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By: 24

Agent Dresden looked at the paper and saw the pictures in there. He had seen Jarod just a few minutes ago and went to go grab him. They needed to get this one last person.

Jarod paced the jail cell and wondered what was going to happen to him. He after all was the one that was responsible for killing and hurting so many people. It didn't matter to him that he didn't know what was happening to his Sims, which is why he did what he did. He finally stopped pacing and sat on the cot. He knew that this would happen.

The trails had started the next day and it was first Mr. Parker's and Mr. Raine's turn. Mr. Raines and Mr. Parker were charged for their crimes for kidnapping and other crimes. Without the possibility of parole.

Miss Parker hadn't been charged with only a few crimes.

Jarod wasn't charged with anything. The jury of the trial felt that he had enough hardache to last a lifetime and let him go.

Sydney was charged with various crimes in helping with the simulations and also without the possibility of parole.

Sierra stared at the computer after she typed the last letter. She was glad that they had let him go free. It wasn't his fault in what he did as a child and as an adult in the Centre.He had tried to make up for all the pain he caused by his pretends and while he did that he made the world a better place by helping people.

The End