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Words: 500

Summary: There's nothing you can do when something's broken beyond repair.

It was a beautiful day, she noted, and watched the extraordinarily blue sky stretch out to touch the plains of green grass. The wind gently blew about, making the day perfectly bearable. It really was a miracle how the sun reflected off dust particles to make such a beautiful shade of blue, and how the earth worked in harmony to do such an incredible things. But, when anything fell out of harmony there were devastating results. The human body was much the same.

Sakura sat in the field of grass and dandelions in her white and cotton summer dress, her old ninja gear now unneeded. How she longed for a mission to take up her abundance of time. She sighed an picked the stem of a dandelion, imaging little lion faces in the midst of their petals. Of course they would be jovial lions, as they were dandy. They would not hiss nor scratch nor bite like any real lion.

She could feel the gust of wind as Naruto sat adjacent to her, his body emanating a melancholy mood much like her own. "Sakura, you know you shouldn't be way out here." his voice was uncharacteristically serious, with a hint of worry. She wished he would just act normal, as his solemn demeanor made everything excruciatingly obvious.

"Ahh, I know, I just like it out here. No one to stare, no one to gossip. Its almos-" She was cut off by a fit of coughing that wracked her body. Hands covering her mouth could contain all but one droplet of blood which landed on the skirt of her dress. It spread and bloomed like a delicate flower. And, as the blood dried it was the color of a dried out sakura petal.

This was Naruo's queue to jump to his feet and run Sakura to the hospital. "Shit, Sakura we have to get you to a hospital." Sakura shut her eyes and buried her face into his chest as he took off at break-neck speed.

"Naruto, stop this, there's nothing you or the medics can do and you know it." She said weakly into his chest. Naruto's pace slowed until he was walking.

He felt weak, useless. He felt like a genin watching Sasuke die again. Naruto put Sakura down. "Tell me what I can do then, please. I need something to do. Something to help. I can't just sit here and watch you die."

She was reluctant to say it, but felt as though she had to. "Please, Naruto, the only thing I want is for you to bring me Sasuke before I die."

Of course. Sasuke. Hearing that request each time was like having a stab to the heart. "I miss him too, Sakura, but why? Why do you miss him so much?"

Sakura wasn't stupid; she could feel the shift in the conversation. She beamed up at him in that everything-will-be-fine way. "I'm getting tired Naruto, could you walk me home please? I would enjoy the company."