Chapter 1: Ghost of the past

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Harsh Stadium lights beat down gently on a large grass covered field as a brown haired man leapt into the sky throwing his right leg up and over the position of his head leveling out on his back in mid air. There was seemingly a brief pause as he hung there suspended in the thin ocean of gas called the atmosphere and everyone on the field as well as spectators stared intently at the large white Sphere moving in his direction.

Boom! Thud! there was a sudden explosion of a massive quadriceps and his skilled foot made contact with the Ball just before he crashed down onto the Grassy ground. The ball sailed straight and true past all defenders and into the goalies stomach Knocking him into the goal.

"TWEEETTTTT!" the rephree's whistle penetrated the Enthralled cheers of the Thousands of spectators.

GOOAALLL!" the announcers Yelled and the entire team rushed the field Lifting the man onto their shoulders as the final buzzer sounded, the roar of the crowd filling the stadium as well as most of the city and world on television.

The roar faded an the austere Stadium lights were replaced by the soft and gentle touch of Warm sunlight. The brown haired man was in an near empty field Dressed more casually in a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt With the Band Name Chronicals on it in White screen print. He was practicing that same Kick. A little girl maybe 8 or 9 was assisting by serving him the ball setting up for the bicycle kick.

Her Ling silky black hair bounced slightly as she skillfully juggled the ball up into position with her feet. "Here you go daddy" she said as she booted it at the man with a loud thud.

The man jumped into the air and preformed a kick identical to the one he had done in the stadium with all of the fans. There was a loud "Whoosh as the ball rocked past and found itself inside of a Soccer goal nearly tearing the net with the force of impact. But this time there were no cheering fans or scores of young women throwing undergarments onto the field just the clapping and cheering of one little girl. But the brown haired man couldn't have been happier

"Yessss Another goal for the for the National team!" she cheered with a slight lisp as one of her front teeth was missing and a pointy shard of bone just barely poked itself through threatening to fill that Void. That was an awesome Kick dad the one you used to win the Champeeen-ship when are you gonna teach me to do that." She jumped up not the air with glee begging her father to teach her the secrete family technique.

When your head gets a little bit harder and you don't KO yourself every time you try it." He smiled at her from the ground. The girl looked at him with those big chocolate Puppy eyes silently pleading for a lesson. "or um after lunch..." he said giving in to the Puppy eyes.

"Horary!" She cheered Jumping into the air. She lost her balance and ended up doing the equivalent of an elbow drop onto her fathers stomach.

"Oomph" He coughed getting the wind knocked form him.

After much laughing She helped her father Up and after grabbing the ball the two walked slowly towards a picnic table where a tall beautiful woman sat waiting on them. Her Jet black hair Shined almost blue in the crisp clear Septembers air and she smiled at the two, what a perfect pair. The little girl had her mothers looks but her fathers spunk and clumsy streak.

When they were close the girl ran out in front of her father yelling excitedly. " Mommy guess what After lunch dad is gonna teach me "the Kick" I even brought a helmet this time." She was so happy she could bust.

The woman cracked a half smile and glared at her husband sideways. Giving him that "How many stitches, this time look"

He shrugged at her with an "everything will be alright trust me look and a" happy smile himself and continued on towards them.

"Suddenly there was a mighty rushing wind and the once friendly skies Turned suddenly violent Lightning struck and thunder cracked like cannon shots at 4 feet away. The brown haired man watched as His daughter ran up to him and latched onto his leg in fear knowing that he would shield her from the storm. All became quiet just for an instant and his wife started walking toward them.

"Crack!Crack!.Crack!...Crack" Echoed thought the tainted sky. She fell to the Muddy ground cloudy water splashing about her body, blood running from the wounds in her chest.

There was an uncontroable whimper form his side an the man liked down at his daughter. Tears filled her chocolate eyes where joy once lived and horror took over.

Suddenly the whimpering stopped and the Girl fragmented and was blown off into the wind like a billion tiny bits of crumpled up paper.

Rain poured from Evil skies as the man first starred in shock at his daughter drifting away into the abyss of time then he dove into the mud Next to his fallen wife.

"No.. don't die he cried Mud tears and her blood covered his face as he tried to detect any signs of life form her Lifeless shell. He laid there wallowing in that muddy hell all the time Holding her talking to her begging her to live thought she showed no signs of life. For god knows how long he was there in this futile struggle for life.

After a while Everything became dark, so dark you could feel it's maddening touch, and then The man felt something pulsating throbbing behind him. Violently he spun around ready to kill only to face a figure darker than the Insane darkness around them.

A sudden chill of fear swept down his spine and the figure cocked what appeared to be its head at him and then hissed at him. "I'm Baaccckk..." Giving him what may have been a satan smile.

Suddenly The brown haired man Sat up in bed gasping for breath and covered in a cold sweat that drenched him as well as the sheets where le lay. 'O..o... god..." tears filled his chocolate eyes as he put a hand over his heart and wiped the Rain-like sweat form his brow. "Its just a dream" he stuttered trying to calm himself. But still unable to stop crying.

"Hugh... what.." someone Beside him mumbled as they turned over and then sat up beside of him. It was the same woman from the dream.

"What's going on.." she grumbled wiping the sleep form her eyes and her long gorgeous black hair from her face. Then she saw him and the expression his face.

"It was "the dream" again wasn't it..." She said suddenly sobering up best she could.; Asking a question to which she already knew the answer.

"Yes.." was all he said

"O' Ulrich I am so sorry"

"Its alright," Ulrich grumbled regaining his composure. "it was just a dream." He hung his head embarrassed that he was so shook up by a nightmare.

"Its Ok Ulrich" she reassured him putting her hand on his back gently rubbing it. "If you can could you tell me a little bit about it..?"

Slowly Ulrich turned towards her and his dark chocolate eyes met hers and they gazed into each others soul windows, each knowing what the other was thinking but Unable to convey it in words.

Finally he found the strength In her eyes to seek. "You... you died... you were murdered." At first the words were hard but as he continued they flowed like rain off a tin roof. "And HE was back."

"But you said you guys killed him a long time ago..."

We did but.. but..."

"I'm not going anywhere Ulrich..." She said as tenderly as an angle as she cradled his head against her bosom now a pillar of strength.

"I now Emily, I know..." he said as he held onto her like there would be no tomorrow.

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