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Immortal No More. chapter 1

"Ten Minutes till extraction!" That was the voice of Albert Wesker as he and his henchmen made their way down the now bulletridden hallway of one of the many Independent Umberella Corporation buildings. Ever since Umberella was destroyed and divided into seperate personally owned companies Wesker took up the challenge to destory every one of them and then build up Umberella from scratch.

And as of now he and his lackies were assaulting an underground Umberella research facility in Pakistan owned by one of the CEOs of the original Umberella Corp.

A lonsome guard raised his gun to aim at the oncoming assault and was met with a right hand by Wesker sending him flying back into a cold wall slumping down in a quiet state. They came up onto the room they had been searching for, a common oak door laid right out at the end of the hallway that did not not blend in with all the metal doors and blank walls of the underground facility.

Wesker kicked in the door and aimed his Colt Phython custom .357 Magnum at the desk that should of contained Leonard Passtrassi the owner of the place but was met only with an empty desk in an empty room.

"Shit! He must of been warned already." Wesker stared down the adjacent hall he was in and noticed Lenoard and two guards heading for the elevator. He aimed his gun and took two shots. He must of hit because a second later one of the guards fell. The other guard and Leonard made it to the see-through glass elevator and were starting to rise slowly. He aimed his gun again and fired at his head. The shot struck the glass and an indent could be seen in the glass right were Leonard's forehead was.

Wesker stared for a sec and smirked. "Bulletproof." he whispered and then turned to his men. "Alright I want three of you guarding the surrounding area. Two of you search the remaining rooms for enemies the rest of you come with me to the helipad. Wesker ran up to the glass elevator and with his superhuman strength punched out the elevator doors. He looked up to see the elevator still rising and started to jump recoheing from side to side.

Leonard made his way out of the elevator and was making a mad dash for the waiting helicoptor that would take him out of this place. He reached the middle of the helipad when a sound caught his ear and he turned around to see a figure bust through the top of the elevator. About ten machine guns opened up on the form but the henchmen made quick work of them using their also superhuman powers.

Wesker landed in front of Leonard who stumbled back on his butt in fear. The guard with him opened up on Wesker at close range with a machine gun but had little effect as Wesker grabbed the guy by the throat and held him off his feet and thrust his head upwards into the rotating chopper blade.

Leonard screamed in fear as blood came down on his face and he stared into those pitch black sunglasses that matched the soul of the person wearing them. "Who...who are you? Why are you attacking this place." he muttered in almost inaudible words but Wekser's advanced hearing picked up on it. He smirked and dropped his decapitated victim and just stared at him. "Who I am is of no importance but why i'm here is. I am here to destory this Umberella facility and all Umberella buildings across the globe. And when it is all gone just like the Phoenix I shall rise Umberella from the ashes!" Wesker was really gettina a kick out of himself as he made his little speech.

Leonard finally gained an ounce of courage and stood up staring at this man that for some reason ruined his whole legacy. "I want an answer who the hell are you!" He said pushing Wesker forward a bit causing his glasses to slip off his face. They landed with a crash and slowely Wesker turned around flames spewing in the backround and Leonard fell back again cowering in fear as he stared up into those crimson yellow cat eyes "Im the devil" Wesker said flately and gave the man a thrust kick foward sending him off the side of the building. "NOOOOOOO!" Leonard screamed as he fell soon engulfed in the flames below.

Wesker let out a menacing laugh as he stood up on top of the helipad flames shooting out all around him and explosions heard in the distance.

Yet even though Wesker felt immortal he was seen as very mortal and overconfident to one man. For at that moment a man sat in a big leather chair staring at a TV screen that showed an image of Wesker laughing on top of the helipad. The man gave a large grin showing of his pearly whites "Enjoy victory while you can Wesker for soon you will taste the bitter sweetness of defeat.