Ok, so I was reading a story and I read a line that Jay said. Sean was telling him about Chris and Emma's breakup. And Jay said, "I was hoping the story would be more interesting. Like he found out about Emma's sex-filled affair with her dad's lonely mechanic." And then it hit me! The idea for this story did. What ever REALLY happened during the summer when Sean had to work on Simpson's car? Who's to say Emma and Sean never rekindled their heat. We all know that their kiss in White Wedding was the most intense moment on Degrassi, so says the-n. And we all know their "cleaning the ravine" scene won best make out. They're the couple that's had the most break ups and make ups all through out Degrassi history. What if Emma and Sean apologized for what happened and decided to become friends again? Who's to say Sean isn't the lonely mechanic and that Emma isn't the other woman? If I were in the same situation…I'm not sure I could watch someone as hot as Sean work all day long, shirtless, sweating, and in the summer heat without grabbing him and kissing him…irregardless of what he may have done. So with this story, we'll travel back to the summer after season 3. We'll add in the passionate summertime affair that Degrassi overlooked. And we'll change Degrassi character's lives forever.

Emma watched Sean through the window of her living room. She was sitting on the couch with a mini fan breezing her face. It was the hottest day this summer. Emma wasn't sure if it was because of the actual heat, or because Sean was working on Snake's car…shirtless. Emma sighed as Sean stood up to retrieve a new tool. Sean Cameron was always Emma's weak spot…especially when he was shirtless. It reminded Emma of last summer when Sean would help Tracker with motorcycles and he was always shirtless. They'd go inside to watch TV but they never did. They'd always end up making out. Sometimes Sean didn't even bother to put a shirt on. She started getting weak at the knees just thinking about it. It was only Sean's first day working on her dad's car and he'd already made her hot. Emma sighed wondering if it was going to be like this all summer. Emma's parents were almost never home anymore. Emma's mom was at the salon a lot this summer. And Snake was always at DCS catching up on lectures that he missed…or at Joey's. Emma didn't mind being alone though. Especially since she could now watch Sean without having to worry about her mom or Snake catching her. Sometimes she had to baby-sit Jack, but now that he was older Spike and Snake could take him with them. That also relieved Emma. Her parents promised her that after her hard year, they wouldn't strain her to do anything she didn't want to during the summer. And now that Emma and her parents didn't have to pay the hospital bills anymore, Emma could afford to buy herself a new wardrobe. She'd made sure she bought the shortest shorts and skirts and the lowest tops. She wanted to make Sean Cameron want her back. She wanted to let him see what he was missing out on. Sure, now she had Chris and he had Ellie. But that didn't mean she couldn't have some payback fun. But this time the payback wouldn't lead Sean straight to another girl. This time, he would wish he didn't do what he did. She saw Sean spit.

"That's the fifth time he's spit in the past two minutes." Emma said out loud to herself.

She knew that when Sean spit, it meant he was either pissed off or thirsty. And he had no reason to be pissed. So she decided she'd take him out a bottle of water. It couldn't hurt. The very short pink strapless halter top dress Emma was wearing couldn't hurt either. She smirked as she grabbed Sean's bottle of water and stepped out of the house. She didn't bother to put shoes on. She had just recently painted her toenails and knew that shoes would just ruin it. Sean looked up as she walked towards the car.

Oh great what lecture does she want to give me today? Recycling? Or maybe she wants to bitch me out some more about our break up. Sean thought.

Emma put on her game face. She smiled.

"Hi Sean." She said sweetly.

"Uh…hey." Sean said confused as to why she was being so sweet.

"It's really hot out here. I thought you might be thirsty." Emma said holding out the bottle of water to him.

Ok this is strange. She's actually being nice to me. He thought.

"Yeah it's pretty hot. Um, thanks." Sean said awkwardly as he took the bottle.

Emma looked down at her feet. She was beginning to lose her cool.

"So…Sean. (She sighed) Look I was just hoping that…Look I know that last year sucked for us. But I was hoping we could put all that stuff behind us now. I was hoping we could…you know, be friends again." Emma said trying to kill him with her smile.

Sean was shocked. He never thought he would hear those words from Emma Nelson, especially not when he was fixing her father's car to make up for stealing his laptop to get back at her.

Ok, he's not answering me. It's been about a minute and he hasn't said anything. Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe he doesn't want me in his life anymore at all. Emma thought sadly.

"I-I'm sorry Sean. I shouldn't have…maybe this was a mistake." Emma said her voice cracking.

She turned to go back into the house. Sean grabbed her arm.

"Em, wait. (He sighed) Look, yeah last year did suck. And I'm sorry for what happened. There's no point in us fighting all summer because we both know that's how long it's going to take me to fix this car. We were friends before we even got together. There's no point why we can't be friends now."

Emma smiled.


They both looked up at each other. They both smiled.

Damn! Does she have to look so hot wearing that? Does she want to give me a heart attack? It's so short…so low…it shows…so…much. And does she have to smile at me like that? She knows her smile is one of my weaknesses. Damn it! I knew working on this damn car all summer was going to be a problem. I can just taste her lips on mine…and her cute manicured fingernails digging into my back just like that one time when…Wait! Sean get a hold of yourself! Cameron you can't do this…not again. You can't let yourself get all hot for her again. Sean thought to himself.

"So…what are you working on?" Emma asked.

"Umm…a car." Sean said laughing.

Emma laughed.

"I mean what part are you working on?" Emma said rolling her eyes.

"Well right now I'm working on the carburetor."

"OH…wow…I just know so much about that." Emma said sarcastically.

Sean rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, right. Emma Nelson and cars…just don't mix!" Sean said teasingly.

"Hey! I could learn if I really wanted!"

Sean laughed.

"Yeah…ok Em; I'll believe it when I see it!"

Emma smirked and grabbed a wrench.

"Well prepare to see and believe it!" Emma said moving to the spot where Sean was. He just stood there for a moment watching her decide what to do. He saw her trying to unscrew the wrong part. Sean laughed. He went up behind her and put his hands over her shoulders.

"Whoa there Nelson. You better let me help you before you screw up Simpson's car more than what it already is!"

Sean and Emma both laughed.

"Yeah you better; I just might get grease on me!" She said sarcastically.

Sean slid his hands down her arms to where her hands were on the wrench. Emma got chills. Sean started moving her hands to unscrew the part right. Emma sighed and closed her eyes. She laid her head back on Sean's shoulder. Her nose brushed Sean's neck slightly. Sean was now getting chills.

You can't let him to this to you!

You can't let her do this to you!

Emma took a deep breath. When she breathed out, she accidentally blew on Sean's neck. Sean dropped the wrench.

"Sean…" She whispered not realizing what she was doing.

Sean moved his hands to her hips. He groaned as he pushed her hips into his body. They couldn't think or speak. The only thing they could do was stay just as they were.

I've never wanted her more.

I've never wanted him more.

They both thought. Their passionate thoughts were interrupted by the sound of loud rap music blasting from a car heading towards Emma's house. Their eyes snapped open. They realized what they were doing. Sean quickly moved away from Emma and moved back under the hood of Snake's car. Emma ran her fingers through her hair and leaned against the car. She saw Chris's cousin's car pull towards her house. Chris got out of the front seat and waved goodbye to his cousin.

"Hey Em." Chris said walking over to her.

Emma smiled.

I'm the only one who gets to call her Em. I hate that guy! He's so stupid! And he just had to interrupt us! We were this close to—Oh no! We came too close. And I have Ellie. And…uh oh. I'm falling for her again. Damn it Cameron!

Sean stood up to get another tool. Chris saw him for the first time.

"Cameron what are you doing here?" He asked.

Sean rolled his eyes. He wasn't in the mood for DJ today. He decided to mess with him.

"Well Sharpe I came to have lots of hot sex with Emma…then I thought maybe I'd fix the car and go get some ice cream!" Sean said sarcastically while rolling his eyes.

Emma hit his arm.

"Sean!" She squealed.

"Look, Chris Sean is going to be fixing my dad's car this summer. He's going to be around a lot so we've decided to be friends again. (She sees the look on Chris's face) There's no need to worry. We're just friends."

"Why is he fixing Simpson's car?"
Emma looked at Sean. He was pleading her with his eyes for her not to tell Chris. Other than Emma's family and Jay, no one else knew about Sean stealing the laptop. And he wanted to keep it that way. If it got out, he could lose his student welfare.

"Because he offered to do it cheaper than a regular mechanic. We need the discount and Sean needs the summer job." Emma said hoping Chris would buy it.

Chris rolled his eyes.

"Fine. (He walked up to Sean) But you better keep your hands off my girl." Chris snapped.

Sean was about to punch Chris for calling Emma his girl. Emma wasn't a possession, she didn't belong to anyone. But he knew Emma would defend herself and he would come off as the good guy for not punching the guy.

Emma eyes flashed with anger.

"Your girl Chris? You don't own me! I'm my own person! And if you can't trust me enough to be friends with Sean, then we can't see each other anymore."

"You're choosing him over me?" Chris asked getting angry.

"I'd rather be friends with Sean, than be your girlfriend." Emma shot back at him.

"Fine, whatever. I don't care. But don't come crawling back to me when he breaks your heart!" Chris snapped.

Sean couldn't take it anymore. He couldn't just stand there and let Chris talk to Emma like that….HIS Emma.

"Look, DJ Emma's not going to come crawling back to you! She'd date Toby before she ever dated you so I suggest you lay off the comments and go back to your rave!" Sean shouted.

Emma smiled.

Sean's sticking up for me! She thought happily

"I will! And you can have her anyways. She's such a slut! Look at what she's wearing." Chris said, his words dripping with anger.

Sean drew his hand back. He was about to punch Chris when Emma grabbed his fist and stepped in between them.

"This is my fight Sean." She said.

Then she swiftly turned around and slapped Chris hard straight across the face.

"Go to hell, Chris." Emma said.

"Likewise." Chris grumbled before turning around and walking away.

"Way to go Em!" Sean said picking her up and slinging her over his shoulder.

Emma squealed and giggled. She knew he was just trying to lighten the mood. But Emma didn't really care much about Chris anyways. He was just her rebound.

"Thank you, thank you. I'd like to thank Sean Cameron for helping my vicious side come out!" She said sarcastically as if she were making an acceptance speech.

"That's me!" Sean said sarcastically.

Emma laughed.

"Ok, ok, put me down now Hercules!"

Sean softly put her down on the sidewalk. He looked into her eyes.

"He didn't deserve you anyways Em."

Emma smiled.

"He was just my rebound anyways."

Sean smiled back at her.

"Well thanks for helping me out with Chris." Emma said before kissing Sean's cheek and walking towards the front door. Sean put his hand on his cheek where she had just kissed him.

"See you tomorrow." Emma yelled over her shoulder.

"Yeah, see you." Sean said back. He smiled as he put away his tool box. He didn't even notice Ellie's car had pulled up at Emma's house when she'd kissed him on the cheek. She'd noticed how Sean reacted to Emma's innocent kiss. She knew Sean was still in love with her. Ellie sighed. It was just her luck to fall in love with someone who was either gay, or already taken.

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