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It was something out of a letter she once read. The girl was crushing on this guy 5 years older than her. She was 15 and he was 20. The 20-year-old guy was a teacher and obviously she was the student. He was the most cutest guy/teacher at the school and she automatically fell in love with the guy as every girl did also. She offered him home made treats and after a week or so he asked the girl to visit him at his home to discuss a paper that she wrote. She agreed with such excitement and when she got there he made her dinner and that's when she got her first kiss. She loved him and wanted to be with him but the age difference was too much and her parents wouldn't allow such a thing for their daughter.

Love does play it's toll on the heart but the situation she was in wasn't love. She didn't love him or knew him for the matter of fact she hated Toya. The cocky bastard had her pin to the couch and she couldn't help but glare up at him. The rain didn't let down and it just added to the hell that she was in. "Let me go!" Aki always warned her about guys like him but as stubborn as she was she didn't listen to him about always carrying pepper spray in her pocket. She would have sprayed him a long time ago if she had her hands free and if she even had the spray in the first place but it was collecting dust beside her computer.

"Why would I want to do that? You said it didn't matter." Toya smirked and he just received the same look from her as always. With the scowl she had on her face he could admit that she looked better mad than she was happy. Well he wouldn't know what she looked like happy because all she did was glare at him.

"Well it does matter to me. So let me go rig-" The hands that wrapped tightly around her wrist soon deteriorated and he sat up, letting her go. She was baffled at his actions, not that she was expecting him to do anything but it was different from what she saw on T.V. Girls like her in that position would have- well lets just say she wouldn't be a virgin anymore whether she wanted to or not.

"You seemed surprised."

"Well I am."

"You thought I wasn't going to let you go." He said in sort of malicious way. Toying with her mind did make his day and it was way to easy.

"Shut it. Just give me a phone."

"Well your quite commanding. Can't you say please?"

"Just give me the phone now!" She couldn't remember a time when she had such a headache. It wasn't like her to lose her cool but this guy she hardly even knew, was taunting her, he was trying to get the best of her.

"Why don't you say please first and I'll be glade to get up and give you one."

Gritting her teeth she clenched her hand into a fist and wanted to strike at him. Instead of saying please she got hold of the collar of his shirt. "If you don't get me it right now I'll-"

Holding her head in place he gave her another peck on the lips although this so-called peck lasted for almost a minute. Aya shoved him away and gave him a hard slap on the cheek. She soon smiled at the slight shock that appeared on his face as he turned his head and look at her. Now that he got what he solemnly deserved, she'll get the phone brought to her and she can escape from this nightmare and never see him again. "Now that I slapped you into reality. Get me the phone." She commanded.

"I think I'm liking you even more than before." Getting up, he smiled down at the boisterous girl. He never did receive a hit before and it did surprise him. The closest thing he got to a slap like that was when his sister would be mad at him for some idiotic reason whether it would be missing her birthday or not getting her a present.

"You're annoying. Just get me the damn phone… please." She cringed as that one polite word slipped out of her mouth. It felt like poison melting through her gritting teeth.

"Now, that wasn't to hard or was it?" With a smirk still placed on his face he walked across the living room and into a room. Closing the door behind him she waited for him to come back. She didn't understand why he closed his door, it wasn't like she was nosy or for the matter of fact could get up to look at what ever it was behind that door.

Opening the door, Toya tossed her the phone. "Who are you going to call? Don't you just want to stay over? Its pouring outside and you wouldn't need to worry about school tomorrow. I'll escort you there and as we enter school grounds you can hold my hand."

"Jezz. You maybe good looking but you're a total ass. Like hell I'll be caught holding your hand."

"So you think I'm good looking?" He inquired.

"Looks aren't everything. You conceited bastard." She stared at the cell phone in her hand and arched an eyebrow. She jammed her fingers on every button on the phone but it didn't do anything. No numbers, no light, it was a black screen. It didn't work.

"Something wrong." Toya glanced at her as she pressed the buttons on the phone in frustration.

"What's wrong with this phone." She continued hitting the keys but again, nothing. She averted her eyes to Toya as he tossed an object in his hand. "What is that?" She followed the object with her eyes as Toya flew it up in the air and caught it in his hands and tossed it up continuously.

"The batteries." He smiled as she glanced at the phone once again. Aya would have gotten up and smack him upside the head if her leg wasn't sprained.

"Why you. Give that stupid thing to me now!" She was at the point where she wanted to just get up and kill him. It didn't matter if her ankle was in pain. She just wanted that smile on his face to disappear but she tried to remain as calm as possible.

"How about a trade?" He caught the battery and held it in his hand.

"And what trade would that be?"

"The battery for a date." Aya laughed and shook her head. It was a joke, she would never do such a thing and she rather stay the night than go on a date with him although the thought of staying the night with him made chills run down her spine.

"No way. Just give me the battery or I swear I'm going to get up and walk home. I don't care about the state I'm in. Now are you going to give me the damn battery or am I going to strain my self even more and stumble out of here."

He sighed. "It's raining. You're going to walk about 8 blocks in the pouring rain with a sprain ankle." As energetic as Aya was he knew she wasn't that stupid. It was something of a bluff for her to say that. He could see right through her, the pain was unbearable. All the time she would move she would cringe her teeth. She was mad but she also tried to take the pain that coursed through her leg.

"Yeah I would walk in the rain! I don't care about the pain. This pain doesn't compare to what I've been through!" Her knuckles were white from clenching her hands tightly into a fist. Sliding her legs off of the couch and on to the floor she slowly got up and widened her eyes at the electricity of pain that traveled up her body. She grunted and fell to her knees.

"What the hell. Jezz." He picked her up in his arms and shook his head. "You take things way to serious." Flashing her a smile he set her down before she could yell at him to let her go. Aya fell back and laid on the couch, not wanting to waste her breath from a useless argument that won't solve anything. She stared up at the ceiling and as soon as you knew it Toya's face came into view.

"What?" She spat out.

"Here." Letting out his hand with the battery in it, Aya bolted up right and reached out to grab it. Toya withdrew his hand with the battery still in it and pressed his lips upon hers. She immediately moved back and as she did, swiped the battery out of his hand.

"You're so annoying." She wiped her mouth with the palm of her hands and shot a hellish glare at the boy who smiled as he walked to the kitchen. Putting the battery in place and turning on the phone, she dialed her brothers cell phone number. Her mind trailed off as she listened to the rhythmic pattern, ring after ring. She wouldn't have been in this argument with Toya if her mother had just bought her a cell phone. Her mother always refused to buy her a cell phone since she labeled her as an irresponsible teenager. The only time her mother's statement was true was when she would come home late and miss dinner as she spent long hours singing Karaoke at a near by restaurant with her friends.

"Hello?" The voice cut through her thoughts and a sigh of relief escaped.

"I thought you weren't going to answer Aki. Where are you?"

"I'm at work." Aya glanced at her watch that read 10:45 A.M.


"Yeah. If this rain doesn't lighten up I think I'm staying over at the grocery store for the night. I'm taking the extra room up stairs. So what's up? Whose phone are you using?" She hesitated to speak as she tried to find the right choice of words.

" Can you pick me up and bring me home?" She questioned hoping for a yes.

"I can't Aya. The rains really pouring today. I can barely see across the street. It's to dangerous to drive."

"But Aki I-"

"Where are you anyways?"

"I'm at Chidori's house." She quickly said.

"Than stay there for the night."

"Alright, alright." She gave up. As much as she wanted to leave this place, she would rather suffer a night there than put her brother in danger. "I'll see you later than." Hanging up the phone, she laid on her back and groaned. "This is so stupid." She whispered.

"My sister's house huh? Well I thought you would say that." Toya said from the kitchen, obviously eavesdropping on her conversation. She raised the phone, completely ignoring Toya and started to dial Chidori's cell.

"Hey bro, Wassup?" She said in a rather high cheerful voice. Aya stayed silent for a while, What would her best friend say if she heard her voice on her brother's cell phone. "I should have thought things through." she stayed silent trying to think of a way out of this mess. "Brother are you there?"

Toya walked up and sat beside her. He stared down at her with a smile as she glared up at him as always. "I can't believe you called my sister on my cell phone. What are you going to tell her?… Oh I know you can tell her your spending the night with me." She laid there, staring up at him as she thought things through although she didn't have anytime to think, with her hand on the phone's mic she let out an irritable sigh.

"Tell Chidori to cover for me if my brother calls. I don't want him to find out that I'm staying alone with a guy."

"Brother are you there? I swear if you don't talk to me right now I'm going to kill you when you visit again." Chidori said through the other end.

"No." He simply said with a big malicious smile on his face.

"What do you mean no? You have to get me out of this."

"I want something in return."

"Like what?" She said in a panic as Chidori screamed through the phone.

"A date." Aya gave him a dark glare but he was too happy at the situation she was in to even notice.

"Fine. Fine. Whatever just talk to her." She shoved the phone toward his face and he gladly took it. She laid there, hearing Toya's side of the conversation.

"Hey Chidori. Sorry about the long wait. I was making a proposition." He smiled down at the angered Aya as he continued.

"I wanted to tell that Aya called me. She told me to tell you to cover for her. If her brother calls tell him that she's with you alright."

"Okay that's about it Sis. I'll explain later. See ya." Hanging up the phone he set it down beside him.


"You don't need to thank me. You can thank me on our date tomorrow."

"Tomorrow! That soon!"

"Well I want our relationship to start as soon as possible." Aya crossed her arms as she laid there on the couch. She got her self into this mess and the only way she could get her self out of it was to go on a date with the so-called Hottest guy in school. She didn't care if he was handsome or even popular, all she cared about was getting out of this situation as fast as she could.

"So you're staying the night?" Toya broke through Aya's angered thoughts and looked up at him.


"Well I only have one bed. You wouldn't mind sharing the bed with me. Would you?"

"I rather sleep on the floor." She said with an ill-tempered tone.

He laughed. "Fine. I'll sleep on the couch tonight and you'll get the bed." She growled as he slightly moved toward her. He was trying to land another kiss but as soon as he glanced at the mid-evil aura of anger that surrounded her he smiled and got up. "Always glaring at me as usual."

She sat up and her eyes followed him as he went into the kitchen. "I'll get through it, I'll get through it, I'll get through it." She repeated over and over again, trying to calm herself down and reassure her self that everything was going to be all right.

As she stared at him the more she worried. He was a perv, who tried every chance he got to lay his lips on hers. She didn't want to stay there, She didn't want to sleep in the same house with him. She didn't want to go on a date with him but as fate put it she had no choice! She calmed her self again as she repeated I'll get through it numerous times in her head.

"So what do you want to do?" Toya asked as he looked down at her. She widened her eyes not even noticing he was there in the first place. She thought too much and as she shook her thoughts away she immediately sat up.

"I don't want to do anything but sit here."

"Don't you think that's a little boring?"

"Well do you have computer?" She inquired.

He got up and headed toward his room, closing the door behind him once again. She cocked an eyebrow, not knowing what he was doing in that room of his until he came out with a laptop tucked under his arm.

"You have a laptop. No way! Can you go on the internet with that thing?"

"Yup. Wireless." He went up to her and set the computer on her lap. "There you go." He said with a charming smile. "Anything else my lady."

Looking at him with confusion and also suspicious at the same time, she opened the laptop. "No. I don't need anything else but for you to leave but thankyou." She gave him an ever so small smile. He nodded and compiled to what he was told.

Surfing the Internet she had a smile plastered on her face. She couldn't believe how incredible fast it was going. Page after page it took a blink of an eye to upload. After 12 minutes of surfing numerous of things such as new recipes for low calorie diet, and trying to find a place in Japan where low price CDs were being sold, she went to her teen-to-teen website. A minute after she logged on, there was a PM blinking at the bottom of the screen.

"1teacherspetMiOrI. Haven't talked to her in a while." Clicking the PM and opening up to a new window she began.


Hey Miori. Never talked for a while.


I know. I'm so uber happy. It was like the most fantastic, most marvelous day of my short-lived life. It was uber great!


What happen? For you to say "Uber" two times in a sentence it must be pretty great.


Of course it's great. Well not great but perfect. Ken asked me to marry him but I didn't say anything to him but just hugged him. It was all perfect. We sat under a tree looking out at the beautiful ocean and that's when he proposed to me but my parents. I still haven't told them. I'm scared to tell them. I'm so stupid because I haven't given him a reply to his proposal yet. I don't know what to do.


I've been talking to you for almost 2 months now. I know you so well, you're like my best friend. You've been telling me your day with him ever since than. You're 15 Miori and your parents would defiantly not allow this marriage but…. Reading your days with him, you seem very happy but as your best friend please listen to me when I say that you should slow things down. He's 20 years old and things can get difficult, you have your life ahead of you and please take a few years to decide, don't decide now. If he loves you than he can wait don't you think? But let me ask you this… How do you feel about the whole thing?


I feel ultimately happy and thrilled up to my head and I know he's the one. I want to marry him…to be with him forever.


Miori just wait… you got a lot of time. Your young and you can wait at least a year to get yourself married.

:sigh: Well you are a best friend to me to and I know what you say to me is some what logical and the best choice for me to choose. So I guess I'll wait a week before giving him an answer.


A week! How did a year push over to a week? Jezz I know you're hopelessly in love but can't you wait! You don't know if he's the right one and you know… men can be such jerks.


00 Ummm Ms.Advisory, are you okay. You seem a bit angry. Look at all those exclamation points. I can't help but tell by your choice of words that you're upset.


Oh…lol.. sorry about that but I'm in a mess myself.


oh really. Than why don't you tell me about it? Maybe I can help.


Funny. It seems like we've switch places LOL but that's okay. I can't stay on to long. The computer I'm using isn't mine so I better be considerate and not be on it to long. Maybe next time.


I better be going to. I have a date but before you go I need one more advice.


Sure. That's what I'm here for.


I'm going to a fancy restaurant. Should I wear a strapless dress or a long sleeved dress?


Defiantly the strapless. Lol… It's your night to shine above the rest. Have fun.


Thanks a lot. I thought so to. Talk to you later.

Closing the window she sighed. Miori did have problems on her shoulders but with those problems she was still happy. Aya wondered, with the problem she was in, she could maybe be a little more nicer to Toya. A picture flashed in her mind and she soon glared. "No way! That bastard kissed me. All he's going to receive from me is a glare."

Glancing at the screen she received another PM. It was a new screen name and as she looked at it she knew that she'll remember that name forever, she opened up the window not knowing what to expect from this person.



Dieing is just the firststep2my happiness666:

Like my name?


No. It kind of bothers me. What the hell is that supposed to mean.

Dieing is just the firststep2my happiness666:

:Smirk: It's a statement that I think is true. Well this statement goes out to you.


What the hell do you mean out to me?

Dieing is just the firststep2my happiness666:

Take my advice and follow your father to hell, Mikage!

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