Author's Note: This is a very small dabble written for the Fanfic 100 challenge on LiveJournal. (001, Beginnings)

This is the first of many fics that I'm going to be posting here within the next couple of days/weeks, so get ready for some major RD ficcage!

April lounged on the couch with the turtles watching television. Her gaze drifted towards Donatello, who was tinkering away on some small object in his lap. She watched the way his muscles moved under his skin for a few moments before blurting out. "Do you remember being mutated?"

Don froze, as did the other three turtles. There was an uncomfortable silence within the lair, unbroken by the sounds of the television.

"I remember a lot of pain." Don said suddenly. All heads turned to him. "It lasted forever, but…" He paused. He looked up and locked eyes with April. "But then I could see."