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FBI Seize Building in Delaware By: Sierra Collins

Pictures by: Nathan Miller

The FBI has seized a Building that graces the Delaware shoreline. Formally known as the Centre in Blue Cove, Delaware has been invaded by the FBI and local law enforcement. The people that have worked there have been taken into custody. No word on what they have to say yet. The word is that some information was leaked and when the FBI read what was going on they took action. No one knows who leaked the information and why he or she did it. When the locals were asked what they thought went on in the building noone knew what exactly went on inside. We have been luckily enough to get an inside view of the place. Pictures were taken of some of the offices and other places.

We will keep everyone updated on what is happening to this giant place and the people who were inside.

Dallas, Texas

Jarod had just finished his latest pretend and packed up his belongings and got into his car. He went to the newsstand and picked up a paper and nearly dropped it when he read the headline. He quickly got into his car and drove off. What had happened to Miss Parker, to Sydney? What about Angelo? Questions were going through his head. He knew that he had to get to Blue Cove, Delaware and fast.

Jarod had just gotten into town and got a hotel room. He set up his laptop and waited for it to load. He quickly hooked up to the Internet and browsed around trying to find anything on what has been happening. He couldn't find anything yet. He decided to go out and try to find somebody who knew what had happened.

First he had to see the Centre. He felt that it was safe enough to let himself be seen since everyone was in jail now.

He walked up the hill and looked at the Centre. He remembered when he did the pretend in the NSA and found out who hurt and killed Eddie. He never felt safe in this part of the world and still never did. He shuddered as he saw the Centre.

"Are you okay?"

He turned to find a woman behind him.

"I'm fine."

"It's a little creepy isn't it?"


"As in a horror show?"

"Oh. I've seen a horror show for Halloween. When you get to eat lots of candy."

She looked at him strangely.

"Hi. My name is Sierra Collins."

"Hi. My name is Jarod."

"Hello Jarod. So why are you here?"

"I wanted to know what happened to the people?"

"They are in jail and awaiting trail. They might get a chance to get out on bail, but not sure."

"Thank you."

"You're Welcome."

"I have to go now." Ready to get out of sight of the Centre.

He walked to his car and drove away to his hotel room.