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curtains close

Lara's POV

My name is Lara. I'm 15, I have long brown hair that looks auburn when straightened and in the sun, and my eyes have no definite colour. And I'm infatuated with an anime character. You most likely think I'm mad, and, you know what? If I'm here telling you this then I must be mad. I can't help constantly thinking it was all a dream, but when I look at my friends, then I know it was not a dream.

Every day I get up at half past five in the morning. I spend an hour on the computer, reading fan fictions, talking to people in other countries on MSN, and doing wolf role-plays if I can. I love to wolf role-play. I could go on forever about my wolves. (But that's for another story. ( ) ( ) .Contact me for a wolf role-play, ok?)

After my hour on the computer, I turn it off at six thirty and put on the TV on sky 1 to watch an hour of Yu-Gi-Oh! Then after that, if it's a school day then I go and get dressed. If it's a holiday or a weekend then I might watch random programs or put the computer back on or go read/write in my room. That's what I do almost every day I'm at home. It's dull but I like it. You don't? Then go fuck a duck, you scurvy cur. Another thing about me is I like to curse using pirate curses. They rock. End of.

Sunday morning, I got off the computer, and went to turn on the TV. When the thing wouldn't turn on, I cursed and went to my mum's handbag lying beside the couch. I went into her purse, removed a pound and stuck it in the little grey box at the back of the TV. It flickered to life. One thing I hate about my TV is that you have to put money in the box at the back for it to work. It has to be a pound coin. One of them beauty's will get you four hours of TV time. When we've put enough money in the box altogether, it'll ours to watch without the grey box. I leapt onto the plush black leather couch and flicked to sky 1. The dub's theme tune came on. I hummed along with it. I had heard one of the Jap theme tunes and I have to say, I wish they'd kept the tune and intro because it made it look so cool. ( yugioh theme tune or something like that.)

It was reaching the part of the episode where Seto had just lost all his life points in his and Yami's duel with Dartz, when all of a sudden, the TV cut out.

I hated it when the TV cut out...ESPECIALLY when it was duelling one of my all time favourite episodes. I shrieked. I thundered over to the TV and tried every trick in the book to get it working again. Nothing worked. I felt like screaming the house down. How DARE the TV cut out in the middle of one of my favourite episodes!

Just as I was about to scream, the TV did something really weird. It blew up in my face. I landed flat on my back with a crushing weight on my abdomen.

I was surrounded by a crushing darkness, when I eyes were shut. But, after opening them, I realized the crushing weight hadn't gone away...

"Help!...Can't...breath...Help!..." I chanced a look to see what was stopping me from taking in proper breaths, and I stopped breathing.

There...were...PEOPLE...lying on top of me in a haphazard pile of bodies...People with VERY pointy hair...

"OW!" I yelled as a white pointy bit of hair got me in the eye. After about five minutes, they started stirring and rolling off of me, and I began to recognize some of them.

I believe what came out my mouth was, "Holy hell!"

I jumped up off the ground, bolted out the living room and barred the door with the hover. Outside the door, I lent against it, breathing hard, then I heard a knock from the other side.
"Hello? Hello?" OMG!...That sounded like...Yugi Moto! The voice continued," Hello? Are you still there? Can you tell us what's happening please?"

I drew in a shaky breath. "Yugi? Step away from the door please!" I quietly removed the hover. I paused, hand on the handle. I counted to three, threw open the door, rushed in, grabbed my phone and rushed back out. I didn't even have time to register who was there! I fixed the hover up against the door again and ran to my tip of a bedroom. I sat down on my bed. And then it hit me...who was I going to phone? The police? Not likely!...My mother? Never!...Natalie? Hell no! She'd disembowel them!...Then it hit me. Who were my only friends who understood my love of Yu-Gi-Oh! And who shared it with me? Cairis and Stephanie! I decided to phone Cairis first since she was the crazier of us three and therefore more likely to believe me and less like to go I dialled her number and waited for an answer...To my utter shock, I got one. She's not normally up this early...

"Hullo?" a groggy voice came over the phone.



"It's me, Lara."

"Oh, I can tell by your voice Diablo."

"Kes, believe me, this is no time for nicknames. You need to get your but over here stat!"

"What for?"

"...I have Yu-Gi-Oh! Characters in my house. This is a major problem and I need your help!"

"Lara, how many times have I told you to leave drugs alone?"

"...Never, but that's not the point. Please, just come over and you can see for yourself that a) I'm not doing drugs and b) there really are anime characters in my house!"

"Okay, I'll be over right away."

"Okay. Now I need to phone Steph. Byeee!"

I hung up and called Steph. The conversation was pretty much the same. But she agreed to come along after lunch. That was about...ooh...5 hours away from then.


When Cairis FINALLY showed up after me waiting half an hour listening to Yugi's constant knocking and asking if I was there, I was ready to see just who had come through my TV screen.

I heard a different knock, this time from the front door. I opened slowly and carefully. It was Cairis. She looked somewhat tired and annoyed she does not like daylight much after all. Evil anti-social gnome that she is. Okay to describe her lets start at the top and work our way down. She had shoulder length brown hair but it looked like she had not bothered to brush it which was probably the case knowing her. Her eyes were mainly a light blue with a darker denim blue ring around the outside of the iris. She was wearing a large washed out blue denim shirt that technically belonged to her father. Around her neck hung a tribal pendant that I had given to her. She was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans that were too long and nearly completely hidden her black and grey trainers. Generally she was very blue.

"Thank Ra!" I physically dragged her into the house. "We have the biggest problem in the world! I don't even know who came through!...What's that bag for?"

"Oh, it's hair-cutting equipment. Nothing to worry about!"

"...Do NOT go anywhere near Yami or Yugi with scissors or else!"

"We shall see!" she replied walking in the corridor. "I'm guessing by the hover, that they're in the living room?"

"Yeah, that's where they came out the TV."

"Okay." And she pulled away the hover, opened the door, peered round it for five seconds and shut it again.

"I was confronted with bug eyes!" she said. "Right. Must go back in. Must go back in!"
"Drop that bag before you go anywhere missy!" I yelled.

"Okay, but heat up some straightness will you Lara?"

"Wait two seconds then!" I popped into my room and put both of my straightness on. When I came back, Cairis was sitting in front of the door. "Okay, done that. Let's go meet the cast!"

"Finally!" Cairis sighed. She got up opened the door and walked in, me following behind. There were eight people in that room already.

"Oh my God! Cairis! Look!" I squealed. Right in front of me were Yugi Moto, Tea Gardener, Ryou Bakura, Yami Bakura, Joey Wheeler, Tristan Taylor, Seto Kaiba, and the leather god himself, YAMI!

"Yes, Lara, I can see them too. I have eyes...don't I?" She looked around the room everyone was watching us. "Erm... yes hello Yu-Gi-Oh people." She looked around again. "My you look awfully stoned Seto." She said.

"Cairis!" I protested and she shrugged.

"Its the truth look at him! He is just sittin' there staring at his hands. Then again I guess he has not spent much time in three dimensions at the same time."

"Is anyone going to tell us what is going on?" Tea asked the question was on everyone's mind.

"We sure as hell would like to know as well lass!" Cairis growled. I had nearly forgotten that she hates Tea damn!

"Cairis calm it!" I put a hand on her shoulder as if that would hold her back.

When she had stopped fuming. A grin came to her face. "Dee you know that question I always wanted to ask?"

"Don't! You just met them!"

"Yami. I have a question for choo."

"Cairis no! I don't want to hear the answer!" I cried and she shrugged at me... again!

"Don't care Dee." She turned to Yami. "You Gay?"

"What about Yugi?" He asked and I stood there horrified that she was actually asking him that!

"No not Yugi I asked if you are gay." She said it with a damn smile on her face. I felt like killing her. I looked at Yami's face and his eyes were about as wide as Yugi's. "Well I wana know and be able to silence hunners of fan girls ."

Yami blinked. "Fan girls."

"Don't you think about it Dee!" Cairis glared at me. "Asking if he is gay is one thing but cementing him beyond repair is a different thing all together!"

"Tough shit. If you get to ask him if he is gay I get to recite the prayer!"

"But he did not give me an answer!" Cairis protested.

"Please I don't want things to get more confusing than they already are." Yami said. I sighed and turned away from my argument.. "Where are we?"

"Here." Cairis said and I hit her across the back of the head.

"For all they know they could be on a different planet!" I said.

"They are well a different dimension at any rate." Cairis grinned. "Surely they notice how weird they all look."

"Gee thanks." Tristan said rolling his eyes.

"Well weird for you lot anyway." She looked round at everyone.

"Shut up Cairis you are not doing anyone any favours." I growled.

"Oh didums." Cairis shrugged. "Now if they are as stuck here as I think they are something will need to be done about the hair even Yami's."

"NO! Not the hair! Anything but the hair." I screamed. Cairis gave me an evil look that said cheese grater. "Okay the hair that is just evil." I noticed that Yami was clutching his bangs.

"W-what is she going to do to my hair?" Yami asked wide eyed.

"Just straighten and dye it." I said. "Something similar will happen to everyone else with lethal hair."

"Just straighten?" Cairis asked looking deeply disappointed. "But Honda would look silly with straight hair!"

"Honda?" Tea asked looking confused.

"Ah I am using the wrong names." Cairis sighed. "And I would of preferred calling choo Anzu. You are probably all from the... Ouch!" I had hit her across the back of the head again. "What did you do that for Dee?"

"Because they're not supposed to know they were originally Japanese!" I hissed so that only she could hear. "Baka!"

"Why not?" Cairis said just as loud as ever. "We are going to have to break the news to 'em sooner or later and after all where do most cartoons come from?"

"Do you have no common sense! If we break the news to them that they're not real, we'll have a bunch of suicidal anime characters on our hands! That's why!"

"They are just not real in this dimension. They are probably very real were they came from." Cairis tried to sound logical.

"If you make Yami suicidal, then I'll make your existence a living hell!" I threatened.
"He can hear you, you know." Cairis grinned at me and nodded her head in his direction. "As can the rest of the room."

"Do I look like a give a damn!"

"Yup you do you blushed but we should stop arguing and get back to these poor people forced to put up with us. Some of em are giving us awful funny looks."

" I don't care!" I think I was a rather crimson red...bit like Yami's eye colour.

"Then go to your room and calm down young lady." She pointed in the direction of my room.
"I don't think so! I'm perfectly calm! My middle name is Calm!" Actually, it's Anita, but it's just an expression at any rate.

"Yes yes and calm people always shout like that and scare the local population." Cairis said.
"...They do?" Joey butted in. I just gave him a look that said don't be such an ass.

I turned to Cairis and said, "You are soo taking some of these guys home with you and Steph will be too."

"I don't want be taken away by her!" Someone said but I did not catch who.

"Right then who said that?" Cairis said she was being very calm. "Diablo I want your electrafrying thingy."

"NO WAY! I will NOT have you ELECTROCUTING anyone under my roof! You hear me!"

"Okay I will take it home with me and do it there. Even so who would I be taking back with me. I don't want Mr. Grumpy chops Steph can have him."

"Who? Seto? Steph's gonna love that!"


Cairis turned to Seto. "Yes you Mr. Grumpy chops stoner."

"What?" Seto looked shocked. "I am no stoner!"

"Are so.." Both me and Cairis said together.

"Damn stop stealing me brainwaves Lorenzo." Cairis poked me in the side and I squeaked. Why do I have to be ticklish?
"Fine then Christophe. Hey wana see if the stoner is ticklish?"

"I am no stoner!" Seto roared.

"I think someone needs a nap." Cairis laughed." But some foke have been rather quiet so far. So let us worry them first."

"Yeah you do that while I get some food." I said walking out of the room.

"And make me a cuppa while you're at it!" Cairis called from the living room. I sighed and put on the kettle.

"Thank god mum ain't here!" I muttered.

"Thank god what?" came a voice from behind me. I spun round to find a certain tri-colour-haired leather god behind me.

"Ya-Yami! You scared me! What are you doing in here?"

"I came to help get food. And your friend attacked Bakura. I don't want to be next."

"Ah...Which Bakura?"

"The Spirit of the Millennium Ring."

"Ah, so not Ryou then."

Yami raised an eyebrow. "Ryou?"

I nodded. "Yeah, that's non-evil Bakura's first name...I think." I was trying very hard not to glomp Yami and finger the tri-colored hair. "Could you get me the butter out the fridge? And the cheese and ham as well? I figured I should make pieces."

Yami bent down to the fridge and got out the butter, cheese and ham. I was very tempted to look...elsewhere than out the window but I forced myself not to.

I got out the bread and buttered 20 slices. I took lots of ham and cheese and put lots in each piece. That should do them. Me and Yami then went to back into the living room and we heard Bakura shout. "I did not mean for you to actually bite me!"

I sighed and went into the room Joey and Tristan looked at the pieces with hungry eyes but I tried to ignore them and looked for Cairis and Bakura. They were both on the sofa by the window. Cairis tried to look innocent but she was NEVER innocent. I stormed over to her Yami close behind me. "What did you do to him!"

"He told me to bite him." Cairis said with a smirk.

"Yeah but I did not want you to actually do it!" Bakura moaned. "And will you please get off me!" I have forgotten to mention that Cairis was sitting on him poor guy.

"Yami help me get Cairis off of Bakura." I pleaded.

"Aww I find this very amusing." Yami sighed.

"Cairis and Bakura sitting in-" Tea stopped as soon as a trainer made contact with the side of her head. She rubbed the side of her head "Ouch"

Yugi looked shocked and a clapping was heard from the opposite corner of the room. I turned to see that surprise surprise it had been Seto.

I sighed and marched over to the dumbass that was Seto. "Sometimes," I said, " you can be so fucking annoying!" and I slapped him.

"Ooooo." Cairis went from the other end of the room. "And he hardly did anything wrong! Except trying to destroy the world... well not quite and generally being a self centered git." She sighed. "And you would not let me use the zappy thing!"

Again I sighed, this time at Cairis wanting to electrocute the YGO cast. "I told you no because I don't want their hair more on end than it already is!" I turned back to Seto, who had a look of horror and shock on his face. Clearly, no one had ever slapped him before. "Try not to be such a jackass around here and I might not slap you as often!"

He stood up and opened his mouth to say something, but thought better of it when he looked behind me. I turned, expecting to see Cairis looking like she wanted to slap him but there was Yami instead. He was glaring at Seto, his arms folded.

"She's right Seto. You stop acting like a jackass and maybe, just maybe, I can stop her from killing you."

"Ooooooh, Yami, was that a death threat towards Kaiba?" Cairis spoke up from Bakura's knee.

"No it wasn't!" I snapped. They hadn't been here for even a day yet and I'd already hit one. I calmed down a bit then repeated, "No, it wasn't a death threat. It was a fact. I do not hold Seto Kaiba high in regard because of his attitude. And because of his attitude, he has no one who likes him except Mokuba." I turned and looked directly at Seto, who now had a red hand shaped mark on his left cheek. "If you clean up your act and start acting nicer, you'd find a whole bunch of people who like you for what's under the cold mask." I turned away and walked out the living room, everyone staring.

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