Bunny: Hello there this is an apology...

Diablo: Yes we are soooo 100 not staling for time.

Bunny: Yes well you know how it is with school.

Diablo: And homework

Bunny: And the evil cheese

Lorenzo 1: And school

Diablo: And trying to sort out work experiance

Lorenzo 2: And School

Bunny: And roleplay

Christophe 1: And school

Diablo: Well thats our excuse...

Bunny: Yeah... we will get round to posing the next chapter soon.

Diablo: Yes soon

Bunny: After we get rid of some nasty writers' block.

Diablo: Yep... I am get writers block writing this x.X

Bunny: I blame my Yami

Diablo: You don't have a Yami!

Bunny: Yes I do Catty is my Yami!

Diablo: O.O -runs away-

Bunny: -crosses arms- Sheesh she is not THAT bad... okay maybe she is but still... well bye people. -skips away-