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Aya poked her head into Aki's room and glared at him as he sat there listening to his CD player. She marched into his room and yanked his headphones off of his head.

"Hey Sis. What's up?" Aki said with a chaste smile on his face.

"Don't hey sis me. You forgot about the shopping spree you promised me." She glared at her brother and shook her head in annoyance. "You lied to me."

"That was today? I'm sorry, I forgot." Aki scratched the back of his head and sighed. "I'll make it up to you. I'll take you shopping tomorrow."

"It's to late. All the sales at the mall is all over by today and I already bought stuff already." Aya remained glaring at Aki with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

"Well than. Since you bought stuff already. Why are you mad at me?" She let out an exasperated sigh and sat on the desk beside her.

"It's not that I bought stuff already. It's that I wanted to spend time with you that's all. It doesn't matter if I bought the whole would. If your not there buying it with me than it doesn't really mean anything." She smiled as she placed a hand on his head and ruffled his hair. "But I'll take you up on that offer. After our first day of school we'll walk to the mall and you'll treat me to anything I may want." Aya flicked her brother's forehead and smiled as she got off the desk and closed the door behind her.

Aya walked through the narrow corridor until she reached her room. Opening the door and entering her room she stopped as a muffled ring came from the kitchen. She immediately went down stairs and into the kitchen, picking up the phone and putting it up against her ear.

"Hello?" She waited for a several seconds until a familiar voice echoed through her ear.

"You can't believe what I just heard from Chidori!" Her friend Maria shrieked through the phone.

"What is it this time?" Aya said annoyed. She always had calls from Maria with Chidori's gossips she hears all around the place. If Chidori hears a scoop on a pregnant teen that they knew she would be jabbering about it to Maria and Maria would immediately tell Aya about the gossip the second she hears it. Chidori was the gossip queen of the school while Maria stood by as her subordinate and now that they're attending High school. Her big ears are just going to detect gossip all over the place.

"Her older brother Toya is coming back from Osaka and attending the same High school as us. He's going to be a junior and she's going to introduce us to him."

Aya rolled her eyes. "So what? It's only her brother."

"Well miss temper. Did you check your e-mail yet?"

"No. What does my mail got to do with Chidori's brother?"

She let out a sigh and continued. "He's like a total hottie!" Aya looked at the phone and shook her head. She had to run all the way down stairs just because of a guy. What a waste of my time. Aya thought as she hung up the phone and headed up stairs.

Going into her room she sat on the chair positioned in front of her computer and turned it on. She went on the Internet and checked her e-mail. She clicked on Maria's mail, which had the subject "Hottie." She leaned back and stared at the ceiling as she waited for the letter to upload on her screen. Her computer was old and slow but as long as it worked her mother denies buying her a new computer so she just put up with its sluggish ways.

Taking a glance at the screen she stared at it contently as the picture began to upload slowly. As it finally finished she stared at the picture. "He is cute." She muttered out but thought nothing of it. He may have been cute but cute guys like that always had a cocky attitude and she hated pretty boys like him.

"Is that your boyfriend?" Aya fell out of her chair at the sudden break of silence and looked up at Aki who smiled down at her and lent out a hand. Taking his hand he helped her up.

"He is not my boyfriend." Pressing escape she shut the computer down and sat on her bed. Aki sat beside her and put a hand on her shoulder.

"If you love him. You don't need to be ashamed." She looked at him and almost fell to the floor.

"I don't love him. I don't even know him you idiot." Aki laughed and patted her head as he stood up and stretched.

"You still continuing your perfect 15-year dating slump huh?" He ran his hand though his hair and let out another laugh.

"Oh yeah and your fighting the ladies off with a stick." She said sarcastically as his laughter suddenly ceased.

"Well I'll be off." Aki walked toward the door and smiled at his twin sister.

"Where are you going?"

"I have a date."

"A date?" She said shocked. It was like a nail went through her skull. How could her brother get a date when he's always stuck in his room listening to music while she, who always goes out, is stuck in the house, dateless?

He laughed at her reaction. "Nah I'm kidding. I'm going in my room to listen to the new CD I bought last week."

"As usual. I knew you wouldn't have a date." Aya fell back onto her bed as she stared at the ceiling.

"I can get a girlfriend if I wanted to but I'm pacing my self. I'm to busy as it is watching over my adorable yet bossy twin sister." Aki exited the room and as he closed the door Aya smiled and sighed.


"I can't wait to see him." Maria had the biggest grin on her face as they walked to school.

"See who?" Aki inquired.

"The new hottie that's going to enroll at our school. Chidori sent me a picture of him on the Internet and I completely melted when I saw it." Maria twirled around in happiness as they continued to walk. Aya just shook her head but smiled at her reaction.

"That must be the same guy that Aya was staring at on her computer." He said slowly as if to make sure she heard him loud and clear. He knew his sister very well and all her embarrassing little secrets, such as talking about guys at the dinner table that she had a crush on right in front of her mother.

She blushed and elbowed his stomach. "I wasn't staring!"

"Oh I'm sorry I meant drooling." Aya growled as she stared at the bastard who taunt her.

"You saw the picture. So what did you think?" Maria interrupted trying to avert Aya's anger.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Rate him from a scale from 1-10."

"He's not a piece of meat I can just rate. Jezz."

"Come on Aya. Just say a number and be honest."

She blushed furiously as she let out a slight cough. "10" She said shortly after the cough, slightly muffling her word.

"What was that I couldn't hear you?"

She let out a sigh. She hated being put in the spot light but she did say what was on her mind no matter the situation she was in. As loud as she was she didn't care who was around her but this was different. It felt strange rating a guy who they never even met before.

"I said a 10 alright."

"I knew it. If you said any number other than a 10 or higher you would be a liar." She laughed. " And I know the truthful Aya hates telling a lie."

Aki placed a hand on her head and smiled. "My little sister has a crush." She shook her head and brushed her hand off of her head.

"You both are complete idiots I swear and coming from the truthful Aya you know that that's not a lie." She giggled as they fell silent but as soon as the walk to school was finally becoming sensationally quiet Maria opened her mouth once again.

"So up for the movies today." The both of them glanced at her.

"You should ask Aya that. I promised her that I would go shopping with her." Maria immediately looked at Aya who scratched the back of her head. She didn't want to change her plans with Aki but she didn't want her best friend to feel excluded either.

"Um- Not today. I'm thinking of staying home and going on the computer." She hated going to the movies and also disliked making others feel left out so she couldn't think about anything else but decline both of them.

"Going on those insane chat rooms again Aya."

"Yeah." When she wasn't out shopping she would be at home on the computer giving troubled teens advice on her website "Teen to Teen advice." She helped many people with problems such as boy troubles or even family troubles. Ever since her father was murdered she needed someone to talk to. She didn't want to turn to her brother because at the time, he was as emotionally unstable as she was. It was because of a chat room she found that helped her. She didn't know who gave her such good advice about life in but it made her realize what other teens or people in general had it as bad as she did.

"Maybe if you spent less time on that computer of yours you would actually find yourself a boyfriend." Aki was getting on her nerves at this point.

"Well if you stop listening to your CD player than you would finally find yourself a life." He grinned but she averted her eyes to the school building and Chidori who ran towards them. Aya glanced at Maria who was on her toes at this point, looking around frantically for the so-called hottie she was dieing to meet. As she approached the group Maria immediately grabbed Chidori by her shoulders and shook her vigorously.

"Where is he?"

She pushed Maria away from her and placed a hand on her head. "Jezz. You don't have to make me so dizzy. Okay. My brother is not here. He went to class, he was getting annoyed at the attention he was receiving out here and decided to go to class early. Sorry about that."

"No way." Disappointment spread throughout her face as she walked passed her in sadness. Chidori ran after her trying to comfort her. Aya cocked an eyebrow at the disappointment Maria showed. It was like she was obsessed with his looks and she knew how looks meant to Maria. She was a conceited girl and she always did announce it when they would be with her. Aya sighed and looked at Aki who to had a confused look on his face.

"Well that's Maria for you. I'm heading off to class." Aya ran toward the building as she took out her class schedule out of her pocket.

"Don't you need help finding your classes?" He yelled after her.

"No thanks. I can handle it." She entered the building and pushed through the sea of students that were crowding the hallways. She looked at the lockers that stood up against the walls as students opened and shut them. She couldn't find an empty locker anywhere. They were all placed with pad locks that meant they were taken.

Students pushed and shoved passed her as they tried to find a locker or find their classes and she was getting hit pretty hard in the shoulder. She gasped as she stumbled forward and fell to her knees. She cursed under her breath and tried to get her schedule that fell out of her hands. She was kicked a couple of times as she crawled on her knees trying to get the paper that was stomped on. Aya let out a sigh as she reached for her paper but soon winced as someone picked it up.

A familiar face lent out a hand and she took it as he helped her up. Handing her the paper he smiled. "Are you alright?"

She felt her face turning red as she stared at him. "Your Chidori's brother." She felt her heart race and she immediately took a deep breath trying to calm her self down. She could admit he was as cute as ever when he was right there in person. His eyes were piercing and it was hard to look away.

"You must be Chidori's friend. Nice to meet you my names Toya." He shook her hand that he still held firmly in his and smiled.

"I'm Aya Mikage." She looked down at her hand that he still held tightly in his and her heart began to race once again. She quickly swiped her hand out of his and held it up against her chest.

"I'm sorry." He looked at her shocked expression as he stared at her and never took his eyes off of her. Looking into her eyes that stared directly in his he smiled. Aya couldn't believe he was still right there in front of him and staring at her.

" I got to go." She pushed passed him and disappeared in to the sea of students. She was so embarrassed at how she stared at him. She looked at her schedule but couldn't read it. She was still thinking of that one moment and she couldn't concentrate on anything else. So she pushed passed people and wondered aimlessly though the hallways until the bell rang.

Looking at her website that she visited frequently she checked her mail and sighed. "Dang 200." She clicked on one and began to read it. It wasn't a problem but a Review of her website. It said the usual on how she helped her a lot and how her website changed her. It was very uplifting reading these kinds of letters and she didn't mind spending her day reading and replying. 59 letters later she stumbled upon a letter from Basedonlooks.

"Weird choice of a name." She said as she read the letter.

Dear Ms.Advisoryaide101:

Sometimes I wish my life wasn't based on looks. It's hard to go through life like that, always judged by my looks and being surrounded by girls I don't even know who wants to go out with me. It sounds like I'm complaining and you must be saying to yourself what guy would be complaining to have looks that would attract a lot of woman. My sister always says this to me and it kind of bothers me how she would just say that to me but I hate it when people are like that. I read once that a girl was beaten up because she had too much freckles on her face and it made me wonder what this world was coming to. I want to talk to you on your chat room. Can you tell me when are the times your usually on. I've been reading your chat room lately and a lot of people admire you a lot. That you give great advice. Can you help me?


Aya hovered her fingers over the keys of her computer trying to figure out what to type. This guy seemed lucky to be with so many girls but she knew how that could be annoying at times. She leaned back and sighed.

Dear Basedon looks,

You're right. I am wondering why you would hate being surrounded by girls. You seem like a football jock or something. Personally I hate jocks and popular guys who solemnly base everything on looks when they find a girl. They don't want to even know about the girl but march around with her like he won a trophy. I'm saying guys are scum. No offense but some guys are just to hooked on looks and I'm glade you're not. Tell me something first. The girls you date, can you describe them to me? Also I'm going to be on tomorrow between 2:00P.M. and 10 so I'll be up pretty late tomorrow. So I hope I get a chance to talk to you.


She flipped through more letters and it was mostly praises about the site and how great it was. She continued to read letters until she got a private message. Clicking on the name she opened a separate window.


Hey. What's up?


I heard about ur site from a friend. I was wondering if u could help.


That's what I'm here for. Lol


Heh sorry about dat. Well I hav a problem keeping my mind off of a girl. I love her so much and she means the world to me but I'm afraid if I get close to her that I just might hurt her. Than there's dis gurl at skool who likes me and I respect her and enjoy being with her but… Well I don't know wat to do. Dat's wat I need help with.

Aya smiled. It was a typical love triangle and it was cute. She dealt with messages like these before and she hated giving the same advice again.


To be honest. I've dealt with love triangles like this a lot. I never had been in love before, Tell me. How long have you known these two girls?


The gurl that I lov, I known her for my whole life and the gurl who likes me, I know her ever since kindergarten. I know that you must have stumbled upon this type of problem but it's different. I know ur going to say something like follow ur heart but it's difficult. I made a bargain w/god that the gurl I love should never know my true feelings. I promised god I wouldn't ever tell her how a feel as long as I could stay by her side forever.

Aya paused and thought for a moment. This guy was serious about this and she didn't know what to say. He didn't stumble upon any problem like his but she had to say something.


Are u still there?


Yeah sorry about that. This is hard and it's rattling my brain right now. If you made a bargain to god than why don't you stay with that bargain and admirer her from a far. As long as you can be with her you should be happy. If the reason you can't be with her is that serious than you should take my advice and-

"Aya, Aki dinner!" Her mother yelled from down stairs.


-stick with the promise you made.


Sounds easier than it actually is. I gtg. TTYL.

Aya logged off but was disappointed that she couldn't think of anything better to say. That was the lamest advice she had thought up and she knew it. She didn't want to slack off and the next private message she would receive she would defiantly do her best to think up something better than that.

She went down stairs as her brother followed behind moments later. "So sis. Stuck on that computer of yours as usual."

"Yeah. You should get a computer so you can see how interesting it is. Get yourself into new technology." She looked at the CD player in his hands and smiled. "Have you heard of an Ipod?"

"I'll stick to my CD player thank you very much." Sitting at the table her mother set plates in front of them, pouring rice into their bowls beside them they started to eat.

"How was your first day of school Aya?" She looked up at her mother. Ever since her father died her mother hated eating at the dinner table in silence. She always expected for someone to talk and if no one did she would start off the conversation.

"It was normal. Boring as usual."

"How about you Aki?"

"It's the same." Aki gulped down some water as he finished. The room became amiably silent as she thought. She couldn't get the conversation she had on the Internet out of her head. She wanted to figure out how forbidden this love between a man and a woman could be for him to have bargain with god. She flew out ideas in her mind as she shoved food into her mouth. Maybe there two families who hate each other or maybe she's pregnant with another guy's baby and the guy left her or maybe-

"Are you okay Aya?" She darted her eyes between her mother and Aki.

"Oh I was just thinking."


"S-School." With a reassuring smile on her face Aki and her mother got into a conversation about his future. Tuning them out she went back to her thoughts. No one knew about her website, not her brother or her best friends, no one. She didn't want anyone to know, she just wanted one thing to her self and the computer was that one thing.

"No way!" She bolted out of bed and quickly got dressed. Grabbing her bag beside her bed she rushed down stares and out the door. Glancing at her watch each block she ran by she would curse. She doubled curse as she thought about her damn brother who didn't wake her up for school.

"I'm an hour late. I thought I set my clock last night." Running down block after block she panted as her body gave away and she was forced to stop running. Aya walked as she took a breath, she turned the corner and winced as she fell back on her butt. "Damn."

"Are you alright?" Toya knelt down beside her and placed a hand on her shoulder. She gazed up at him and blushed.

"I'm fine." She hit his hand off of her shoulder and rapidly got to her feet. Pain struck her ankle, finding herself on her knees she cursed under her breath. This couldn't be happening to her and the worst part wasn't that her ankle was sprained; it was that she was with a guy that made her ultimately uncomfortable to be with.

Aya gasped as Toya lifted her off of the floor. She instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck so she wouldn't fall. He carried her away from the school. "What are you doing? The high school is that way." Aya held on this his neck as he smiled.

"School? There's no school today. It's a holiday today."

"A holiday?"

"Labor day." He laughed and his laughter made her blush.

"Um do you think you can let me down? I can walk home from here." She didn't want his to know how embarrassing it was for her to be held like that.

"Your ankle is sprained and it starting to swell. I'll take you to my house and I'll put ice on it and call your parents." She panicked. No way she wanted to be with him in his house. She thought about the things Chidori would say when she would arrive in her brother's arms. It was to embarrassing to even think of such a thing. She looked around and realized that they weren't going toward the direction of Chidori's home. She walked there all the time and she knew exactly what street to take but he wasn't walking any where near the house.

"Where are you taking me?"

"My home. Oh you were expecting to go to Chidori's home. Well there not home and I would have taken you there if Chidori was there but she's not."

"You have another house?"

"I live alone." Her grip around his neck tightened as the word alone rang in her ears. She didn't want to be alone with him, it was way to embarrassing and way to weird to be alone with a guy in a house. Toya didn't seemed like a bad guy but she hated being alone in a house with a guy other than her brother. "You seemed tense."

"I'm not tense." She couldn't help that her shoulders stiffened because she wasn't use this at all.

"Does it bother you to be alone with me?"

"No. Not at all. It's not like anything's going to happen." She nearly fainted as she realized what she just had said. In a panic she would never think before she talked and that was a flaw about herself that she hated.

"What if something does happen?" Toya smirked at her.

"Like if my leg heals fast enough that you'll put me down and I can go home and not go to your home." She stupidly suggested.

"No, maybe something like, our lips accidentally connecting." He looked at the girl in his arms. She was cute and he could tell from the beginning he met her that he was the last person on earth she wanted to be with. She acted the opposite from how the other girls acted toward him. She was different, the situation he was in was different.

"Put me down right now!" She demanded as she attempted to squirm her way out of his grasp. He held her tightly preventing her to fall.

"I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Calm down." She still continued to squirm and his grip was loosening.

"Put me down now!"

"I was joking. You'll hurt yourself if you move around like that." Everything he said didn't get through to her. She just stubbornly tried to get to the ground even though it meant more pain. All she wanted was to get away from him. Toya could feel his strength dissipating from her arms as he struggled to keep her in his arms. With no other choice he stared at her to find an opening and as he did, Aya froze and stopped moving. He departed his lips from hers and he stared at the emptiness in her eye. "Aya are you-"

She let out a scream that related to the screams in horror movies. "Why you!" She clenched her hand into a fist as she was at a lost of words.

"Why are you screaming? It wasn't like it was your first kiss." Toya began to walk toward his apartment and let out a sigh of relief as he turned a corner. He didn't remember a time when he was this glade to see his home. Aya grew ominously quiet and he looked down at her concern and noticed the slight redness set on her cheeks. She glared up at him.

"What?" She said coldly as she averted her eyes and looked at the apartment that they approached.

"Don't tell me that was your-"

"No! You were not my first kiss!" She gritted her teeth as he went up stairs to the second floor as they went through the corridor and got to the last door he opened the door that he didn't bother to lock and went inside. He immediately placed her on the couch and headed toward the kitchen that was practically connected to his living room and grabbed an ice pack out of the refrigerator.

"You're pretty defensive when you said that." He placed the ice pack on her right ankle and sat beside her.

"Said what?" She leaned back on the couch and her muscles eased up a bit as she closed her eyes.

"That I wasn't your first kiss." Her eyes shot open and gave him a dark glare.

"So I was your first kiss." Toya placed a hand under her chin as he moved closer to her. Her shoulders tensed up once again but she remained in the same position as she continued to glare at him.

"You're trying to fluster to me but it isn't going to work."

"I was your first kiss right?" He smirked and she just turned her head.

"So what? If you were my first kiss it doesn't really matter." She spat out in anger.

"Than let me kiss you again but this time. Don't scream." Aya was flustered and she stared at him as he inched his way toward her lips.

"No you don't!" She shoved a pillow in his face, he leaned back and grabbed the pillow from her hands. All she did was gave him glares but in return she just received a smile. Her hands shook in anger as she clenched her hand tightly into a fist. The man in front of her annoyed her so much. "You're a pain and if you try anything I'll-"

She lunged toward her and pinned her hands on the couch and silenced her with a kiss. She widened her eyes as she looked up at the ceiling. Not again. She screamed in her head as he withdrawn his lips he stared down at her.

"You're cute when you're flustered like that." He gripped her wrist that was positioned above her head. He moved in for another kiss but immediately stopped as thunder echoed throughout the house. He looked at the window in the kitchen as rain began to fall. "It seems like you'll be staying here for a while."

Aya looked up at him as he smirked down at her and trembled as thunder sounded once again. How was she going to get out of this mess? She couldn't get out of his grasp and if she could she couldn't run let alone walk. She was in trouble and she couldn't believe she was in such a mess.

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