Chapter 5: The shower

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Yumi Ishiayama Walked briskly through the streets of Parris, periodically she would turn and look over her shoulder hopeing that she wasn't being followed. After that little skirmish she had with the man at the stadium and a couple of his cronies, Yumi hoped that the information that she had "Obtained" from them would be enough for what Jeremy Needed Here.

She shivered as the cool Octobers air bit into her exposed Neck and midriff, this place hadn't changed much since she had been in college here nearly 10 years ago, a new building here a shop there and it had expanded a lil more into the suburbs but for the most part it really remained the same, or at least that's what she thought.

Somewhere on the short trip between the stadium and the Hotel she suspected that she was being followed and took several alternate routes a couple of subway trains and made a few twist and turns until she found herself lost, "Maybe this place had changed after all." She thought to herself as she walked through what appeared to be an affluent suburban Neighborhood the type where the plots of land were slightly spaced out and the propertied have fenced in backyards and some of them even trees.

She was lost "but at least she wasn't being followed right" She told herself as she began walk in the direction she thought the hotel was passing the time by lancing at the names on random mailboxes as she passed them hopeing to get a street number for barring if nothing else.

"Saunders, Leyol, Willsburn, Stern, Reju... STERN!" she took a double take out of her clumsily mumblings and ran back over to the mailbox.

"Stern.." she thought out loud, NO it couldn't be! but was it?" a little voice in the back of her head Questioned. She looked at the empty driveway then at the front door.

"No i couldn't do that." She thought as she made a circle around the house hopeing to get a better idea what was inside. however the blinds and the glair form the sunlight made it near impossible to see anything inside. "Damnit" she growled to herself as the tried to find a way to see inside.

Before she even knew it Yumi was standing on a back deck of sorts and had the back door cracked slightly open. You must understand that Yumi didn't want to inside and Had she know what would happen because of it I'm sure that smart Young woman would have reconsidered but with all that had happened in the last couple of months with her brothers murder and then Jeremy in the city of lost angles she couldn't help but to let curiosity get the best of her and she was inside.

"Ill just look around for a second" She told herself as the slipped in the back stealthily closeting the door behind her. "Just to make sure" Imminently she found herself in a large open room with a hardwood floor. it was a clean room essentially bare and nearly clean all except for the Large pile of boxes and packages that filled one corner next to the fireplace. Slowly she began to prowl about the other rooms, it was a large spacious house where seemingly most of the belongings were still in boxes or in the process of being unpacked.

After a couple more rooms Yumi found a Box that was...was... well lets just say it called to her. Slowly she pulled the top apart with a "fumph" as the strained cardboard fold apart and back into its original shape. Once opened she found that the box was filled with books... However they were not just any books. They were Year books College, High school and maybe even... Junior high.

Excitedly as a 14 year old girl on her first date with a longtime crush she wrestled the Yearbook form the clutches of the Box and sure enough in its this worn leather bound cover were the words Kadic academy. It was a year behind her, but that was to be expected as she nearly tore the pages open with excitement.

Just as she was opening the Key to her question there was a loud banging and the sound of footsteps Upstairs. Quickly Yumi hid herself hugging the Book tightly to her chest waiting for it to pass. It soon did and was replaced with the sound of water falling from a shower. Stealthily she crept toward the door and had her hand on the Door knob before she was suddenly compelled to travel up the stairs and into the master bed room.

Like a panther she slid into the room unnoticed and shut the door behind her, "This was going to be aquard" she thought "Especially since I haven't seen him in 15 years and I broke in and all and ..and it might not even e him then what do i do?"

She stood there for a moment leaning against the wall and hugging the book in indecision what was a girl to do?" She stood there in indecision for what felt like quite a while when she noticed that the door to the master bathroom was open and Steam was rolling out. She had to have a look Just one look Just to see him again if just for once then she would, well might get back together with Jeremy and Continue hunting down XANA... or see Ulrich again and..."

She crept towards the open door with utmost caution as not to make a sound her heart in her throat and the adrenalin pumping thought her filled her with a kind of Rabid butterflies in the arms and legs felling. she peered around the to take look just one look when... "WHUMP" she stumbled over her own two feet and fell face first onto the carpeted floor.

"Hugh.. what The brown haired man looked opened the shower opaque door and looked around his eyes shut tightly as he was washing his hair.

At first Yumi made no noise she just looked at the figure in the shower. "Oh my. God! Its really him." she thought in shook laying there trying not to be detected but had he opened his eyes she would have been discovered still she couldn't find it in her to move.

"I know your out there," He smiled. "Why don't you come on in here and well talk about your day." He said it so casually and with a big smile on his face motioning with his head for her to get inside the shower as he left a cracked for her.

Yumi could have sworn that she was dreaming as she had imagined this moment for better than half of her life. She had imagined that they would find each other one day and that the love that they held for the other could finally be expressed in a full and meaningful way.

Throwing the book into the bed She stood up and kicked off her black boots. then in one fluid motion she crossed her arms and pulled her shirt and braw from her torso slinging them onto the floor revealing a large tattoo of an angel with one wing at the base of her back. Wow was all she could think as she opened the shower door and stared at her long lost friend no the lover she never had Body the water splashing and running down it's hardened Muscles like some ancient rock face a strange tingling Overcame her body and she nearly fell to the floor as her legs went Numb. Maybe he wasn't quite as bug as Jeremy but but she couldn't explain it He just was he always was this attractive to her. And though something small and still within her told her not to she quickly put her thumbs on her waist and slid out of her jeans and panties and into the shower.

Her already trembling body tingled to an almost numb state as she closed the door and was pounded upon by the Hot falling water. She shook for a second in excitement and then the butterflies in her chest felt as if they were growing to explode as he turned to her and kissed her . At first it was gently, but as they continued It became more and more forceful as he began to caress here head and silky black hair now drenched with water and lust, his eyes still showed in a haze of soap suds and unopened. In all of this ecstasy she didn't notice the Small gold band that he was wearing on his left ring finger as on they continued.

She began to cry, maybe it was the shampoo in her eyes maybe it was the joy she was experiencing after all of those lonely years, or maybe it was both but one thing was for sure when was in heaven as long as he held onto her He loved her and that was all that mattered all that ever would matter in this crazy Mixed up place stuck between Heaven and Hell.


It was then that a sporty car pulled up into the driveway and out stepped a gorgeous woman. She was wearing a pair of faded bell bottom jeans with a black t-shirt with the Band Name Chronicals in white screneprint accrost it overtop of a long-sleeved white one. the Cool wind grabbed at her long jet black hair as it flowed through it as she pushed the glasses up on her nose just a little bit as she unlocked and walked into the door. Imminently when she stepped inside she could hear the shower.

"Ummm he thinks of everything" She smiled to herself as she quickly made her way up the stairs to the master bed room. "That's funny, he usually doesn't close the door when he's expecting me." she thought as she could hear the sounds of rustling going on inside of it.

Slowly she reached the door knob and twisted the boor open ever so slightly. the light catching a glint off of her Wedding band and for a moment all suspicions were put at ease... until the door opened and she looked inside. Her heart jumped into her throat and it felt as if Someone had shoves an Ice pick into her back as she caught the sight of a t shirt and a braw laying on the bed, and then..,

"NO, HELL NO" She screamed inside as she saw the red panties laying there on the bathroom floor beside of a crumpled up pair of tight black jeans. A sudden powerful Sick Nauseating felling swept over her as she watched their bodies locked in a love embrace thought the opaque shower glass. She looked down at her wedding band that golden symbol of Eternal Love and faithfulness Tears filled her Deep dark tender eyes and for a moment she wanted to crawl into a hole and Die a slow agonizing death, anything would be better than this. Then she Noticed the book on the bed and though she wanted to escape the pain she crept over and picked it up flipping through the pages trying to find this this... Thief. and she sat there on the bed unable to watch but unable to look away as her Love was with another.


It was about that time when Ulrich's hand reached around to the small of her back and he felt something foreign to him, a long scar running parellell to her spine. Quickly he put his head back under the water and then wiped the remaining shampoo form his face. His chocolate eyes slowly opened and...

"Yumi?" His jaw dropped open in shock as he put his hands on her waist and backed up a step.

She looked at him shocked herself her Dark black Japanese eyes longing for his touch his embrace as his gaze seemed to burn a hole into her soul, the watter pouring off of his face like the tears she was trying to hold back.

"Oh my god.. what have i done" he hung his head to the side still in shock..

Yumi Not knowing why he reacted that way pressed herself up against him and began kissing him. "Its ok" she whispered in his ear as she kissed his neck.'

For a moment he pressed back and was about to give in, he wanted to shut his eyes and pretend what he saw was just an illusion, if not for the random bream of light caught the reflection of his left hand he would have, however he rembered his commitment to his wife pushed her back.

"Yumi don't make me do this" he said looking her in the eye choking back the tears best as he could tears welling up in them.

"Why, Why not. she questioned again taking to his neck "Everything is right its the way ive always dreamed it Ulrich, you cant, you... you.." she stumbled over her own words as this real life fantasy of hers came crashing down all around her like a falling city under siege.

And Ulrich showed her his left hand. for a moment she choked threatening to swallow her own toung as a sudden sick felling welled up into her and a fever took her head. "But...but..b..but.. don't you want it its just so perfect" she cried in one final attempt to keep this city form falling and crushing her.

Ulrich pushed her back this time with some force his hands on her shoulders and calmly but sadly looked into her eyes and spoke. "Yumi things are different Now, I'm married, i love her more than anything in this world or the next, and she Me, I would do anything for her including Missing out on this, the rest of possibly the most incredible shower anyone has ever taken. But i cant be with you not now not ever, things have changed," He looked down almost instinctively hiding his face from her and his emotions with it before gathering his strength and returning the gaze. You know there was a time when I felt that way about you..."

'Then you must still..."

"Sush" he whispered putting two fingers on her lips silencing her before she went into hysteria and with his free hand he opened the shower door. Now its best if you leave and forget about me." He rapped her in a towel. "Emily will be home soon and i don't want to put her through this.

"Emily," she exclaimed "You married Emily?" and she threw her face into he's chest and cried" I suppose I had a reason to be jealous back i Middle school Hugh" she said looking up at him.

"Maybe." Ulrich smiled at her. He held her for a few moments more in silence, comforting her as she cried in his chest. "Im sorry Yumi"

He said to her with with his back turned as she was scrambling to dry off and get dressed.

He stared at her as she walked off Her tall sleek figure dressed all in black It was almost just like old time's for a moment he wondered why he ever let her go... then he caught a glimpse of the time and sprang off to open the door Emily would be home any moment now.

At the bottom of the stairs he was met By his enraged wife and she thrust the leather bound book into his chest shoveling him back. "Who were you in the shower with It certainly wasn't me, Was it HER!" She questioned her hands on her hips and eyes burning a hole into him.

Ulrich Knew all to well that when Emily got mad there would be hell to pay as well as the gas money there and back. He looked into the book and sure enough the page was turned to a picture of Yumi.

"Look i thought she was you." he tried to defend himself but against Emily's fury a whole train car load of trial lawyers wouldn't even stand a chance. But she had already stormed off and he followed her through the house.

"Emily, baby..."

Suddenly she spun around and looked him in the eye "Ulrich Webb Stern, I don't want to hear it after eight years of marriage and a good no great one at that... I just don't want to hear it." She threw her arms out to her sides in discuss and stormed past him out to her car.

Emily believe me.." He grabbed her by the arm and she looked him in the eye.

"I don't know what to Believe anymore Ulrich." Her words cold and sharp as obsidian cutting him to the very immortal soul. "I'm going to my mothers to think things over, and i would appreciate if you would get the fuck out of my way." she said jerking her arm from his grasp pushing him to the side, and then she was gone.

Ulrich watched her car speed off and disappear in the distance, and he wondered how he could have lost the only two women he had ever really cared about in less than an hour as he took off and threw his wedding band voiently accrost the garage...

Ooooohhh so Evil, So what happens Next should Ulrich Chase off after Yumi or Emily, or is he going to sit there and sulk over love lost past and or present. Did he make a mistake kicking Yumi out of the shower? Is Emily ever going to forgive him? Is Ulrich going to even stay with Emily or dump her for Yumi? gonna need some Input here guys. Ill need at least 7 reviews before ill continue.

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