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Chapter 6: Merry Christmas

The next day,the whole school had heard about what had happened. Some, like Catharine, thought I was insane. I really didn't care though. I mean, come on! I was finally with the boy of my dreams. You think I was worried about what a few tenth graders think? No way!

I had just gotten home when I heard shouting. Thinking that my father had just been honest about how Mom's deep fried-beef jerky-and-squid-nuggets and potato-eggplant popsicles taste, so I thought nothing of it, until;

"Kari loves it here too! I don't see why we have to leave the minute we get settled down." Mom said. Huh?

"Umm, Mom? Dad? Wha-" I asked, confused. They didn't even notice.

"Kari's miserable! You saw her tearing the place apart. She'll be glad to go-"

"WHAT'S GOING ON?" I shouted. Hey, I wanted them to notice me, and they did. Mom looked at me and suddenly seemed nervous.

"Umm, sweetie," Mom tried to sound calm. "You might want to sit down."

"God woman!" Dad interrupted. "It's not like you're pregnant! Just tell her we're moving!"

"WHAT! We can't move! I love it here. You can't just do this!" I screamed, totally panicked. I finally had my life figured out, well, to the best of my ability anyway. "I can't leave Sora, Yolei, Cody or-or… T.K.!"

"SEE?! I don't want to move either. We've barely been here a month!" Mom shouted. For once she was on my side about moving.

"Why won't you two accept what a great opportunity this is for me? It's not like I ask very much-" Dad began to argue before Mom shot back.

"Just moving us place to place six, no seven times in two years! Your friends and colleagues stay the same, but me and Hikari have to start over at every single town we live in!"

"Not only that," I said. "But you lived in the same city for the first twenty years of your life! I never have a chance to stay more than a few weeks at one school. Here I have lots of friends who care about me; you can't just take me away, toss me into a new school in the middle of the year and expect me to make friends! Do you honestly think it's that easy?" Once I had finished, Dad stormed away to his office. He hates being proven wrong.

"Mom, is there any chance he'll change his mind?" I asked her. She replied honestly.

"I don't know sweetheart. I just don't know."


The next day, I tried to hide my 'displeasure', but apparently I wasn't doing a very good job of it, because T.K. pulled me aside right after drama.

"What's going on? Something's bothering you, I can tell." He signed. He still doesn't like using his voice all that much. I couldn't help but fell a little panicked. I don't want to tell him!

"Nothing. I'm just tired." I signed. T.K. raised his eyebrows at me. Even when I'm not talking I'm a terrible liar. He pressed on. Let me tell you this, even compared to people like George Bush and gold-diggers, T.K. Takaishi is a very VERY persuasive person. He just makes his eyes big and round and I'm mush. It's amazing how a fifteen year-old boy can look so much like an abandoned puppy. Insert puppy eyes. Needless to say, I broke down.

"I might be moving okay!" I said. I felt tears prick my eyes. "Right when my family finds a nice place and we settle down, we have to up and move again! I hate it! I hate my Dad's job; I hate being thrown from school to school, AND I HATE HAVING TO LEAVE YOU! I HATE IT ALL!" I was not talking quietly anymore. I was all but screaming in hysterics. T.K. immediately wrapped his arms around me as I cried into his shoulder. Due to the fact my face was buried into his shirt, I couldn't see his reaction. We just stood there together, hugging and my crying, in the middle of the hallway.


I couldn't even look at my dad when suppertime rolled around. How could I? I just stared at my plate of pineapple-and-celery stuffed tortellini with cherry-feta cheese sauce. While I was rearranging the noodles to make a weird design, the doorbell rang. Thankful for a reason to get away from the thick silence and goopy pasta, I answered the door, seeing the last person I expected. A certain someone with tanned skin, gravity defying brown hair and a suitcase.

"TAICHI?!" I said in surprise. (Matt's note: can you believe that the bawling author put goggle-head senior in this story and not me?)

"Hiya baby sis!" My older brother exclaimed before pulling me into a hug.

"What are you doing here?! I thought you were in college!" He looked at me, eyebrows raised.

"My dear sweet baby sister, don't tell me you've forgotten! I promised to take leave to spend Christmas with the family!"

"Christmas?!" I had been so wrapped up in my moping that I'd completely forgotten about the Christian holiday. (T.K.'s note: Before you guys say anything, this actually DOES follow the timeline Sunflowers set. Several weeks passed during chapters and if you check chapter 2, you'll see that Kari started school in November.) But despite Tai being here, I doubted that I would have a merry Christmas.


T.K.'s POV (Kari's note: Didn't see that one coming! T.K.'s note: This is gonna be GOOD!)

I live in a silent world. It has always been this way. Some days I feel bitter, not being able to appreciate music and the everyday sounds people seem to take for granted; like running water, a ringing doorbell, my mom saying that she loves me. But other times, I realize that my other senses are making up for my lack of hearing by making themselves all the sharper. Save my speech.

In my universe of silence, there is only one person who truly matters to me. Who makes me forget all these conflicting emotions but at the same time, makes me feel them tenfold. Hikari 'Kari' Kamiya, an earthly angel with ruby eyes and a heart of gold. I wasn't lying when I told her she was beautiful. Sometimes I believe that the word was made for her. She's everything, everyone and everywhere to me.

I still don't understand why a girl like her would even want to be near a guy like me. Me: the deaf, silent artist. Her: the kind, beautiful princess. Sometimes I think it's wrong but it still feels so right to be with her.

Of course now she has to leave me! You have no idea how much it hurt to see her gorgeous face soaked with tears. My heart constricted, my insides squirmed, my skin felt too tight, my throat closed; it was torture. I felt like crying, puking and screaming all at once. It's not fair! I nearly lost her once to Davis, why do I have to lose her for real? As tempting as it is, I realize that I can't just punch out her dad like I did Davis. Which felt good, by the way. REALLY good. I wanted to do that every time he called me cripple. I loved watching his spiky head snap bac- Whoa! Little off subject there!

As you can tell, I'm not on good terms with goggle-head. He's obnoxious, vain, arrogant, selfish, downright mean and a possessive moron. I hate how he doesn't call me by name and really hate how he acts like people with handicaps, people like me, aren't even worth looking at, saying that we're all idiots. Yeah, I'm deaf, but I don't wear swimming gear on my head when there isn't even a pool nearby! That seems pretty idiotic to me. But what I truly cannot even tolerate from him is the way he assumes possession of Kari, like she's the top prize at the fair. Can't he let her be her own person?

With the way he tries to control people, I'm sure he played with dolls when he was little. Maybe he still does. Hah! I can just imagine him singing off key: I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world. Life in plastic, nananana. Nanananana, nananananananana.

Anyways, I was pacing the length of my room when I felt the doorbell ring. Yeah, I felt it. My mom put together a special mechanism so that when the bell rings, it triggers one of those old red bells that you sometimes see at school fire drills that's placed in the floor boards and sends vibrations throughout the whole house. Kinda cool, huh? Okay, I need to work on my attention span!

So I opened the door and nearly had a heart attack when I thought I saw Davis. On a closer examination, I realized it was just someone who looked like him, but with a few key differences. This boy was older, taller and his hair was longer. Never seen hair like that before in my life! Maybe he uses a lot of gel or was electrocuted as a child. (Tai's note: Come on! Sunflowers won't admit it, but she loves my hair!) The said hair was a familiar shade of brown.

"Hi! You're T.K., right?" He asked. I nodded.

"Good, because I'm Kari's big brother and I need your help, plus maybe a few of your friends. It's for Kari."

I grabbed my ever handy note book and scribbled "What's the plan?"


Kari's POV

The next weeks passed like a blur. Time never slows down when you want it to. It seems to have a nasty habit of speeding up. The next thing I knew, school was out and I was eating dinner with my family on Christmas Eve. Naturally, I was miserable. But what I didn't get was why the rest of my family seemed exited. I know it was the night before the greatest Christian holiday but I felt they were hiding something. I've had that feeling for a while now. Not that I really cared. Why enjoy the holiday season when this'll be the only one I'll have in this house?


I woke up kind of late Christmas morning. The only time that has happened in my life. Maybe it's due to the lack of excitement. Anyways, I heard noise downstairs. It seemed too noisy for three people, even Tai.

I went down stairs and my jaw hit my chest.

"MERRY CHRISTMAS KARI!" yelled Mom, Dad, Tai… and Yolei? Sora? Cody? Mimi? Ken? T.K.?! My friends and boyfriend were all together, tied around the waist with on big ribbon.

"What's going on?" I asked, obviously confused.

My Dad spoke up. "Kari, that night I told you we were moving, you're reaction made me realize how insensitive I've been regarding how you grow up. I always thought that new places would have opportunities for you, but now I realize that what you really needed was a home. So, I gave you this one for Christmas. I applied for a desk job. We won't leave for four years at the least." YES! I have a home! With all my friends! I'm staying! One thing bothered me though.

"REALLY?! But, how did you guys…?"

This time Cody answered. "Blame your brother for that. He rounded us up and planned it out last week." I turned and stared at Tai.

"What? Can't I do something for my little sister? Besides, you never told me your friends were so cute." He said, looking at Sora, who read his lips and blushed.

So we had a mini Christmas party for the next few hours. After nearly everyone left to see their families, T.K. pulled me aside.

"So you like your present?" he signed. Duh!

"Of course I did. I loved it." I answered with my hands.

Then he took my face into his hands and kissed me gently. There was only one thought going through my mind: Oh yeah, life is good!



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