Denial and Perseverance

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Cue the Dramatic Gasps

The night zoomed by. I guess in my excitement time became non-existent until I glanced at the clock. I rummaged through my memory and finally remembered when Vexen would pick me up. After I had called Lexaeus, I called Vexen to tell Lexaeus he could come too and the time since Lexaeus had asked me and I had no clue. Lexaeus always remembered the important things to ask, unlike me.

So here we, Lexeaus and I, were. Just sitting in the living room. Waiting for Vexen. Who was running late. Getting. Me. Ticked. Off.

"Where the hell is Vexen?!" I said with rage oozing from every syllable.

"Give him a break, Zexion." Lexeaus said. We were sitting opposite from each other. He was sitting up right while I was slouched down on the arm rest. Chorus is fun, but I sure as hell am not going to practice my posture every day. "It's Saturday, your friend probably wants to rest a little."

"It's Saturday?"

After a brief period of silence, he said, "Yes. It is."

"Oh. Well, no need to look at me as if my intelligence was lower then Demyx's!"

Lexeaus's eyes widen and he said, "No need to be so touchy. Are you still freaked out that you have a gay admirer?" Lexeaus smiled a little. "And he could possibly be watching you every night."

I knew he was joking, but his joke had a pretty damn good chance of being correct. Blondie lives right across the street, it wouldn't be far for him at all.

I think I just died a little inside.

"What is the cause of your anger coming out more then usual?" Lexeaus asked.

"Demyx gave me a gift." I muttered.

"Was it something from a gay shop?"

"Well, thank the lord, no. It was a book."

Lexeaus thought for a moment and then said, "The Catcher in the Rye?"

I nodded. Lexeaus laughed. That book was the book I was reading when I first met Lexaeus and when he came over one day, he let me listen to a humorous song he found on the internet. Damn you, Adam and Andrew. Damn you to hell for that emo song. Though I do love that one gangster song they did. But they still suck for the emo song.

I could go into I-am-not-emo rant mode, but I won't. It wouldn't be good to get worked up before this little religious thing Vexen is taking us to.

I just groaned and turned over onto my belly.

"Do you want to get your clothes all messy before we even get in the van?"

"I don't care." I answered. I rolled over again, just to annoy Lexaeus. He just sighed in frustration. He's a bit OCD when it comes to clothes, especially when we have to go somewhere. It's fun to poke at that at times.

I laughed at his annoyed expression and sat up.

"Aww, did you two have a little lover's spat?" Larxene said as she peeked her head in the doorway. She left and giggled a second later. Dumb blonde.

Lexaeus turned his head toward the window, pointed, and said, "I think your friend has arrived."

I hopped, yes, I hop, over to the window and grinned. Yes! Vexen has arrived!

"We're going now! Bye!" I shouted as I rushed out of the house. Lexaeus waved politely to my mother, dad was at work, and followed me out the door.

The van wasn't in the best condition, but it wasn't terrible. It had paint chipping on the rear, but other then that, everything seemed all right. The van looked it would hold about eight people, a decent size when going on a trip. I saw the door facing us slide open and Vexen hopped out. Yes, he hops also.

Vexen is a fairly tall and he has a pale skin tone. His narrow face broke into a smile as we walked up to each other. Hopping time was over now.

Vexen brushed some of his shoulder length blond hair and said, "Hello, Zexion." He turned to Lexaeus and extended his arm. "Lexaeus, correct?"

Lexeaus smiled politely and shook Vexen's hand. "Yes. It's a pleasure to meet you, Vexen."

"Okay, c'mon. Let's go." I said impatiently. I tapped my foot and tilted my head to over make it overdramatic.

"Of course." Vexen said as he ushered Lexaeus and I in the van. The van was cool; Vexen must have had control of the AC. He likes cool temperatures. No one but Vexen's mother, Vexen, Lexaeus, some other boy, and I were in the van.

Vexen slammed the door shut once Lexaeus and I sat in the seats behind the driver. Vexen sat behind us, next to the other boy. I assumed this was the friend Vexen told me about. I was expecting more people and since I was curious, I asked.

"Hey." I said as the drive started. "Is this is? No more are joining us?"

Vexen's mother, who obviously contributed a lot to Vexen's looks, laughed and said, "Nope. We were able to get another van so we wouldn't be as crowded."

"That was lucky." I said. Vexen's mother nodded in agreement. "How long is the drive?"

"Two hours." Vexen answered. "Give or take twenty minutes."

"What're we going to do for two hours?" I asked. I turned around to face Vexen and remembered the presence of the boy next to Vexen. He hadn't said anything and then I noticed he was asleep. "Hey, Vexen."


I pointed at the boy and asked, "Who's he?"

"Oh! I'm sorry. This is Marluxia."

"Marluxia?" The name sounded fruity and when I spoke it, it even tasted fruity. Not really, but I question his sexuality. C'mon, the boy has pink hair. Pink! It was dyed badly too. I could see his roots and his hair was a light shade of brown. He also had long eyelashes like Larxene, which translate into: he has girly eyelashes.

"Yes. In a way, he's my friend, but sometimes he just gets involved with his relationships so much that he ignores everything."

"Why'd you bring him?" I asked. Lexaeus smacked my head, finding my inquiries rude.

"He just got dumped by his girlfriend. She told him, 'I already have a pussy and don't need another one'."

My mind jumped to Demyx's gift for a second, but I quickly recovered. "Pity?"

He nodded.

"Ah, playing Dr. Phil now, are we?" Lexaeus joked. We laughed. Take that, Dr. Phil. Yeah, I don't like Dr. Phil. Don't ask why. It's just one of those things that you hate for no good reason.

"So, Zexion, how have you been?" Vexen asked. "If you're going to ask about myself, I'll give it to you in a nutshell. I got into some AP classes, Marluxia's ups and downs driving me crazy at times, I actually cooked and won't do it again, and I got a new computer."

"Nothing much. Same old, same old." I said. I didn't really have anything interesting to say. Or at least, I didn't have anything interesting that I wanted to share.

So, Lexaeus took it upon himself to tell Vexen.

"Well, Vexen," Lexaeus started. I slowly turned my head to him and gave him my best SHUT-UP! Look, but he was unaffected. "Zexion has a gay stalker."

Vexen's eyes slowly widen, gasped and then he let out a muffled laugh. I guess Lexaeus's non-diluted statement was too much for him to handle for a bit.

"Who?" Vexen finally asked.

"Remember that blond boy that I told you about before? The one that lives across from me?"


"Yeah…" I turned to the window, not wanting to look at them. I didn't want to bring this topic up. At least Fruity was still snoozing; I wasn't ready to declare that I have a gay stalker to a stranger. That wouldn't be a good first impression.

"We'll just drop this topic for now, all right?" Lexaeus said. Good, he was the one who brought it up so he better close it. Vexen nodded, though I could tell he wanted to pursue the topic more.

"What do you boys want to listen to?" Vexen's mother asked us all. We turned to each other and asked each other what to listen to. All three of us didn't care, so I made the decision and asked her to turn it to a contemporary station.

We chatted about various things for the remainder of the trip. I was glad to see that Lexaeus and Vexen got along splendidly. Before we knew it, we had arrived. Yay for Disney! Sorry, my inner child was let loose for a second. I still love Disney though. It's awesome.

The van was parked next to some other vans that looked similar to ours. I assumed that it was the other church kids. The group of excited children standing next to the vans supported my assumption. We were probably the oldest when you aren't counting the adults.

We all hopped out of the van, after Vexen had awoken Fruity, and headed toward the group.

"Ah!" exclaimed a middle-aged man who was standing in the middle. "There you all are! Now we can all go! Here're your tickets!" Wow. This man is so happy. Hm. Why did Richard Simmons come to mind just now?

"That's Mr. D." Vexen explained to Lexaeus and I. "He's the pastor and organized this trip."

"I see." I said. I restrained myself from saying "Hello, Mr. Simmons!" when he shook my hand when he greeted Lexaeus, Fruity, and I. Now that Fruity was awake, I found out that he had blue eyes that still looked like they were in Fruity's dream world. Let's save the jokes on what he could be dreaming about later. Fruity also had a slightly muscular physique, more then what Vexen and could say.

Once Mr. Simmons was done with his overly cheery rant of what not to do in the park, we were allowed to go into the park. As long as we stayed with our chaperone, of course. Due to the number of kids and chaperones, we had two extra people. Great. The two new additions to our group were a brother and sister, thirteen and ten. The boy had a lisp and I really wanted to make him say "lisp". Yes, I am that mean.

Vexen's mother led the way and took charge of things, like keeping our tickets so we wouldn't loose them. The two siblings stayed right behind her while the rest of us were bringing up the rear.

"Now, that he's awake, Zexion, Lexaeus, I'd like you to meet Marluxia." Vexen said as he motioned to Fruity.

"Hi, guys." He said, smiling. Now he needs to pull out a rose from his hair like a certain character and I will laugh so hard.

"Hey." I said. Lexaeus gave an acknowledging nod.

"So, everybody, where do you want to go first?" Vexen's mother asked.

"Space Mountain!" shouted the boy and his sister gave an approving "Yeah!"

"How about you boys?"

We all turned to each other and just shrugged. Space Mountain was all right. Sure it got boring after the umpteenth time riding it, but it was still a good ride.

We practically ran to the ride, since the kids were so eager to ride it. When we got there, the line was pretty reasonable, considering the ride was pretty popular. Thirty minute wait, no big deal.

Fruity decided to talk about himself since he was asleep during the first introduction talk. I found out he was into manga, mainly one series, Ouran High School Host Club. He explained the series and it sounded like a romantic comedy. I wasn't really paying attention, as long as it was passing time he could be talking about what color looked best on Lexaeus.

I tuned into Fruity's talking once he mentioned my name.

"What about me?" I asked, turning my head to him as we walked up the line.

"I was trying to figure out what character from Ouran you would be so I could call you that character's name." Fruity explained. "Vexen is already Kyoya, since I think he'd be the most like him. Lexaeus is Mori 'cause both are very quiet. And I'm Tamaki, of course." When he said that, he struck a pose, which probably was a pose stolen from this Tamaki character.

I raised an eyebrow to Vexen and he just shrugged and said to play along.

"I read the series and Marluxia's pretty correct, but not exact." Vexen said. I was about to ask him why he read the series, but Vexen guessed what I was going to ask and answered, "I was bored and it's funny."

"I got it!" Fruity exclaimed. "You, Zexion, are HARUHI!"

To that, Vexen let out a laugh and said, "Well, that would probably be the closet you could get."

I turned to Lexaeus, who shrugged. At least I wasn't the only one who didn't get this.

A loud eruption of laughter occurred behind us (Not right behind us, but not that far either.) and we all turned to see what had happened. I climbed on the railing, since we were inside by now, and caught sight of the group responsible. It was some boys from my high school and they were in band tee shirts, they had spilled their drinks down one of the guy's shirt. I guess band had a performance here tonight. Bands do a lot of performances at Disney, chorus also. Since my high school's band is excellent, it's no surprise that they get booked for a lot of stuff.

I let that thought sink in for awhile.

And then I started to sink inside as well.


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