She tiptoes quietly, giggling inside as she trails the black-dressed man, her own simple white smock blending with the surrounding marble walls.

He glares over his shoulder at her, one eye hidden under the veil of purple she likes to call his 'emo fringe' but keeps walking at a brisk pace.

"If we're caught," he says conversationally, striding along, "I'm not getting you out."

"Out of what?" another giggle; she's having fun, definitely enjoying herself.

He sighs at the answer – more of a huff, she thinks cheekily – and increases his speed.

She gives an almost-wail, a small sound of protest at this and hurries after him; she knows he's heard her, and she knows that he knows that she doesn't like it when he goes faster, but of course, he does it anyway.

They're coming closer, closer to their target. She suddenly nearly trips in her slippers, a seemingly impossibly feat considering that they're as plain as the rest of her garments, except for the fact that they are several sizes larger than they should be.

He glances back, a tinge of worry evident in his expression, and she waves him and her stumble off carelessly, although secretly elated at the emotion from him. It isn't often that one can elicit a look other than of anger or just downright sulkiness from the purple-haired boy.

There's a passage up ahead, not so different from the others except that there's a light coming from it that signifies that it's a doorway with something within. Zexion's heading right for it, too – must be where they're going.

And when they turn, a delicious odour greets them. The smell of a freshly baked chocolate cake… nothing really better, especially for the girl who eats healthy and plain. Shock horror there – even her food's nothing different to the rest of her.

Even Zexion smiles, just slightly, but he wraps one long-fingered hand about her tiny wrist and pulls her in; maybe he's forgotten in the thrill that he's supposed to be cold and distant at all times, although she doesn't mind at all.

The cake looks absolutely divine. Huge, about three layers of actual cake, with chocolate cream between each layer, and chocolate icing that has to be real solid chocolate in between.And it's right before them.

Oh, wow.

Solemnly the boy picks up a splade and passes it to her. She accepts it as thought it is a sacred ritual. He takes one for himself, and raises his eyebrows at her; she shrugs as though it doesn't matter, and instantly they dive into the cake.

Chocolate has never tasted so sweet… the first mouthful is wonderful, but so is the second and third and eventually the ones she can't count, and by the looks of it he's eaten at least as much as she has, he's having at least as much of a time.

Then it happens. She takes a step backwards, deciding to spare a moment to witness their destruction thus far, and she treads on something. Something in black, with blonde hair, and rapidly turning red…

"Oh, gawd." Zexion says, as Larxene rises up like a vengeful goddess – maybe zombie fits better though, judging by how her eyes are so glazed over.

"…Oops?" Naminé says.

She's definitely slipped up this time.

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