Denial and Perseverance

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Strategic Avoidance and Less Than Subtle Hints


If I could have one wish, I would use it to wish that Demyx Dincht would leave me alone. For him to just back off- give me some space. That would be the greatest blessing I could ask for.

It all started the summer before third grade when our moving van pulled into his neighborhood. It is now the middle of eleventh grade, which means almost a whole eight years of strategic avoidance and less then subtle hints to make him leave me alone. I've never been a social butterfly, just kept to myself. So talking was never my strongest point, I only talked when needed. I do have friends, mind you, so don't think I cut myself off from everyone else. But Demyx, that boy never shuts up, always rambling about what he had for breakfast or something pointless like that. I never welcomed Demyx into my life with open arms, even when I first saw him.

He didn't just barge into my life, nope. He fucking barged, pushed, and shoved his way into my life. My dad and I were unloading the moving van, him taking the larger boxes while I handled the small ones. The house we were settling into was pretty decent. A beige paint over the whole house, a screened porch, two stories, and just looked nice and normal overall. Much like our pervious home, just different paint. We had to move because dad got a new job that paid better then his last, but it was pretty far away. Luckily, there was a vacant house near his workplace, the house I now lived in.

The way I met Demyx was the day we were unloading. I bent down to pick up a rather heavy box filled with some of my father's books, as I closed my eyes, using all my eight-year-old strength, I picked it up and found it was lighter then estimated. Opening my eyes, I saw why. A boy my age with messy dirty blonde hair was helping me. He had bright blue eyes, filled with playfulness. Our eyes made contact and he just gave me a goofy grin, a grin that I would soon see almost everyday. I just gave him a confused look, but decided to accept his help. Hey, the box was heavy. We carefully carried the box to the edge of the van, placing it there and then we both jumped down.

I reached up to pull the box down to the ground, but the dirty blonde boy stuck his arm out, stopping me.

"Don't worry! I got this!" He cheerfully said. The boy slipped his hands in handle holes on each side of the box and pulled it down to the grass. "Wow, that was pretty heavy! What's in it?"

"My dad's books." I answered him.

"He must like to read. Do you like to read?"

I just nodded, wondering when this boy would leave.

"Readings fun, but I like to sing and listen to the radio more."

I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable by then. He was talking so casually, while I wasn't used to talking. His constant talking was starting to get annoying.

"Hey! Who are you and what are you doing here?" That was my dad. He had come back outside to get another box. Some people say that my dad and I are very similar, but I never saw the resemblance.

"Hi! I'm just helping you guys out!" The boy had said, smiling widely.

My dad's eyes narrowed. "Thank you for your offer, but we do not need your help."

"Really? It sure looked like you guys did." He said as he folded his arms.

My dad and I didn't like that last comment. We were perfectly capable of moving our own boxes, though I won't say that I'm not grateful for his help on that one box.

The boy proceeded to go back into the moving truck, and was about to move another box until my dad shouted, "Hey! You! Get out of there! There are some very valuable things in there!"

"Well, how about this one? it doesn't have that label on it." He scooted a box over into our view to show us that it didn't have 'fragile' on it. "Without the label-thingy, that means it's not breakable, right?" Label-thingy, wow. You would think that his vocabulary would have something more intelligible then 'label-thingy'. Sadly, it still hasn't improved much over the years.

"No!" My dad yelled. He walked over to the dirty blonde and picked him up, getting him out of the moving truck. After he placed him on the ground, he asked, "Isn't your mother worried about where you are? Maybe you should head home, before she worries."

Even I could tell that my dad was trying to make him go home, but not he himself. Nope. That boy is probably the most thick-headed person I have ever met.

The boy shook his head. "My mommy knows where I am!" He then pointed at the house right across from ours. "That's where I live!"

I looked at the house where he said he lived, and so did dad. We both made the same slightly disgusted. Now, don't get me wrong, it wasn't all that run down, it was just that some of the paint was peeling off and the yard was weed ridden. I guess I just don't like anything unorderly.

My dad just muttered, "Great..." Then he looked at me and said slowly, "Son, I think your mother needs some help inside, why don't you go help her?" He raised an eyebrow and I immediately understood, he was helping me ditch Demyx. Sighing inwardly, I nodded. At first, I thought parents were so suppose to make their kids put up with others, no matter how annoying they were, but here was my dad, the shining contradiction to that unspoken parental rule. Oh, how I loved my dad at that moment.

But the love was short-lived, for apparently blondie had thought he was included in my dad's suggestion. The blonde boy grabbed my hand and headed to my new front door, before I could say anything to my dad.

Him pulling me into my own house was really getting my anger rising. I stopped right before he could open the door and pulled my hand out of his grip.

"What is wrong with you!" I shouted at him, though it came out a little bit meaner then I had intended.

Demyx had just stared at me with those bright blue eyes. "Don't you want to play?"


Blondie went quiet for awhile and I thought I had hurt his feelings. Nope, I learned the hard way that it takes a lot more then that to hurt his feelings. Holding out his hand, he introduced himself, "I'm Demyx!"

I was confused, he was just now introducing himself? What a weirdo. I raised my eyebrow and just answered, "I'm Zexion." I didn't bother shaking his hand. God know where those grimy hands have been.

A silence came after that and I decided to break it. "Shouldn't you go home?" I coldly asked. I didn't want him around anymore, his mere presence got on my nerves. It still does too.

"Well, if you don't wanna play today, I guess we'll just have to play tomorrow!" Demyx gave me another one of his goofy grins. "Bye-bye, Zexion!" And with that, he went back into his house, whistling as he did so.

I watched his dirty blonde head disappear into the house right across from me, and hoped that would be the last I would see of him.

Heh, I was so fucking wrong.

Everyday after that faithful day, he came over, asking if I could come out to play. And everyday, I would hide from his view from the door. Not very smart, but I was young at the time. Thankfully, dad would block Demyx and say that I was busy or doing something that couldn't be interrupted.

But if my evil, spiteful stepsister, Larxene would open the door, she practically welcomed Demyx inside with open arms. She was three years older then me and loved to make my life horrible. I was her main source of enjoyment when my parents were out. Screw TV, picking on me was way more enjoyable then watching a bunch of spoiled kids cry about their sixteenth birthday not going the way they planned. And with Demyx, oh, the fun she must have had.

One day when my parents had left to go grocery shopping, leaving Larxene in charge, Demyx came over to see if I could play. I spied from my place behind the couch, seeing what Larxene was going to do. To my horror, she smiled and even let the boy inside our home. I panicked, not knowing what to do. So I did the only thing that came to mind, run. Run as fast as I could, hoping Larxene would not catch me.

"Oh, no you don't!" I had heard my sister say. That caused me to break into a sprint, but it was too late. I felt her long nailed fingers grasp the collar of my shirt, pulling me backwards. I fell painfully on my butt.

"Hey, are you okay?" Now, that surely couldn't be my sister asking, so I turned around to see those bright blue eyes full on concern. Demyx grabbed my arm and hoisted me back onto my feet.

"You two have fun!" Larxene said, laughing as she did so. Oh, how I hate my sister. She knew I didn't want Demyx around, but she let him in anyways. I sighed in defeat, now I had to get him out myself, no dad to help.

Rubbing my butt, I asked him, "What do you want?"

"To play, silly!" He answered as if it was the most obvious thing.

"Play what?"

"Hm... I dunno, what do you wanna play?"

"I don't play." I answered him very bluntly. My answer was partly to just get rid of him and partly the truth. I didn't exactly play like any kid my age when I was little. Once I started school, I began to be more interested in books and science, not action figures and TV shows. The closet thing I probably did that was close to Demyx version of 'playing' was experimenting with my friend Vexen. Our experiments usually were seeing what would happen to worms if we left them in a bottle of something we mixed together and then compared it to what had happened to some roaches that had been in the same mixture.

"Oh." Demyx dumbly answered. "Then what do you want to do?" He asked with hopeful blue eyes.

"Look, I just want to be alone. Now, leave me alone." I said, pointing to the door, hoping he'd get the hint.

"Aw, c'mon!" He said in that annoyingly cheerful voice of his, ignoring my hint for him to leave. "Nobody wants to be alone!"

"Well, I do."

"How about we just watch some TV?" Demyx asked. Good God, he didn't know when to leave!

"I don't watch TV."

"You don't watch TV!" the blonde asked with wide blue eyes, filled with surprise.


"Then... what do you do for fun?"

"I read."

"But books are so boring!"

Okay, even young me did not like that comment. I was and still am a bookworm, so I didn't take kindly to that.

"Books are not boring. Now, this is going no where." I stated, trying to make my voice be as mean and forceful as an eight year old boy's voice could. Which I guess isn't very mean, Demyx just kept that goofy grin on his face.

"Well, we can always talk! Like, share some things about each other! Here, I'll start! Since I see you have an older sister, I have an older brother! His name's Zell and he's blonde too. Hey, why is you're sister a blonde while you have purple-ish hair? How did you get purple-ish hair?"

I was about to tell Demyx to leave, no sugar added, but the door opened again, revealing my parents. Relief had fallen over me and I happily ran to my dad, hoping that he would get rid of Demyx. I could tell he was about to from that annoyed look in his eyes, but my mom got to Demyx first.

"Why, hello there! I didn't know Zexion made a new friend so quickly! Normally, he doesn't talk to anyone so soon. So, what is your name, cutie?" Gah, typical mom. Loves cute things with a fiery passion. I guess Demyx registered as 'cute' in her eyes by the way she was cuddling him and pinching his cheeks. To my surprise, Demyx loved the attention, he didn't protest to any of it. He is such a weirdo.

"Hi! I'm Demyx! I was just playing with Zexy." I cringed behind my dad. Zexy. That was the birth of his nickname for me, and by the Gods I hated it so.

"Aw, how cute!" My mom squealed.

I looked pleadingly at my father, who took the hint immediately. He stepped up to my mom and put on a fake smile. Resting his hand on her shoulder, he said, "Honey, I think that the boy here should head home before it starts to get dark."

My mom looked out the window, seeing that the sky was turning orange. Glancing at Demyx, she said sadly, "Oh, I guess you're right, dear. Demyx, hon, you should get going now. You can continue playing with Zexion tomorrow." With a pat on his head, Demyx nodded.

"Okay! Bye-bye, Zexy!" He yelled right before slamming our front door.

My eye involuntarily twitched, I had a horrible prediction that Demyx would never leave me alone.


Fast forwarding to the present, I'm in eleventh grade right now, which means I'm sixteen. The school years halfway over, I've gotten through the year with my usual grades, (Straight 'A's, if you were curious.) and made a friend that sticks with me. No, not blondie. His name is Lexeaus, a very muscular and quiet guy. He has brown hair and very strong, defined facial features. I met him at the library when I was in sixth grade. We just had a small conversation one day and then each day we saw each other we would quietly talk. Our friendship evolved slowly, but it was worth it because he's nice and understanding. Not at all like blondie.

Now, don't get the wrong idea here. So far it sounds like some boy's rant about their life, yeah, I noticed. But it's not. This is a story of my plan to get rid of Demyx once and for all.


It was the first day of school after winter break, meaning that I wasn't used to waking up early in the morning. Two weeks of sleeping in each day is very hard to break, especially for me.

But my more then loving sister (Insert roll of eyes here.) decided to help me wake up, with her own special way of doing so. Yanking my sheets away and shoving me off my own bed, making me land with a very loud 'thud'. This morning I had fallen on face. Pleasant.

"Wake up, little bro!" Larxene said as she kicked my sleepy body.

"Mmph." That was all I could manage as I sat up, eyes still closed.

"You know," my sister said, her voice dripping with malice, "if you don't get up soon, you'll have less time to get ready which results in you running into Demyx on the way to school." I knew she had the world's biggest smirk on her pale lips. One of my avoidance ways was arriving at school earlier then Demyx, who was a late sleeper. That was what got me up. That and another swift kick from Larxene.

"Later, bro!" She called out in her horrible sing-song voice.

I heard my door close and I let out a groan, I did not feel like going to school today. I just wanted to sleep. Sleep equals a happy Zexion. No sleep equals a pissed off Zexion. And no one likes a pissed off Zexion. But there was one thing conflicting with that, Demyx. If I didn't leave early enough, he would catch up to me and bug the living hell out of me. If I did leave early, I would successfully avoid Demyx, but be in a very bitchy mood.

Nice and awake, but with Demyx talking my ear off or Demyx free, but be in a pissy mood all day.

Pissy mood it is!

I dragged my body to the bathroom to brush my teeth and comb my hair. You know, the regular stuff. I don't take showers because I take them the night before. I might start, to wake me up more, but it takes too much time.

"Zexion!" Called Larxene from somewhere downstairs.

"Hm?" I answered back, toothbrush still in my mouth.

"Get dressed and ready and get your scrawny butt down here!"

Scrawny butt, I do not have a scrawny butt! What a way to start a morning. I spit in the sink and wiped my mouth, and I put away my toothbrush. Slipping on my new shirt I got for Christmas (It was a simple blue T-shirt, nothing fancy.), khaki shorts, and socks.

"Get down here now, emo boy!"

I growled, I hate being called emo. So I were black? No. Do I bathe in self-pity? No. Am I anti-social? Well, in a different way then an emo. In the end, I. Am. Not. A. Emo. Grabbing a comb, I went down the stairs, combing as I did so.

"Hi, Zexy!"

I stopped halfway down the stairs, no way. Damn you, Larxene. Damn you to hell, bitch. There was my sister, standing next to the couch, looking as if Christmas had come around again and she got the best gift ever. Next to her was blondie, looking even more dumb in my eyes. I didn't even know it was possible. All I did was raise an eyebrow at Demyx, silently asking why the fuck he was here.

"Isn't that sweet? Your next door neighbor buddy wants to walk to school with you." Larxene said, knowing that I was not in a good mood at all. She walked up to me and pinched my cheek. Ugh, I hate that. Her long, sharp nails weren't making it any better either.

"So, Zexy, you ready?" Demyx asked me. I just shook my head and Larxene laughed again.

"Aw, this is just too cute!"

I glared at Larxene, who went to the kitchen, probably to get some cereal or something. Just then, my stomach growled loud. Someone up there did not like me today.

"Hungry? I'll go get you some breakfast!" Demyx happily said, racing towards my kitchen. Great, blondie's going to make a big mess out of my kitchen, just peachy. He was already in the kitchen before I could protest, damn. Sighing, I went up to my room and grabbed my school bag and slung it over my shoulder. I really hoped that there would be some way I could ditch the blonde. But so far, my luck was against me.

I headed downstairs again, this time not stopping, and decided to peak into the kitchen.

I saw a panicking Larxene and Demyx running around. Suddenly, I didn't feel so bad. From where I was standing, it looked as though Demyx or Larxene had attempted to make scrambled eggs and must've set it too high or something because they were, believe it or not, on fire.

"Holy shit, what do we do!" Larxene screamed.

"Uh... Uh!" Was all Demyx could say.

As they ran in circles, something dawned on me. No, not the sun, which had started to rise right at the moment, weird, eh?

This was the perfect time to not only ditch Demyx, but also leave my sister to get in trouble! Double score! With this new thought in mind, I raced out of my house happily. Leaving my bitch of a sister and the dumb blondie to deal with the egg fire on their own.


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