Chapter One: World Of Awakening

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Notes: Not everything in this chapter may be correct, for instance, the things the mysterious voice says, because I'm using a game script to help me on some parts, but other parts I have to write from memory. And no, I am NOT copying what the script says, just using it as a guide for the things I write.

Darkness surrounded him as he fell down into nothingness, his hands were outstretched but had nothing to hold on to, a feeling of emptiness surged through him.

He landed with an abrupt thud that echoed all around him.

As he examined his surroundings, he found that he was standing on nothing more then a floating stained glass platform.

" So much to do, so little time... Take your time. Don't

be afraid. The door is still shut. Now, step forward. Can you do it?" A Mysterious Voice said.

Sora took an immediate step forward, with no hesitation, it almost seemed like, for that moment, someone else was controlling him.

Suddenly three trapezoid shaped stones (steps or platforms) appeared out of what seemed like thin air.

On each stone was a different weapon, on one stone was a sword, on another was a shield, and on the last was a staff.

"If you give it form... It will give you strength.

Choose well." The voice told him.

Sora examined each weapon with great care before making a decision.

He hopped up onto the platform with the shield and picked it up carefully.

"The power of the guardian. Kindness to aid friends. A

shield to repel all. Is this the power you seek?" The voice asked him.

"Yes." Sora replied confidently

"Your path is set." The voice said.

"Now, what will you give up in exchange?" The voice asked him.

Sora hopped off the platform that once beared the shield, and hopped up onto the plat form with the sword, he lifted it up carefully.

"The power of the warrior. Invincible courage. A sword

of terrible destruction. You give up this power?" The voice asked.

"Yes." Sora said.

" You've chosen the power of the guardian. You've given

up the power of the warrior. Is this the form you choose?" The voice asked.

"Yes." Sora said again.

The trapezoid stones then disappeared.

And without warning the floor shattered underneath Sora's feet. He was once again falling, but it was a much briefer drop then the first time.

He looked down to see he was once again standing on a stained glass platform, the shield he had chosen was now on his arm.

" You gained the power to fight." The voice said.

Sora then began to make swinging motions with his shield, pretending he was fighting an enemy.

"All right! You've got it. Use this power to protect

yourself and others."

Sora began to hear gurgling sounds around him as black holes appeared around the platform, and as if that wasn't odd enough, strange shadow creatures began crawling out of the holes and heading towards him.

"There will be times you have to fight. Keep your light

burning strong." The voice told him.

As the shadows closed in, Sora did the only thing he could.

He began smashing at them with his shield as fiercely and as swiftly as he could.

When all the shadows were destroyed Sora made the mistake of letting his guard down, a few shadows then appeared behind him.

"Behind you!" The voice warned.

Sora spun around quickly, and hit a shadow creature in the head with his shield right as it charged in for the attack.

He defeated the rest with ease and to his relief, no more shadows appeared.

Suddenly a dark mysterious void appeared, Sora walked through it without a second thought.

He was now on a large stained glass platform with a wooden door in the middle of it, Sora approached it carefully and turned the knob.

"I can't open it.." He thought.

Suddenly a small wooden chest appeared on the other side of the room.

Curiosity getting the best of him, Sora opened the chest and a large wooden crate appeared, he smashed it with his shield only for a wooden barrel to appear where the crate once was, he smashed that also.

The mysterious door in the middle of the platform then opened, when Sora stepped inside, he found himself on his island, his friends Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka, around him.

"Hold on. The door won't open just yet. First, tell me

more about yourself." The voice said.

Sora approached Tidus first.

"What are you afraid of?" Tidus asked him.

"Being indecisive." Sora told him.

"Being indecisive? Is that really so scary?" Tidus said

Sora then approached Wakka

"What do you want outta life?" Wakka asked.

"To broaden my horizons." Sora told him

"To broaden your horizons, huh?" Wakka said.

Sora then approached Selphie.

"What's most important to you?" She asked.

"Friendship." Sora said

"Is friendship such a big deal?" Selphie said.

" You're afraid of being indecisive, you want to broaden your horizons, friendship is important to you. Your adventure begins at dawn. As

long as the sun is shining, your journey should be a pleasant one." The voice said.

"Sounds good." Sora said.

"The day you will open the door is both far off and

very near." The voice told him.

Suddenly everything seemed to fade, and Sora was now on another stained glass platform where he was ambushed by a few shadow creatures.

After all the shadow creatures were defeated a set of stairs appeared that led him to a higher platform.

"The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow

becomes." The voice said.

Suddenly Sora's shadow rose from behind him and turned into a giant monster known as "Darkside."

"But don't be afraid. And don't forget..."

Sora nearly fell off the platform in attempt to escape from this creature, he knew the only option was to fight.

Sora struck at the creature with all his might, and after giving and recieving many forceful blows, Darkside was defeated.

Suddenly a large black circle appeared under Sora's feet.

"But don't be afraid. You hold the mightiest weapon of

all. "

Sora tried to struggle, and he tried to move, but it was useless for he was now being engulfed by the dark circle,

"So don't forget: You are the one who will open the


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