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By the time he was finished her cheeks were wet and her vision was blurred from a heavy stream of tears. She nodded and tried to quell the sobs threatening to escape. She stared at the massive 4 carat diamond, set in a platinum band, and surrounded by a dozen or more, bead-set diamonds that also wrapped around the band itself. It must have cost him at least $60,000. He slowly slipped the claddagh ring off her hand and replaced it with the diamond one. Before he could fully stand up she jumped into his arms and kissed him like her life depended on it. After a few moments she pulled back. "The claddagh was fine you know."

He smiled and slid the aforementioned ring onto her right hand, "I know you were happy with it, but were going to do this the proper way, and that means a diamond ring." He chuckled, "But if you don't like it, I can always take it back."

"No! I mean there's no need to do that, it's beautiful, I love it." She snuggled back into his embrace and listened to his quiet laughter, a sound she could never get tired of. "You know I can't wear this boulder all the time right? I mean slaying is not conducive to long lasting jewelry."

He laughed loud this time. She truly did love the sound, for such a long time it was a rare occurrence, and now he was lighter. He smiled, laughed, she liked him like this. "I know but I'm going to assume that you'll be flaunting it as much as possible."

He was right, as they walked through the restaurant he caught her tilting her hand back and forth to catch the light, smiling when someone shot her a dirty look. They made their way to the front and found Chris waiting in the SUV. Buffy hugged him so hard she nearly broke his ribs. "I love you. Did I mention that before, cause I do. You are the best brother."

He laughed hugging her back, "I'm also the best chauffeur, so hop in the back with the lover boy."

She did just that, "You spent tons on a ring and my brother is driving us?"

Angel pulled her to his side, "Yeah well, we're going back to his place, and he's going to stay with Cordelia for the night."

"I don't know if I should smile, or barf/"

He laughed again, "Yup, I'm marrying the sexiest woman alive."

She elbowed him, "Careful buddy, or you'll have to be punished." She gave him a sly smile. Chris turned up the radio as the suggestive remarks continued. By the time he dropped them off he had a whole new view of his baby sis.

Buffy laughed as she watched Chris drive off, Angel truly was the perfect guy, he even helped gross out her brother. "You know, I do know where he keeps the handcuffs."

Angel smiled and led her towards the house, "Maybe later, first we need to talk."

"About what?"

"Everything. Where we're going to live, when we're going to have the wedding, who's going to tell your mother."

The happy, bubbly feeling whooshed out of her, "Can't we do that tomorrow?"

"Well, we could, but we have to go back to Sunnydale tomorrow. Do you really want to have that conversation with everyone in the car?"

She grabbed his hand and pulled him upstairs, "Which is why, we'll take your car."

He shut the bedroom door and walked her back towards the bed, "This is true, but I'm sure this conversation will only take a few minutes."

She frowned as he took a couple steps away from her, "Fine. You decide where we'll live, the wedding will be as soon as possible, and I will tell my mother. We will deal with everything else when the time comes. Now that that's done, I could use some help with this zipper." As she finished she stood up and looked over her shoulder, fluttering her eyelashes and biting her lip.

He smiled walked up to her and slowly pulled the zipper down, "I guess that means that we're going to be really busy when we get back to Sunnydale. We can stay at the mansion, at least until we find a house. I wonder if Cordelia and Wesley will be following us back, I could always set up show there as well, we'd never have a shortage of cases that's for sure."

"Do you think you could not mention other people while you undress me? Speaking of which, hurry up, I'm becoming impatient."

He smirked as the zipper reached the end of it's course and watched the material fall to the ground, "My love, when have you ever been a patient woman?" Before she could respond he picked her up and tossed her on the bed.

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