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Oliver had just stared after Miley in shock when she left the stage, but her desperate glance back at him got his feet moving. Before security noticed, he had clamored on-stage, but once he was there everyone in the arena noticed, and a horde of security were beating him back. Every tactic he had used to get through the crowds while obsessed with Hannah Montana he was using now, but against the toughest people he ever had to get through - security guards. His vigor was not deterred however, because Oliver had never had a better reason to get to her. So he made extremely slow progress to even get to where he could glimpse the dressing room door.

He had been shouting, trying to get somebody backstage who knew him to notice, like Roxy or Mr. Stewart, or Lily if she was there. "No! I have to get to … Hannah! No! Let me through! Ahh, I need to get to her! NO! Stop it, let me through!" He inched closer, looking backstage, Roxy passed by the entrance and he shouted some more, arms flailing, "Roxy, let me in! It's Oliver! The blue dog shirt! At the birthday party!" She kept going on past, not hearing him, and he kicked out at another guard. The crowd cheered him on almost as much as they had Hannah, even as the lights slowly came to life, but he paid no attention as he spotted Robby not too far away.

Oliver would've shouted strait-away, but a very large guard had knocked the wind out of him. His self-defense was put off for a second, but it soon came back with his breathing. For a second he had no idea what to call him, but when he saw him a little closer he shouted, "Hey you! Hannah Montana's manager!" Robby turned slightly, but only seeing a lot of security guards wrestling with someone he turned back towards the door. "Guy with the fake mustache! C'mon!" he yelled his face resurfacing again. Now Robby got mad, and motioned for some more guards not already out in the fray. Panicking, Oliver continued, "NO! Mr. Stewart! NO! Mr. STEWART!"

Hearing his actual name Robby rushed over, "Boy you had better shut up!" The security guards managed to hold him still (because he had stopped resisting) and Robby came over menacingly. When he saw that it was Oliver his demeanor changed, "Oliver – put him down guys." Reluctantly they did as they were told, but when Robby asked his next question Oliver was still shrugging them off haphazardly. "What are you doing?"

"I have to talk to her."

"Right now? Why?"

"Did you not just hear her last song? Didn't you see she was crying? I have to talk to her." With that he pushed past Mr. Stewart, leaving him bewildered. Before Robby could follow Oliver to the dressing room he realized the entire audience hadn't moved and they were staring at him.

He walked over to the microphone saying, "Sorry for the disturbance folks, it's taken care of. Have a good night!" His false cheerfulness went unnoticed and he was able to quickly get back stage.

Oliver had made it over to her door and knocked softly, and her voice was heard easily, "Go away!" He pounded on the door, and she screamed out again, "I said go AWAY!"

He kept pounding on the door and yelled back, "No I won't! I'm not leaving!" He stopped pounding and she didn't say anything, and he hoped she had recognized his voice and would let him in. He waited a few seconds for her to open the door or say something, but he waited in vain. "Hannah you have to talk to me! I'm not leaving until you do! You know you want to!" He waited some more, as Robby came up from behind him. "C'mon! I know I'm stupid sometimes but I'm not completely dumb!" Oliver got slightly frustrated at this point and started pounding the door again, "Miley! Let me in – I need to talk to you!" At the same moment Robby had his hand over Oliver's mouth and Hannah opened her dressing room door.

Oliver barely had time to take in her tear-streaked face and messed up blonde hair before he was pushed inside. Miley stood in front of him and he was struck by how hurt she truly was. Tears continued to stream down her cheeks as the door shut behind him, and he couldn't find his voice now that she was standing right in front of him. He was looking directly into her eyes, unable to speak, and his eyes welled up with tears of his own, struggling to fall.

Miley sniffled and said to the floor, "Oliver, if you don't have anything to say then just leave. I want to be alone."

His voice cracked saying, "Miley…" but then he trailed off. She sniffed again, and looking at the floor went and opened the door. He hesitated, and she looked back up at him, silently begging him to go. Slowly Oliver walked out and heard the door slam behind him. Standing right in front of the door Robby must have seen the tear go down Oliver's face, but before he could say anything Oliver was off. Walking determinedly in another direction, he brushed against many fans making their way backstage, sniffling and wiping his face along the way.

Robby was leaning up against the doorframe, trying to coax the young pop star out to sign autographs. The queue was much larger than normal, and a lot more rowdy; he assumed the reason had something to do with the encore, the encore songs, or Oliver's little performance. Unless he was just loosing it – and the sad part was that it wasn't even a crazy option anymore. "C'mon baby doll, just a couple of autographs and we can go home, shut yourself up in your own room!"

He kept talking, and Miley knew that it wasn't just to hear himself talk, but she couldn't listen to him even if she wanted to. "No Dad, just tell them to go away." She was talking to him from the couch through a door, and she didn't even feel the need to speak up or relocate herself. Snuggling down farther into the very uncomfortable couch she hugged Beary closer and let tears fall into his fur. She hadn't known why she brought her bear with her tonight, but by now she was glad she had.

Miley was almost proud of herself, she had sang a song dedicated to her Mom and was able to get through it, then 'admitted' she was in love to the entire world, and to the person she was in love with. Sighing, she noticed she had completely drowned out her father with a simple hum, "Baby mine…." She didn't even realize she was doing it, "don't you cry….." Oliver was in her mind almost one hundred percent; he would sing that song horribly off-key to both Lily and her saying it was his favorite Disney song. They would both always argue with him about it, how there were so many other ones that were actually made for Disney, or not so depressing, or slow. Every time he would protest, saying that when he was married and had kids that would be their lullaby. He would say he needed to start practicing now so they could actually fall asleep to it. Neither friend denied the need of practice.

"Baby mine….." Miley's gaze fell to her open window, and she almost laughed, instead she let out a small smile as a tear fell, "dry your eyes…." She remembered all too well when Oliver himself had climbed through the window following Lily when he was in love with her. Completely in love with her – well, in love with Hannah Montana at least. She could remember it so well in fact, that her mind was playing it out for her again.

See, there's his arm, and next his head pops up….. But then her imagination bubble popped and she realized that it isn't a memory Oliver climbing into her dressing room, it's the real one. Patiently she waited, clinging to Beary as he got one leg over the side, and awkwardly rolled into the room. Without realizing, she had stood up, and he came right over to her, just as nervous as he was before.

"You climbed in through the window."

"I – I – I had to ask you," his eyes were red and he sniffed, "your last song…" Somehow she managed to keep looking at him as he trailed off. Miley didn't say anything. She couldn't. It had already been hard enough. Exhaling, he went on, "Did you… was it…. True?" Slowly she nodded, a tear or two escaping down her cheeks, smearing makeup.

Oliver breathed deep a few times, and slowly walked closer to Miley until he could see every little freckle on her nose. "Please." He whispered, staring into her eyes, "Please – tell me it was about me."

Miley let out a small choked sob as she nodded vigorously. "Yes," she started to say, but was cut off with a kiss. He backed away a second later, and he smiled, wiping tears off of her face with his thumbs. Oliver put a hand in her 'beautiful blonde hair' and her smile broadened; she snaked her arms around his neck, proceeding to kiss him senseless.

As Miley was managing to mess up Oliver's hair almost as much as hers was, Robby could be heard through the door, "Hannah, sorry but I gotta come in!" In an instant the two had broken apart, and Hannah turned around quickly, backing into Oliver.

Robby opened the door and barely made it inside, avoiding harm from the screaming fans outside the door. Looking up at them he saw their guilty expressions, and was about to say something, but did a double take instead. "Didn't you just leave that way?" He asked Oliver, pointing at the doorway.

"Um, yeah." Oliver's arms snaked around Miley's waist inconspicuously, and neither he nor Robby noticed it.

Confused he went on, "Well then how in the world -"

Miley, now quite comfortable leaning back into Oliver cut him off, "Okay Daddy I'm ready to sign some autographs now." She grabbed Oliver's hand from her stomach and strolled them both over to the door.

Still a little bewildered Robby went to the door and stuck his head out, calling for Roxy. Once Roxy, with the help of some other guards had a line properly formed, the door was opened. It revealed a smiling Hannah Montana, with slightly messed up hair and makeup, and Oliver Oken holding onto her from behind. He would whisper little things in her ear, trying to make her mess up or giggle, completely ignoring the stern glare her father was giving them both.

Then when he had succumbed to just softly kissing her cheek and neck on occasion, he sang, "Baby mine… don't you cry." She leaned back into him and he leaned forward onto her as she signed a picture of herself. "Baby mine … dry your eyes."

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