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Gaara: 15

Naruto: 15

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Neji: 16

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Shino: 16

Kiba 15

Choji 14 ( almost 15)

Sakura: 15


Temari: 18

Kankurou: 17

Itachi: 18

Kisame: 17

And yeah, blah, you get the picture


" speaking"



' Shut up and go away!'


" GOD DAMN IT!" Kankurou screamed as he slammed his hand down on the defenseless alarm clock. In the bedroom next door, Gaara sighed as he continued to fix his eyeliner. Kankurou was always like that in the morning. It was basically a routine. Gaara would get up fifteen minutes before Kankurou's alarm would go off, get in the shower, start to do his eyeliner, then be disturbed by his brothers extraordinarily load mouth. Then when Gaara walked out of his room Kankurou would purposely run into him, turn around, then say " Why don't you watch were you're going you little emo freak!"

Gaara finished applying the copious amount of eyeliner to his eyes and looked at himself in the mirror. His blood red hair was as neat as it was going to get. Not like he brushed it much though. Pale skin was unblemished, except for the bright red tattoo on his forehead, the symbol for 'love'. He gave another small sigh. He was thin. Almost…too thin. A small frown passed his lips. ' Now that I think about it, how long has it been since I ate? One week? Two?'

Shrugging his shoulders, Gaara walked to his closet on the other side of his room. Today was his first day at Konoha High School. And lets just say…he was incredibly nervous. Gaara Sabaku did NOT, under any circumstance, enjoy socializing with people. HE JUST DIDN'T DO IT! Looking at his clothes he realized that he didn't have anything new to wear. Not that he ever did. All his clothes were Kankurou's hand-me-downs. Grabbing a random shirt and a pair of pants he changed his clothes quickly. It didn't matter if he grabbed whatever he saw first. Almost all of his clothes were black anyway. Gaara looked in the mirror to see what he had put on. Ok…A black shirt that said ' I am stabbing you with my mind. ' And black pants that had to be rolled up because they were way to long. ' Well I've looked worse…'

Brushing a strand of hair out of his eyes, the redhead walked out of his room solemnly. He should be here any second now…There he is. Three…two…one…. " Watch were you're going you little emo freak!" Kankurou hissed as he pushed passed his younger brother. Like I said…it's the same thing every fuckin day. A blond girl was sitting in the living room drinking a glass of milk and watching the news. Gaara sneered at her outfit. A hot pink sleeveless shirt and a blue jean skirt that looked no more than four inches long. The same thing could be said about the heels of her shoes. Doesn't Temari have anything decent to wear? Wait…of course not, she's on of the ' Popular Girls ' Both Kankurou and Temari were both popular at their old school. And Gaara could tell that the exact same thing was going to happen here. Slipping on his old shoes that just happened to be held together with a healthy amount of tape, and grabbing his backpack that was sitting next to the front door, Gaara left the house without so much as a goodbye to either of his siblings.

It's not like they'd say anything back if actually did say goodbye. Gaara shivered to himself slightly. It was starting to get cold out, and being raised in the desert didn't help much. The walk to school wasn't very long. The redhead eyed the giant school building in front of him intently. It's big… He looked at all the groups that were hanging around the front. A small gust of wind brought Gaara back to his senses. I guess I had better go get my schedule…

Walking into Konoha High, Gaara made his way to the office. A woman was typing on her computer and holding a phone up to her ear saying something about " the damn printer being broken." He softly cleared his throat to make himself known. The woman hung up the phone and gave him a small smile. " Sorry about that. Is there something you need dear?" Gaara nodded slightly.

" I'm new here and I just needed my schedule."

" Oh of course." She reached into the desk she was sitting at and began searching through some papers. " What's you name?" She asked.

" Gaara Sabaku."

"Okay, here you are." she said as she pulled out a small piece of paper. "If you need anything honey, you can just come to me. The name's Shizune." she said as she handed him his schedule.

" Thank you." Gaara said softly, walking away from the office. Turning to his left at the end of the hall, the redhead collided with something hard and fell to the ground with a sickening thud. It was then that he realized that he hadn't run into something…it was someone. Someone with long brown hair, creamy white skin, and pale, almost white eyes. Whoever this person was, was the most beautiful thing Gaara had ever seen in his entire fifteen years of life.

" I'm sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going! Are you alright?" The brunet asked, pulling himself off of the others smaller form. Gaara merely stared at him, seeming to be in a slightly dazed state. Who is this guy? He's almost to beautiful to be real…His eyes…they almost look white, but they seem to have a little lavender in them up close. And that voice…so alluring and seductive. Wait…is he saying something? Gaara blinked a few times before actually grasping what had been said to him.

" I'm alright." Gaara nearly whispered, picking himself up off the ground. " I wasn't really paying attention either."

" I haven't seen you before. Are you new here?" he asked . Gaara nodded his head indicating a yes. " What grade are you in?"

" I'm a freshman." the redhead said. ( a/n: HEY THAT RYMED!)

" I'm a sophomore. And I'm really sorry for running into you like that…umm…"

" Oh, my name is Gaara. Gaara Sabaku."

" Well I'm Neji Hyuuga. Nice to meet you. Although I wish it were under better circumstances. I don't think I've ever met anyone by actually running into them." Neji said, a slight smile gracing his almost angelic features.

" Me neither." Gaara said.

" Since you're new here, would you like me to walk you to class?" The Hyuuga asked politely. Gaara heart fluttered for a moment. H-he wants to walk me to class? Why? Maybe because I'm new, that's all.

" Sure. This place is a lot bigger than my old school. I could probably use the help." And the help should I run into someone that might want to hurt me. If the people here are like the ones back home. Which they probably are.

" What class do you have first?" Gaara looked down at the ground. His schedule was lying next to his feet. I guess I dropped it when we ran into each other. Picking it up, he looked through the list of classes.

1st : World History --Room 301--Anko

2nd: Gym--Gym--Gai

3rd: Science--Room 206--Kurenai

4th: Math--Room 135--Zabuza

5th: Art H.--Room 506--Kakashi

6th: Lunch Hour

7th: English--Room 225--Iruka

8th: Study Hall--Room 115--Asuma

" World history, with Anko."

" Ouch. I was hoping they got rid of her."

" Why?"

" Anko, she's very…scary to say the least. Pretty loud. Obnoxious. But I guess she's easy on the eyes to a lot of people. She didn't spark my interest though." Neji said. " Should we go now? You probably don't want to be late on your first day."

" Okay." Gaara said, pocketing his schedule. They started to walk down to the classroom. On the way, Neji told Gaara about all the other teachers. So apparently, Anko's loud, Gai's insane, Kurenai's cool, Zabuza's pretty scary, Kakashi is a pervert who is always late to his own class, Iruka's really nice, and Asuma is laid back. Also, their principal is a lady named Tsunade who does nothing but sleep on the job. The teachers here were…different to say the least.

Neji and Gaara stopped outside of room 301. " Thank you for bringing me hear Neji." the redhead said softly.

" Not a problem. It's not everyday I get to escort someone so cute to class." Gaara felt the heat rise up into his face, tainting his cheeks a rosy shade of pink. He felt his heart flutter again. D-did he just call me cute? Neji looked down at Gaara's blushing face and gave a small smile. He put his hand on the others shoulder, causing him to jump slightly. " I'll see you around…Gaara." he said in a husky voice, walking away from the stunned redhead.

Gaara stood outside the classroom door, cheeks still red, and mind in shock. I think that this year may be…interesting…


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