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I've Died and Gone to GOA


Lady Demoonica Darkmoon

I swear, when I was first told I was going to be a repairer candidate at GOA I didn't want to go. It wasn't that I didn't want to help mankind finish off Victim, not at all, I'd love to live in my Colony without fear, but it was so far away... and I might never see my home and family again. I was more afraid of that than any Victim, something I might add that I had never seen first-hand.

"Repairer Candidate Pikeru Ryou Wynn."

"Here Instructor Fumashima." Pikeru raised her hand when the woman called her name.

"You will be the repairer for Van Afina, Goddess Pilot Candidate number 95."

Pikeru nodded and nibbled her bottom lip as she was assigned her Candidate's number and it was placed on her right wrist.

I was on GOA for a full half year before I noticed the one thing there that I liked, a Pilot Candidate from the late 80's class. I hadn't noticed him before because our lunch times differed, but then GOA's oldest Candidates came of age, moving out of the age range for becoming pilots, and we were all moved to new schedules, late 80's and both of the 90's classes ended up with lunch together.

It was the first day of the second semester, lunch time of course, and he walked into the room with three other -louder- boys and four girls, their repairers. His hair was a silver-white and lucky for me I was sitting right by the door and could see his eyes were crimson red. I nearly dropped my spork.

"Pikeru, you okay?" My fellow repairer candidate asked when she noticed I'd stopped eating. I nodded, but she had seen where I was looking. "Wow! Those are some of the older candidates! I wonder who they are? Did you happen to see their numbers?" I shook my head 'no'. "Oh, too bad... I wonder if we'll have classes with them now too?"

I hoped so. I wanted to know that guy. My class ended up only having classes with his class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I did get a few things out of that first class:

1. His name is Hiead Gner.

2. He hates his classmate, Zero Enna.

3. I think he hates everybody.

4. Dr. Rill knows Hiead's handiwork very well, my head hardly hurts right now... oww...

"Oww, and oww again." Pikeru said as she touched her swollen cheek. "I only asked him if he wanted to go to the relaxation area. When did that warrant being punched?"

Dr. Rill shook her head. "Didn't any of the others warn you not to bother the Gner boy?"

"No one in my class knows him and our classes just met today." Pikeru shifted the ice pack. "Did I do something wrong? I'm sure I saluted correctly."

Dr. Rill began laughing. "It's nothing like that, miss Wynn. I'd highly recommend keeping your distance from now on though. You should squelch any ideas of befriending him here and now."

Pikeru frowned. "Why should I? So he's acting like a jerk, he can't be this bad all the time. As soon as this stops hurting, I'm going to find the late 80's repairers." Pikeru hopped off of the medical bed. "Thank you Dr, Rill!" With that she left.

Dr. Rill sighed. "It looks like Mr. Gner has himself an admirer in that one... why do I have the feeling that next time I see her I'm going to need more than ice packs? At least he wasn't aiming to hurt her with that warning punch, maybe he realized she didn't know any better, but now... poor girl has no clue that she's messing with a hornets nest."


LDD: Heheh, Hiead fangirl and a very in character Hiead if I do say so my self. Just a note, no this is -not- going to be a Hiead/Pikeru. More like Pikeru likes Hiead and has to learn the hard way that he's -not- the type of guy you should fall for.