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Peyton was drawing what look like an arena of a basketball game; it had everything a basketball game would have, the fans, and the team, not to mention the cheerleaders. She was about to start drawing the most important part in the picture when she heard Lucas call her name.

She turned her head towards the left and faced Lucas, staring into him with her green eyes. "Huh?" She pushed out.

"I didn't agree to drive this long just so you can doodle." Lucas said, causing Peyton's jaw to drop and smack his arm.

"I am not just 'doodling' my friend, it is a masterpiece in progress, a inspiring masterpiece might I add." Peyton's nose hung in the air as she rearranged herself in the passenger seat of her car, pulling her legs up and underneath her body. "How dare you even call it doodles?" She laughed, clearly joking.

Lucas couldn't help but laugh as well. It was rare when Peyton smiled, let alone laughed and joked around; most of the time Peyton was closed off and moody. "So, how are you doing these days?" Lucas asked, trying to smooth into the next conversation he was about to have.

Peyton closed her sketchbook and laid it in the backseat, slightly shifting her body to face Lucas. "Oh you know, the usual; Brooke is hung up on every which boy in Tree Hill, and Nathan and Haley having their issues with that Chris dude, who if you asked me, should be neutered so he can never procreate; seriously, that would be a true downfall on the economy. And I haven't talked to Jake in about two, full months now. Oh and my dad, I think the last time I talked to him was…the night before that awesome house party Haley James threw a couple weeks ago. No wait, that was a month ago too." Peyton smiled sarcastically.

Lucas asked himself why he had even asked. But he couldn't help but understand now why she was doing drugs; no one was there for her. He was going to turn that around pretty quick, even he pissed Peyton off. She was just going to have to get over it, because he was the only one who cared enough to notice something was off and to help fix it.

"Peyton, that all really sucks, but you didn't really tell me how you, Peyton Sawyer, have been. That's who I asked about, isn't it?" Lucas stared Peyton down with his big, blue eyes, searching deep inside of her leaving her feeling quite naked.

She started fidgeting with her coat zipper. "Yeah I guess; I am sorry Luke. I am doing okay I guess, some days better than others you know?" Peyton looked at him with her eyes, so sad and so angry. Lucas always worried about her, even before they were friends.

"Yeah, I hear you." Lucas gripped the steering wheel and mentally kicking himself for not being able to bring the subject at hand. He snuck an innocent glance at Peyton who was looking at the scenery racing past them, her crazy blonde curls dancing in the air around her face. "She is so beautiful…" Lucas mumbled.

"What?" Peyton turned around.

"Nothing just tired. Whitey has us running so many laps since we lost the championship." Lucas lied.

"Well maybe it is doing you some good after all." Peyton said.

Lucas raised an eyebrow. "I am not sure I know what you mean by that Peyton Sawyer."

Peyton smiled, "Well, you know, your legs have become a bit chickeny." Peyton started to laughed loudly, knowing Lucas had nothing to top that one.

Lucas laughed and hung his head low. "Props, props to you Miss Sawyer."

After the laughter had died down Lucas decided that it was a good time to pop the question. "So, Peyton can I ask you something?" Lucas' eyes raced around, not staying one thing for any long amount of time. He was nervous, knowing Peyton was going to freak.

Peyton wiped some of her curls out of her face. "Yeah, sure Luke, what is it?"

Lucas looked at Peyton one last time before he took a deep breath. "Why were you doing coke with Rick and Tric the other night?" Lucas finally got it out. He felt a hell of a lot better, but then again he had yet to look at what Peyton's face was. He imagined it to be full of anger and "How dare you!" But when he finally got enough nerve to look at her, he was shocked of what was before him. Peyton was crying.


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