Title: Suprising Moments
Author: Jaina, Jaina47, etc.
Timeframe: Final Season
Characters: CJ Cregg, Zoe Bartlet
Genre: Fluff, Fluff, fluff, and did I mention fluff?
Summary: Written for the femslashfluff challenges. 75 CJ Cregg/anyone, Oval Office, muffin by ncruuk &
76CJ Cregg/anyone, West Wing corridor, balloon by ncruuk
Notes: Many, many thanks must go to MasterKay for beta'ing this with her red pen of doom. This fic contains slash. That means it depicts women in same sex relationship. If you don't like that sort of thing, then don't read it!
Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure that The West Wing belongs to Aaron Sorkin and/or John Wells. Either way, I'm not the one who owns it and I'm certainly not making any money off of this.

Part One


The Chief of Staff froze and turned to see who had called for her. She smiled as she saw Zoe Bartlett trotting towards her down the West Wing corridor. Her Secret Service agents were keeping pace with her and CJ's smile widened at the sight of the four grown men trotting down the corridor with her.

Zoe slowed as she approached CJ and then thrust out the hand that held a large yellow balloon towards CJ. Discretely their Agents turned their back to give them at least the illusion of some privacy.

"For you," Zoe said, as she tried to catch her breath.

CJ raised an elegant eyebrow at the young woman in front of her.

"For your birthday," Zoe clarified, her pale skin flushing red.

CJ couldn't hold in a startled laugh. She took a moment to examine the balloon more closely and then her eyes flicked back to Zoe's.

"Thank you," she said, "It's very – cheerful. But don't you think it's a little bit undignified as a gift for a woman of my age and the Leader of the Free World's Chief of Staff?"

Zoe shrugged, "Maybe not. But I think it's the perfect gift for my friend CJ."

"So when you think of me, you think of a bright yellow balloon? I'm flattered."

Zoe shot her a glare. "No," she said slowly, "Actually when I think of you, I think of doing this." She took a quick step towards CJ, cupped her hand behind her neck and kissed her squarely on the lips. It was a light kiss, but it left no doubt of her intentions.

Zoe stepped back and grinned at a still stunned CJ.

"Happy Birthday, CJ," she called over her shoulder as she sauntered away.