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Johnny, the security guard, was making his rounds, in the Los Angelus museum, near the African Warriors exhibit. He was walking by a statue of an African chief, like the ones in old movies, when he heard someone laughing. Now that was just too creepy for my liking, he thought to himself as he walked toward the Jurassic exhibit. Again he hears the laughter but it sounded mischievous. It sounded like it came from the hallway he had just come from. Why did I ever take this job; I knew I should've taken the job at the mall. He hears the laughter again; it reminded him of the cheerleaders back in high school and how they used to tease people. He walked in the direction the laughter came from, and again he hears the laugh. "Who's there?" he called in to the hallway, as he turned on his flashlight and aimed it at the hallway. Then, an hourglass figure stepped in to the rays of his flashlight. Tall, red hair, very pale, as he looks the girl up and down he decided she must be about 18. She was wearing low cut jeans and a tank top that didn't cover much. She was every guys dream girl. Our, at least his. "What are you doing here, miss?" he asked.

"I got lost." the girl replied.

"What's your name?" asked Johnny.

"Marcie" she said with a semi-evil grin that yet again reminded him of the cheerleaders.

"Well the museums closed for the night. I'll have to report you, Marcie"

"Do you really have too?" replied the girl letting her self lean forwards a little, revealing some, of yet, another aspect she shared with the cheerleaders.

"Well, I guess not." He said considering the fact that if he let her of, she might go out with him. "But you still have to leave. I'll walk you to the exit." he said with a smile.

"Thank you" said Marcie with a smile and a twist in her hip. As they reach the exit Johnny pulled out a ring of keys. "What are all those keys for, um, I never did catch your name." she said with an innocent voice.

"It's Johnny." he said with a half smile. "But, you can call me John. And these are for all the doors, security systems, and exhibit cases in the museum." He added.

"Really? Wow, they trust you that much?" she said as if she were actually interested.

"Yeah well, my dad runs the museum." While he was looking down searching for the key to open the door, he didn't realize the girls face.

"I'm hungry." Marcie told him as she slightly squeezed his arm.

"For what? There's a few good restaurants still open not to far from here. My shift is over in about ten minutes if you need a ride or, some company?" Johnny asked still looking down and still smiling.

"No I not hungry for anything like that." she said slyly.

"Oh really then what are you hungry for?"

"You." Marcie said flatly.

"What?" Johnny asks surprised by her answer. Then he looked at her and noticed her face. He would've screamed, if he had the chance.

"Mmm, Mmm, tasty." Marcie said as Johnny's body fell to the ground with a thud.

"Look's like he's about 20 years old, what a shame, so young." said a voice behind Marcie.

"Like you really care. Hi, Jerry." replied Marcie.

"Did you turn him?" the guy asked. Jerry was 5'8 and more of a brain than muscle, although he had plenty of both. He was also the leader of field assignments. He could pull off any scheme. Black hair and green eyes, a hunk to say the least.

"No, he was just a lunch. Where's Lyle and Mark?" she asked.

"Taking care of anymore guards. Do you always have to make a big show out of a killing. I mean you never just kill them, you always have to say something and play with their heads."

"Yes, it's more fun. Looks like they're done." Marcie said pointing to the boys coming down the hallway.

"Looks like you had some fun." said Lyle, who was about 25 years old; at least he was before he was changed. 6'9 he was no shorty, athletic, blond hair that came to the bottom of his ear. When he was alive he was every girls dream guy. Motorcycle, athletic, bad boy look, and the attitude to go with it.

"Got hungry? What about you, you didn't find any guards?" asked Marcie.

"None worth eating." stated Mark.

"Are we done with the small talk yet?" asked Jerry with annoyance on his voice.

"Yeah we're done." replied Mark. Mark and Jerry have a very rocky past, Marcie was Mark's mate until Jerry came around.

"Good, Mark get the keys, Lyle where's the storage room?" barked Jerry.

"Who died and made you king?" asked Mark.

"You will in a minute if you don't tell me where the storage room is." Replied Jerry not wanting to waste time.

"Down stairs in the basement, pass the African exhibit." Lyle said plainly. He might be the muscle man but he knew it was better to stop a fight between Jerry and Mark that to watch them kill each other. They both had a bad temper, and a grudge against each other, actually they really just hated each other. They were like to dogs fighting for alpha of the pack. Jerry had brains and strength, while Marl was just muscle.

"Good lets go, we have work to do, unless you like to play around some more, in which case you can explain to Michel why we returned empty handed." said Jerry looking directly at Mark.

"Boys, boys relax. Jerry's right lets get to work" Marcie said sensing the tension, which she enjoyed but she didn't want to deal with a disappointed Michel. Jerry and Mark lead the way to the storage room, while Marcie and Lyle followed.

"Jerry sure is tense." Lyle said to Marcie.

"No, he's just smart. He knows first hand what Michel is like mad, don't you remember his brother?" asked Marcie, with a sympathetic voice.

"Yeah I remember, now there was a match made in hell. Everywhere they went destruction fallowed" replied Lyle.

"Yeah, it was so beautiful. But he crossed the line by defying Michel." Marcie said. "Too bad."