when his shift ends, so we're going to try and talk to him."

"Only for Miyako, right? You aren't trying to find a movie employee for yourself, are you?" Dai asks hesitantly. I sigh; he's such a shmuck.

"No, I have my own love interest, as Miya calls it."

A love interest? I take a moment to pray to whichever God of whatever religion may be listening to me to grant me powers of mind reading so that I may find out who it is. Maybe it's me…

"Who?" Daisuke shouts.

"Can't say; it's a secret." Hikari skips forward a bit. "Well, this is where we part ways," she says to me.

"Right," I say, brilliantly masking the sadness in my voice. At least I didn't have to get turned down by asking her out tonight. That's one small, tiny, little perk that makes me leaving her with Daisuke a little more bearable. "I'll call you tomorrow?"

She smiles and nods.

"I'll be waiting."

The idea of Hikari have a secret crush is both alarming and intriguing. Do I have competition or did she just not want to say that she likes me in front of Daisuke?

My eyes narrow as I watch Daisuke and Hikari walking straight while I make my right turn towards my own apartment complex. Dai's jumping around and begging Kari to tell him who she likes.

Then it hits me: what if Hikari likes Daisuke?

If it is Daisuke, I swear I will kill him.

I continue walking by myself, my thoughts focused on who Hikari's secret crush could be. I barely hear the high-pitched squawking that the wind is carrying to my ears from ahead of me.

"Tell me! I mean it Ken, spill."

I could recognize Miyako's voice anywhere. Lately her syrupy sweet voice has become all but too much to bear. I don't know what has come over me lately, but all these people, except Hikari, of course, have been trying my patience.

Actually, they are all on my last damn nerve.

"I'm not going to tell you!"

I lift my head up. Miya and Ken are sitting on the curb with little Iori pacing back and forth behind them, his lips pursed with irritation. Poor guy, he has to put up with her more than I do.

"Come on Ken! I scared enough girls away when I was obsessed with you, the least I can do is help you out now."

"You did what?" Ken demands. He puts his elbows on his knees and holds his head in his hands.

"She handed out a few death threats, wrote down some names, followed you around to keep other girls away, nothing too drastic," Iori explains with slight disinterest.

I lean against a rusty old lamppost, interested to find out what's going on before I have to actually speak to these people.

Ken removed his face from his hands. "What?"

Miyako shifts her weight from her right to left foot. Or is it her left to right? I can't tell from the angle I'm at. Not that it matters anyway. "I'm not proud of the things I've done, which is why I want to help you now."

"Not a chance; you know her and as soon as I so much as utter her name, you will run off and tell her."

"No I won–,"

"Miya, I've known you long enough to know that you suck at keeping secrets. Besides, I already know that she doesn't like me and I don't want to ruin what we do have."


So Ken likes some girl and Miya is determined to find out who the lucky lady is. How can he be so sure that she doesn't like him back?

Finally, I speak up. "Speaking of crushes, I hear that you are the only one who knows who Hikari likes."

Surprised, Miyako looks up at me.

"Oh, hey TK."

"Hey," I respond dryly, carelessly lifting my hand in a wave before shoving it into my jean pocket to protect my fingers from the cold.

What is wrong with me? I'm the nice guy, why is it so hard to be sociable to Miya? Maybe because she's an annoying bitch?

Iori and Ken greet me and I give them the same careless hello. "So, about Kari…"

Miya shakes her finger at me. "Nuh–uh. Unlike Ken said, I can keep a secret. The name of Hikari's love is one of those secrets I shall keep."

"Just tell me who she has a crush on," I beg. God, I'm acting so pathetic, begging Miya or a name. What if she tells Kari that I'm trying to pry the information out of her?

"Not a crush, a love interest," she corrects. I fight the urge to roll my eyes. "She's liked this guy for too long to be considered a crush."

Back up. How long has she liked someone? How did I not know this?

"Besides," Miyako continues, "you know the guy and you won't like who it is."

Could it really be Daisuke?

Ken stands up from the curb and gives Miya a mocking bow. "I'm terribly sorry but I must be going. I need to be home by five and if I don't catch the next bus, I won't make it."

Glaring slightly, Miyako shakes her head. "You're lucky you live in Tamachi. But don't think this is over, Ichijouji. You will tell me who you like and I will get you two together."

"Whatever," Ken mutters before waving to me and Iori. He takes off jogging, holding onto the strap of his book bag so that it won't fall off his shoulder as he runs.

I check the time on my watch; it is three-thirty. Hmmm… If Ken had left school at two-thirty, gotten a bus here, and been interrogated by Miyako, all in the span of an hour, it wasn't going to take an hour and a half to get home. So he lied to get away from Miya, huh? I should try that.

Miyako stands up, smoothes out her pale jeans, and pulls on the edge of her violet sweater. "I suppose we should head home now," she says, partially to Iori and me, partially to herself.

"Miya, why do you care so much who Ken likes? If he thought that he had a chance with her, wouldn't he have asked her out himself?"

"I told you, Iori, I feel bad for hindering all of Ken's chances with girls when I liked him. It's only right that I help him get who he does like."

"She probably goes to Tamachi High School, so you can't do much either way."

Iori has a very good point there, but Miyako doesn't listen to good points.

"Nonsense, I can find a way," she insists.

"And if the girl Ken likes is already involved with someone?"

"Who would she choose over him?" Miya yells.

As much as I want to join the conversation, I keep quiet. Instead, I start toward our apartment complex, confident that Miyako and Iori will follow.

"So how did you do on that physics test today?" Miyako asks as she joins my side.

"All right," I reply. "You?"

"I tried to copy off of Hikari, but she wouldn't let me. Needless to say, I didn't do so well."

"I'm glad that I have biology," Iori adds. "It's so easy."

"Everything in tenth grade was easy. Just wait until you're a senior. It blows major."

I shake my head slightly; I hate making small talk with these people, but small talk must be made. "I love being a senior. We rule the school now."

"You and Daisuke and Hikari rule the school; I'm just the girl who hangs out with the cool people."

Holding back a snicker, I feign disagreement. "That's not true; you're just as popular as we are." As long as you don't ask anyone even remotely cool.

Miyako flashes me a wide smile. "Thanks," she says, her voice piercing through my ears. I shutter.

It seems to take forever to get to the apartments. Had I been walking with Hikari, time would have passed too quickly. Walking with loudmouth Miyako and bigheaded Iori, time practically stands still.

"Well I'll see you tomorrow, maybe," Miyako says to me as she walked off the elevator onto the second floor.

I nod and smile, resisting the urge to press the button to close the doors. "I think Hikari and I are doing something tomorrow. Don't know for sure, though." The doors begin closing between us and Iori gives a quick wave before turning away.

I let out a loud sigh as soon as the doors close. I need to get away from people before I lost it and hurt someone. Miyako is driving me insane and Daisuke… he just needs to go away.

If only there was a place where I could take Hikari and the two of us could be alone with no distractions.

The door to my apartment on the third floor is slightly ajar. I push it open with some hesitation, expecting to find some robber or escaped convict hiding out in the living room.

I've become extremely paranoid in the past few years.

It is, however, only my mom sitting in the kitchen, enjoying a bowl of ice cream and going through the mail. I guess she thought that she was being helpful by saving me the three seconds it would take to place the key in the lock and turn the knob, but I can't say for sure.

"Hello, Takeru, how was your day?" my mother calls from the kitchen

"Fine," I say dully, tossing my book bag onto the couch before walking into the kitchen.

"Just fine? Nothing exciting happened to you today?"

We went through the same stupid interrogation daily. It got old really fast and it had become just plain annoying. "Nope."

"Oh," my mother says, disappointment evident in her voice. Apparently, she thinks we should talk more. "Well, Matt is coming over for dinner tomorrow night so I hope you didn't make any plans."

Matt. He'd gone to a two-year college in America as Yamato, and came back as Matt. How stupid is that?

"Actually, I wanted to do something with Hikari tomorrow night."

My mother seems unaffected by my statement. I'm not getting out of dinner with my brother.

"You can invite her over for dinner; I'm sure Matt wouldn't mind."

I just roll my eyes and walk away. My mother doesn't understand; I don't want to share my time with Hikari. Especially not with Matt.

Opening the door with a violent shove, I escape into the privacy of my own room. Pulling my black hoodie off over my head, I begin thinking about my brother.

My brother used to think that he's God's gift to women. Sora and Jun worshipped him when he was in high school, and the bum thought that he could have any woman. Now that he's back and taking classes at Odaiba University, he's a lot more humble. I suppose that there was some hot American chick that didn't want anything to do with him and his ego deflated a bit.

Having been in a band while attending college in America, my brother's still an amazing musician. Sometimes I wish I had some musical talent, but it would only be to impress Hikari. My brother just recently got the old band back together and they changed their names to 'The Wolves' and have a gig in a month or so.

I could ask Hikari to go with me.

Taking a seat in my computer chair, I start up my computer. Before I even have a chance to check my mail, an instant message pops up. I groan.

JustGimmeTheLight: TK, long time no see!

Hope'sVitality: Hey Daisuke, it has only been like 15 minutes, you know?

JustGimmeTheLight: I know, but I wanted to talk to you.

Hope'sVitality: Shoot.

JustGimmeTheLight: It's about Kari

Hope'sVitality: What about her?

JustGimmeTheLight: She likes me.

Hope'sVitality: What? Did she tell you that?

JustGimmeTheLight: Well…no, but I know that I'm the she was talking about.

Something inside of me snaps at this exact moment and the only thought that is running through my head is that I could not let Hikari and Daisuke become a couple.

Hope'sVitality: I can't talk right now… I'll call you later tonight.

I log off quickly and shut down the computer. I clench my hands into fists so tightly that the knuckles turned white. In a desperate attempt to release some of my rage, I stand and kick my chair.

Not the best idea.

I yelp in response to the pain that shoots through my foot as the chair tips and lands loudly on its side. My mother runs into the room without knocking. "Are you all right?" she asks.

"I'm fine," I growl. Remembering to use my innocent voice, I continue. "I just tripped over the chair." Then I notice the piece of paper in my mom's hand. "What's that?"

"Huh? Oh. My sister wrote me a letter to let me know that your cousin, Mickey has been arrested. Again. He was found with drugs and an illegal weapon. Again." Sighing sadly, she folds the paper into a neat little square. "I'm just lucky to have such a good boy."

She crosses the room and wraps her arms around me. "Mom," I complain, "this isn't necessary!"

She ruffles my hair before letting me be. "Did you call Kari and invite her over for tomorrow?"

"No, she's going to the movies with Miyako so I'll call her in the morning."

"All right then," she replies, leisurely walking towards the door. "Just let me know if she can."

I nod, follow her to the door, and close it after her. Collapsing on my bed, my thoughts begin to race.

Hikari and Daisuke.

Dai and Kari.


Just the two of them.

I can't let that happen.

Mickey. He'd been arrested again, which meant that his stash was open. If the cops hadn't found his secret shed in the woods behind his house, then his guns and knives would still be there.

Could I possibly do that? Could I really kill one of my supposed best friends?

If it means being with Hikari, then Daisuke has to go.

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