Rukawa wasn't as dense as everyone thought he was.

He knew Haruko Akagi liked him, and truth be told, he had always thought that she was a pretty girl with a pleasing personality that any guy could fall for. And she was interested in basketball, which was an added plus, because between basketball and sleeping, he really didn't have any other hobby that a girl would be interested in.

But there was one problem, and it goes by the name of Hanamichi Sakuragi.

Shohoku's ace player knew that the redhead had been crushing on the girl since the start of classes, ever since he almost cracked his skull for not paying attention to Haruko's attempt of showing concern for his bleeding head. And he couldn't blame him; like what was mentioned earlier, Rukawa considered Haruko as a possible crush material for the average high school boy.

And just because he wasn't dense it didn't mean that he was going to make a move to further attract Haruko and pull her away from the redhead. He knew that he could if he wanted to, but Rukawa Kaede wasn't one who gave much thought to other things that didn't concern basketball or nap time.

Still there was nothing wrong with recognizing Haruko's effort to show him that she existed, so when one time she gave him a compliment during practice, he felt obliged to reply.

"Nice shot, Rukawa-kun!"


And he knew that made her happy, because out in the corner of his eye she saw her faint while her friend tried to wake her up from the self-induced sleep.

And deep inside, he felt happy as well.

Maybe he'd make a move someday, when his priorities were not limited only to basketball and sleeping anymore.