Chapter 31: Final - "Epilogue"

A whole year had passed since it had all started. It was hard to believe.

At the one year anniversary of Tsunade's decree of the Konoha mating frenzy, Jiraiya had a special book signing at the local adult book store. The occasion was also a celebration of the release of his brand new volume in his adult novel series, Icha Icha. The new volume was entitled Icha Icha Frenzy.

As part of the celebration of the successful completion of the Hokage's three month plan, she temporarily lifted the age ban on the adult books—including Jiraiya's newest.

Later, as many of the shinobi of Konoha began to read the new Icha Icha, they noticed something oddly familiar about the characters, and they were getting a sense of déjà vu as the events of the book unfolded.

During that three month time, Jiraiya had done a lot of research on his fellow ninja. This led to Jiraiya getting many odd looks from his readers.

But at least it got him a thumbs-up from a giddy Kakashi.

Tsunade laughed at it all as she stood next to Jiraiya. She was surprisingly pregnant—considering her previously thought state of menopause—but she would wait and tell him later.

Now, she thought, it would only start all over again, for what she had neglected to tell them all was that the three month plan was really three years.

The End.

Bonus: The Sequel that will never be…

Three years have passed since the end of the decree passed by the Hokage for all of the ninja to pair off and make babies. Now, the population is out of control. Babies are popping out everywhere! Food and supplies are dangerously scarce! Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Tsunade issues a decree: For one year a line will be drawn down the center of Konoha. The women will be restricted to one side, and the men to the other. For one year the line cannot be crossed. Can the ninjas of Konoha really go without sex for a whole year? Or… will they turn to each other?

(Note: This crazy "sequel" thing was conceived as the "Anti-Mating Frenzy" or basically, an excuse for a humor yaoi (or even yuri) version of the idea behind this story: an EverybodyxEverybody fic. Anyway, last March I thought of this and considered posting an April Fools chapter of this. But, that never happened. I will never be able or willing to write this. But, more about this below…

(Final Author's Notes: Damn, college got crazy quick. I'm sorry about how long you had to wait for this. I'm sorry I had to cut this story short, and basically "skip to the end". I wrote the outline to this ending to this story back when it began. Anyway, I hope this end is at least somewhat satisfying. I had no idea the response I would get back when I posted the first chapter. It's been an amazing and wild ride, and I appreciate all the response and support. It's insane, and I can't say thanks enough.

As for, well, any hope of continuing this story, aka: the "sequel" idea. SEE DETAILS IN MY PROFILE in the updates section. I am also not against anyone writing what I guess you would call fanfiction of a fanfiction. As in, writing one-shots or short "missing scenes" from this story's universe(there is great opportunity with this, epecially between the 'blank months later' stuff). I've been asked before, but so far no one has done so: DETAILS ARE IN MY PROFILE in the updates section.

Anyway, I will likely continue to make fanart, comics, and videos as they take me much less time than what it takes to plan and write a chapter of this fic. Though, I may start another Naruto fic some day. I may even add more alternate endings to this one if I think of something good.

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