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"I cannot believe I'm doing this…"

"You said whatever it takes," Shane reminded him, a devilish smirk on his face as he sat next to Chris in his car. Chris shook his head, his eyes lowered on the sheets of paper in front of him.

"And you couldn't come up with a better idea?" Chris mumbled, already feeling embarrassed over what he was going to do.

Shane shifted in the driver's seat to face Chris. "Look, genius, you're the one who insulted the story."

"Have you read this?" Chris demanded, practically shoving the papers in Shane's face. "It's terrible, it's like a little kid wrote it!"

Shane rolled his eyes and shoved the papers away from him. "Yeah, I read it. So what? She can write a good storyline, but she lacks a little with the romance stuff."

"Lacks a little," Chris repeated, scoffing before putting the papers back on his lap. He scowled as he read the highlighted parts again. "I can't believe she's so upset because I didn't like this story. It's just one man's opinion."

"You discouraged her from unleashing her imagination," Shane said, snickering. Chris looked up and gazed at him curiously.

"That's the slogan from the fanfiction website she writes on," Chris said accusingly.

"Oh, is it?" Shane asked innocently as Chris glared at him.

"What do you know about it?" Chris demanded, starting to put two and two together.

"Nothing," Shane said quickly, before Chris reached out and grabbed the front of Shane's shirt and yanked him closer so they were face-to-face. "Hey, watch the shirt!" Shane cried out.

"It was you!" Chris yelled angrily. "You were the one e-mailing me, weren't you?"

"Chris, you're going to blow our cover!"

Chris glared at Shane a moment longer before releasing him. Shane sighed and straightened out his shirt as Chris looked over the printed story in front of him.

"It's your fault I'm in this mess," Chris informed Shane as he highlighted another line. Shane laughed at that.

"Please, you two have been into each other for years. You both just needed pushes in the right direction. You'll thank me for this one day."

At your wedding reception, Shane added mentally, a wicked grin on his face. Chris rolled his eyes, before noting the time.

"All right, it's 1AM," he said, a mixture of nervousness, embarrassment, and anxiety swirling in his stomach as he put his highlighters away.

"Okay, let's do it."

The two men opened the car doors at the same time, both quietly sneaking out. Shane opened the back seat and took out the portable boom box he had found in his basement, and Chris went over his lines again, rehearsing them silently as he walked across the vast lawn in front of him.

Finally, he stopped walking and looked up at the enormous house in front of him. His eyes widened a little as Shane walked up next to him.

"Wow, big house," Chris said, impressed.

"I know, my dad bought it for her as a birthday gift," Shane snickered.

"So which room is hers?" Chris asked, looking at the myriad of windows the house had.

"The one with the balcony," Shane answered, pointing as Chris groaned.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me, she actually has a balcony?!" Chris hissed. Shane just smirked and lowered his boom box, before crossing his arms over his chest in amusement. Oh, he was going to love this.

"Show time," he said simply, smirking as Chris shot him a glare.

Chris grumbled under his breath before heading over to the house, surveying carefully before picking up a rock. He tossed it up lightly and caught it, deeming the weight enough. He then turned around and walked back over to Shane, shooting his friend another evil glare as he handed Shane the printed out copy of Stephanie's "Kiss Me" story. Shane took it and folded it up, before shoving it into the back pocket of his jeans.

Chris took a deep breath, tossed the rock up and down lightly a few times, before rearing back and throwing the rock hard towards the house. It hit against the side of the balcony he was aiming for. Chris growled and went to retrieve the rock to try again as Shane snickered.

"Come on man, let's get some aim over here," Shane told Chris as the blond man walked back over to him. Chris just sneered at him before turning to the balcony again. Looking very serious, he focused on the balcony, before throwing the rock again.

The rock flew through the air, went through the bars of the balcony, and shattered into the glass of the sliding door.

"Oh shit," Chris said, the color draining from his face. He grabbed Shane and the two took off running around the house. Shane just barely managed to grab the boom box before Chris hauled him with him.

"Geez, throw it harder why don't you?" Shane panted as they ran.

"Oh shut up!" Chris shot back at him.

Stephanie was sound asleep when she heard the crash of broken glass. She woke up immediately, sitting up and wondering what happened. Glancing around her room, her sleep-induced haze disappeared when she saw the broken glass on her balcony door. She turned on the light on her nightstand and threw her covers off.

A minute or so later, she angrily threw open her balcony door and stepped out on the balcony wearing old steel-toed boots that her brother had once left at her house. The sound of broken glass crunched under her boots, and her nightgown flowed around her as she reloaded the shotgun her father had given her a year ago.

"Holy shit!" Chris hissed, his eyes wide as he and Shane hid behind some bushes towards the side. "The girl owns a shotgun!"

"I know, my dad gave it to her since she lives alone," Shane whispered.

"She's going to kill us," Chris whispered back, as Shane rolled his eyes..

Stephanie surveyed the enormous yard next to her home. Her home was the first on the block, and on this side of the house, she had a good amount of grass stretched out in front of her where it eventually disappeared into a wooded area. She raised the shotgun and looked around carefully.

"If you're hiding out there, show yourself!" she yelled.

"I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm too good looking to die," Chris mumbled as Shane stifled a laugh.

"She's not going to shoot us, come on, let's go," Shane said, grabbing Chris by the wrist. He was about to stand when Chris hauled him back down.

"No, sit your ass back down. We go nowhere until she puts that thing away," Chris commanded.

"Oh will you just get on with it," Shane said, standing again. He picked up his boom box and grabbed Chris again with his free hand.


"Oh just relax, look, she's already gone," Shane told him. Chris looked up and sure enough, no one was standing in the balcony anymore even though the light was still turned on. He let out a relieved sigh, before dusting himself off as the two walked back over to their previous spot.

"You McMahons are nuts," Chris mumbled as they stood underneath her balcony again.

"Well, she's awake," Shane said with a smirk. He lifted the boom box and looked at Chris pointedly. Chris sighed, before nodding.

"My beautiful princess," Chris called out loudly. "I am here."

Stephanie was dialing the police when she heard a man's voice coming from outside of her window. She scowled and hung up, before picking up her shotgun. She gripped it tightly as she marched through the glass and out onto her balcony, before peering down.

Chris smiled up at her, glad to see she wasn't firing the weapon in her hands. Shock was on Stephanie's face as she stared down at Chris.

"Chris?" she asked, bewildered.

Chris took a deep breath, before saying, "Yes, hunny bunch. It's me, Chris, your Chris."

Suddenly, everything clicked in Stephanie's mind. And suddenly, even though she began to blush maddeningly, she found herself unable to keep the huge smile off her face at what was actually happening.

"Um, so, even though I don't love you like… you're an aquarium tank, with me being a fish… um, I think maybe if we went out to dinner and talked about things, like wrestling storylines, our lives, your excellent writing, my love for hockey, your love for er… shotguns…" Chris cleared his throat, looking over at Shane.

"The oil tank, she's an oil tank," Shane whispered.

"Oh yeah," Chris whispered back, looking back up at Stephanie. "Um, I think if we talk more and get to know each other more, I think I can love you as if you were the oil tank and I was a car, and you could keep me going like the Energizer bunny… well, that sounds kind of dirty, but you know…"

"Chris," Stephanie said, lowering her shotgun to the balcony much to Chris's relief. She folded her arms on the rail and leaned forward a little, smiling down at him, a knowing glint in her eyes. He smiled back at that. "Are you asking me out on a date?"

"Yes, pumpkin face," Chris told her, his smile growing. "And if you refuse, then I will have to drive to the nearest bridge and end my worthless existence. So please say yes," he laughed.

"Yes, I accept," Stephanie said brightly.

"Good, so, I'll just be headed home now…" Chris took a step back, and winced when he heard Shane growl. Chris sighed, and stepped forward again, looking up at Stephanie. "But before I go… I, er, have a song to sing to you."

Stephanie practically squealed at what was happening as her brother raised his boom box, turning it on and turning on the volume, before putting the boom box on top of his head. Chris's cheeks blushed furiously as the karaoke version of the Backstreet Boys song, "I Want It That Way" started up. He cleared out his throat again, and braced himself as if about to go into a Hell in a Cell match.

And then, he began to sing, much to Stephanie's delight and much to Shane's eternal amusement. Shane also neglected to tell Chris that he was holding up his black cell phone right up against the boombox, and that it was recording everything…

"You are my fire… the one desire… believe when I say, I want it that way…"

Stephanie beamed as Chris serenaded her, and Shane smiled at his sister's obvious happiness. She sighed dreamily, so happy that he was actually doing this for her. She knew he didn't like the Backstreet Boys, and she knew he was embarrassed to be doing this in front of her brother, but he was still doing it.

She couldn't smile more if she tried.

"I never want to hear you say 'I want it that way', cause I want it that way!"

"Oh Chris, that was beautiful," she said as she clapped, her smile wide and brilliant.

"Of course it was, I'm the best… sugar muffin…" Chris's voice trailed a little bit as Stephanie lifted herself up on the balcony rail so she was sitting on it. She slowly turned towards him, swinging one leg over the rail and then the other. His eyes grew wide. "Um, what are you doing?"

"Catch me, Chris!"

Chris's eyes practically bugged out of his head as he saw her actually jump.

"Stephanie!" Shane yelled, and then there was a loud 'oomph' as Chris caught Stephanie in his arms. The force though sent him to the ground with Stephanie right on top of him.

Chris groaned, "Oh God, my back…"

"I'll give you a massage and make it all better," Stephanie told him. He opened his eyes to find her lying on top of him, her face inches from his. She had a huge smirk on her face.

"Are you crazy, woman?" he asked her, trying to sound annoyed but not really in a rush to move her from where she was. "You could have killed yourself… hell, I think you broke my back."

"Mmm, I don't think so," she said, before kissing his cheek. He grinned a little at that.

"You don't think so, huh," he said teasingly.

"Nope, you've had much worse than that in the ring," she told him matter-of-factly as her hair fell down around her face. He smiled and reached up to brush her hair back.

"So, does this all warrant dinner?"

"Hmm," she said, pretending to think about it. Her smirk grew as she looked down at him, his hand still lingering on her face. "Maybe."

"No maybe, you've already accepted," he told her, his eyes bright. "But before we make plans, the story isn't done yet?"

"It isn't?" Stephanie asked curiously.

He smirked then and, gently, brought her down to him for a kiss. She obliged, butterflies in her stomach as her lips met his.

"And… this is the part where I leave," Shane said, laughing as Stephanie and Chris deepened their kiss on the grass. "I'll be waiting in the car, Chris."

Neither paid him any attention, which was just fine by him. After all, he had his laptop in the backseat of his car, and he had a video that he needed to upload to YouTube…