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Hannah finished her last song of the night, and after shouting her 'thank you's at the top of her lungs, she ran offstage breathless. She nearly ran headlong into her manager, or as she thought of him – her father. "Girl, you did great! Didn't I tell you adding those extra songs would be a good idea?" He looked at her expectantly, hyped up at her most recent success.

Bent in half though, Miley panted out, "Lemme catch my breath!" and she flopped down onto the nearest chair.

She made a motion to take off her wig, but her Dad stopped her, "Hold on, they might encore you!" She looked at him like he was crazy and he tried again, "Don't you hear them screamin' still?"

Swallowing her breath Hannah asked her manager, "They've never encored me before, why would they start now?"

"Well we're experimenting tonight" she glared at him and he continued, "Yeah, with pretty much everything. And we're not turning the lights on right away, so if they scream some more you'll get to encore!" He looked pained with the smile he wore, trying to warm her up to the idea.

"So if they do, what am I supposed to sing? I used all my songs with your experimentation of a longer concert." Even with her continued glare he only seemed slightly phased.

"You don't have to sing your own song – that's not the point of an encore; they just want to hear you sing."

This made her even more upset with her father, "Well I'm not about to sing somebody else's song at MY concert! And I don't appreciate you doing this without telling me."

Before he could reply, a sound guy who was closer to the stage yelled, "Hannah Montana back on stage! Encore one!"

Robby saw his daughter get up and walk to the stage and yelled to her retreating back, "Well then just come up with something on your own!"

Hannah walked calmly back onto the stage that lit up before her, like it was the beginning of a new show. Looking out into the crowd before she was completely blinded by the lights, she saw Oliver standing somewhere around the mid-section of the theater, still encoring her. The sight made her blush through all the make-up, and the anger toward her father dissipated. He was smiling, so she was smiling, and once everyone had stopped clapping; he blew her an overdramatic kiss, because he knew she was watching. She would've been left giggling on stage at his stupidity, but someone in the crowd yelled something crude to her, and she remembered where she was.

Taking her eyes away from Oliver, Hannah grinned out at all the fans and without looking the least bit flustered confronted all of them. "Thanks everybody for encoring me, but I used up all my songs in the actual show. I don't really have anything to sing for you," the crowd collectively groaned and she went on, "but if I just grab my guitar we'll be jammin'!" She jumped over to her band and grabbed one of the acoustics they only really used for one song, and when she made it back to the microphone the whole plaza was silent, waiting to hear what she was going to do.

Miley thought a second, and remembered a song she had made up not that long ago that was ready for the studio. "Okay, the song I'm going to perform for you only one person has heard all of it, so you should feel special." She tried hard not to think about Oliver and what he had said about the song she was about to sing, how incredibly perfect it was, but when she knew he was there for her it was tough. "It's dedicated and in honor of a very special person, I hope everyone likes it."

She strummed timidly a few times, getting the melody fixed with her fingers, but she couldn't make her voice start singing the song she had written for her mom. But then she pictured Oliver's face smiling at her when she had played it for him, and her smile and confidence grew. Now ready, she played the intro and stepped right to the microphone.

"I miss you, I miss your smile

And I still shed a tear every once in a while

And even though we're different now,

You're still here somehow

My heart won't let you go,

And I need you to know

I miss you," Miley thought about her mom and how much this song would've meant to her, "Sha la la la la," Her mind wandered to Oliver in the audience nearby, and how much he loved this song, "I miss you, sha la la la la," Lily wiggled her way into her last phrase and how she had always been right about her and Oliver, "I miss you."

Her fingers played automatically and she searched the crowd for his face; she wouldn't be able to finish the song without him urging her on. About two measures from her pickup she found him, and he was wearing a sad smile – the kind people had worn attending her mother's funeral. Miley tried to lock eyes with him, but his smile had taken her to a sad, heart-wrenching place. Singing once more, she fought the tears – focusing on those beautiful brown eyes and how her words were so much more than a prayer.

"The times we had, when you were here,

You protected me, and helped me conquer my fears,

And you're still here somehow,

Right here, right now,

I won't ever let you go,

And somehow let me know,"

Thinking of Oliver and the words only put the battle in favor of her tears, Miley couldn't help thinking if Oliver was lost to her for whatever reason, that the world would be a very tragic place, "You'll miss me," she didn't know if he would miss her if they got separated, "Sha la la la la," all of the faces at the funeral telling her things were going to be alright when all she wanted was her mom back. "You'll miss me," the tears were winning as they made it gradually down her face, just as they had when the casket was lowered in Tennessee. "Sha la la la la," all she had wanted was to make sure that her mom knew she had loved her, and if she had loved her too. "Will you miss me?"

The longer guitar part she played allowed her to swallow down some tears and rid some of them from her eyes. She took them off of the boy in the crowd, and when she looked back up to see him he was standing in the aisle and she could see him perfectly. Gaining momentum so that she could finish with some dignity left, she sped up her strumming as if her band had gone strait into rock and roll mode. The words came before she could fully concentrate, and tears were rolling steadily. Through her tears she focused on Oliver, who was staring in awe at what he must have forgotten was her ability.

"Please tell me you'll be next to me,

Whenever I need you –" she was singing with feeling she didn't know she possessed, trying to tell Oliver with her eyes it was about him too.

"Please tell me you'll be there for me,

I want it to be true,

Make it so this hurt inside,

It has to go away,

Please tell me you'll be there for me,"

Her full momentum reached she sang the last three words at the top of her lungs, "Someway, somehow --- Yeah! ---" The hands that were working of their own accord for so long were now drawn to the microphone stand, willing her voice to stay steady through what was becoming a sob. Swallowing she continued by herself, "I miss you, sha la la la la," she had found Oliver's face again and focused on him. "I miss you, sha la la la la," She took her guitar back with her hands and played a simple chord, croaking out her best, "I miss you."

Uttering something resembling, "Thank you everybody, goodnight!" she ran backstage and collapsed onto a chair, crying to her knees. Her fans were still screaming their lungs out, and Miley noticed sadly that the lights were not coming on. She heard footsteps behind her, and assumed it was her Dad ready to congratulate her, but they faltered at the sight of her crying. For this Miley was glad, her song had taken a lot out of her, and her dad wouldn't have helped much. The crying slowly subsided, but not quickly enough.

"Hannah Montana to the stage, encore two!" That same voice shouted out to her and she looked up from her knees very flustered, unwilling to go back on stage.

"Baby doll, you're on." Robby encouraged quietly.

Slowly she rose to her feet, "I don't have anything to sing."

"You said that before and you did great," putting a hand around her shoulders he steered her toward the stage, "They love you, so even if you mess up it won't matter – just go out there." And with a push she was stumbling back onto center stage hurriedly wiping her eyes.

More timid than she had ever been on stage she stepped up to the microphone, guitar around her shoulder and no clue what she was going to do. "Hi everybody…. I guess you guys really do like me." She paused, stalling for time and ended up squinting into the crowd searching for her best friend. "Um, I'm sorry to say," He wasn't where his seat was earlier, "that I used up all my music already this concert." The crowd groaned, he wasn't in an aisle she could see either. "Hey, don't worry though – you're still going to hear some Hannah Montana music tonight!" Her crowd started cheering again, and she caught sight of an open door, where two people were trying to leave, but there was someone there practically pushing them back into the arena. "So, just let me get my guitar set," she drifted off again, catching a glimpse at who was determined that she should be heard.

Oliver, she realized – had finally lost it, and was going out of his way to do… something. For her. Miley wasn't quite sure what exactly it was, but seeing him there filled her with an overwhelming sense of love. "Excuse me –" people looked up at her funny, "there in the back by the door – please sit down, or my friend there is going to have to hurt you." The door shut, and in the darkness Oliver was grinning ear to ear at her. "Okay, bear with me; I'm not completely sure I know what I'm doing."

Taking her guitar in her hands she looked back towards Oliver. Their eyes locked, and she froze for a second until he smiled. Miley knew where she was and what she was doing then, although consciously she really didn't. Her pick started to pluck at certain strings on her guitar, her other hand making sure they sounded right. In a few seconds the tune was on track and she tried to clear her mind, to focus just on the words she had to sing. Playing a measure or so of the slightly optimistic and heartbroken tune making her fingers go wild. She looked back toward Oliver, who smiled at her again; causing her heart to ache for him, but then the intro was done and she sang,

"Tonight I'll go home and pray

That what didn't happen today

Will happen

Sooner or later

I keep seein' your big brown eyes

They're makin' me realize ---"

She embellished her last word, strumming instead of plucking, coming up with a chorus very suddenly as she thought back to the time when she tried to make Oliver not love Hannah Montana. That day she told him her secret. She started to sing suddenly, reminding herself briefly of another song she'd heard before, but couldn't quite place,

"You and me will never be together

That's just what I said

You and me will never be together

I was wrong"

She trailed on, strumming back into her previous note happy chords. Thinking back to that conversation they had had on the beach she sang again,

"So I spilled juice on you

Aren't I forgiven?

I got pushed in a pool

For you – I'd do anything

So before I get the end cut

I've just gotta say"

Desperately she looked back into the crowd; tears filling her eyes, her voice sailing on, the simple girl inside of Hannah tried to find Oliver in the sea of crazy fans. Closing her eyes briefly to remember the chorus she went on, a single tear falling down her cheek,

"You and me will never be together

That's just what I said

You and me will never be together

I was wrong"

Her fingers were sure of themselves now; they had a mind of their own, leaving her voice to soar. Hannah could see Oliver's face again in the aisle, inching closer and closer to the stage unbeknownst to the people surrounding him. Their eyes locked as she went on, singing strait to Oliver, singing things as they came to mind; things she used to hear and stuff she just thought of. Somewhere in the back of her mind she was hoping it worked, but all Hannah could really think about was whether or not he had gotten that the song was for him.

"You are

Everything I never knew I wanted

Everything I'll ever want to be

All that I want and

All that I'm ever gonna need"

Miley knew that she, being Hannah or herself, wouldn't be able to keep performing for much longer. The tears stung her eyes, and staring so determinedly at the guy she was in love with, fresh heartbreak was creeping into her like winter cold. She kept going, knowing her song needed to end – and soon. Telling him they would never be anything on that beach was burned into her brain, and she kept regretting, as another tear escaped,

"You and me will never be together

They're exactly my words

You and me will never be together

But I don't have a why anymore"

Hannah felt scared, she was telling an arena full of strangers the feelings Lily didn't even know about. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, completely overwhelmed. Her fingers became slow, allowing her to catch her breath a little bit as she struggled to hold back the tears. Miley's eyes connected with Oliver's as she forced herself to go on, strumming once for each phrase,

"Just give me a second

To look in your eyes

And tell you how I feel inside"

She stopped her guitar and softly let out the words, her voice cracking, "God, do I love you."

Miley had finally looked him in the eye and told him, but instead of feeling better she just felt worse; tears started to fall haphazardly, but she wouldn't let all of her fans see her cry hysterically. With false confidence she continued to play guitar just as she had in the choruses before-hand.

"You and me never be together?

Don't you see that's not right?

You and me must be we"

Voice full of longing she sang her last phrases to a slowly dying guitar, "I want me in your arms, I want me in your arms…" The arena was so quiet she would've been completely astonished were she not distraught, and playing the final chord, "Tonight." She let the guitar hang by its strap, a waver in her voice, "Tonight." Miley looked up suddenly from Oliver, hearing screams and remembered she was doing a concert to a couple thousand people. "Thank you everyone! Goodnight!" was all she could manage, and with a last glance towards Oliver, who had almost made it to the stage, she fled back towards her dressing room.

She was gone and in the room before Robby had time to congratulate her, or ask what was wrong. Following his daughter to the dressing room door he had no idea that, unbeknownst to the two Stewarts, there was some unplanned after concert entertainment taking place. A boy with dark hair and equally dark eyes was fighting through security guards, trying to get from onstage to backstage, and was winning – almost.

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