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Anyway, I got this idea for a story and 'What if' story lines are always my favourite! you can just totally run away with your imagination!So here comes another one, let me give you a fuller summary.

What if Morgan was raised with Maeve and becamea seeker? What if Hunter was sent to live with the Rowlands' after his parents vanished ? (Alwyn and Linden were killed so Beck sent Hunter away for his safety and his memory of being a witch was wiped) What if Cal worked for the good guys and for the council?

Like the Idea? Review then! Here goes the first chapter, enjoy!

"Cal!" I called, that boy, honestly, he'd leave his head behind if it weren't screwed on properly, he had wondered off looking for the right check-in stand we needed, leaving me with the luggage, "Right," he said upon returning, we need to be... over there" he said pointing to his left, "I think"

I rolled my eyes, "Cal, we need to be over there if we were heading to Africa... your pretty hun, but your not bright"

Cal and I were seeker's for the International Council Of Witches, we were also dating... we'll if you can call dating, flying all over the world together on our council-related missions.

Today we're being sent to America, a small town in New York called Widow's Vale.

Our mentor and friend, Kennet Muir was going to contact us when we get there, detailsabout our lastestmission, you see we're not allowed to know until we get to our destination, it was all very 007. I was expecting this one to besame old, same old, some witch misused their powers so we have him or her answer to the council, their punishment normally was stripping them of their Magick, yada yada yada...

I heard an announcment that check-in for New York was about to close, "Okay Cal, it's over there!" I said, dragging my bag with me I put it on the belt, the woman weighed it, checked my passport and handed me my flight ticket. "Have a nice trip!" she smiled, I waited for Cal and I heard the woman say in the exact same tone to him, "Have a nice trip!" I rolled my eyes.

An hour later, we were finally seated on our plane, first class, man there were some perks when working for the council. "Champagne?" the air hostess offered a tray with two glasses of champagne on them, Cal picked them both off the tray and handed one to me, "Cheers!" he said holding his glass high and then clinking it with mine, we both took a sip and then Cal leaned forward and kissed me softly on the mouth. I grinned.

He moved closer and started kissing my neck, I rolled my eyes and pulled out a folder containing a load of sheets of paper, "Business as usual," Cal said leaning back into his seat sighing, I started going through them, "Why don't you ever relax, Morgan? With you it's all about the mission, we're on a plane, we don't know our next mission why are you looking through those briefs? It's not even for our mission" "I liked to keep myself updated, See how everyone else is doing, see what progress the council is making"

"You need to keep yourself relaxed, when was the last time we had any fun?" He asked me, I frowned, "I had fun in mexico," I told him, "We went to one club to follow a lead, again work related, you need to give yourself a break"

"When we land I need to call my mum," I said completely changing the subject,Cal didn't say anything, instead he took my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "I love you, Morgan," he said, I looked into his eyes and smiled, "I know you do hun," for some reason I could never say those infamous three words back at him, and everytime I avoided saying it, he gave me that pained look, like a puppy dog.

I felt bad so I put the briefs away, "What do you propose, in the name of fun and relaxation then?" I asked, making him smile.

The long plane journey didn't seem so wrong, Cal was right we did have fun, we got a little tipsy, played card games, and talked, I gave him a manicure he gave me a hand massage, it was nice, I felt like we were actually a coupleinstead of just partners for the first time ever.

We've known each other since we were five, ever since my parents split up, my dad is like like the Wiccan equivalent of Hilter and Cal's mum, Selene Beltower,is just the same, but she couldn't be bothered with Cal, he wasn't like her, so she left him behind and my mum's friend Leona Berry, took him in, my mum re-married her childhood best friend, Angus Bramson, so he's a cool step dad, and my mother does her very best to keep Ciaran away from me. I have a feeling Ciaran and Selene are an item now... or are just using each other for each others powers.

When we got off the plane, I pulled out my mobile phone, opps we we're in America now, sorry, my cell phone, and I called my mum. We exchanged the usual mother/daughter talk, how are you? Be safe? Don't do anything I wouldn't do! No turning evil like your father and running off causing chaos... okay so she didn't say that last one, but I know it was among her many motherworries, which was one of the main reasons why I joined the council, as the youngest member at 18, I was trying to prove to her that I'm not like him.

"Right, where to now?" Cal asked, "I'll call Kennet, he's set up with somewhere to rent and he can tell me our mission"

After a minute or soI hung up the phone with Kennet and I wrote down the address we were staying on a piece of paper,

"So what's the mission?" Cal asked, "Same old, same old?" I shook my head, "No, the seer found a witch, a powerful witch, he were hiden afterhis parents had to go into hiding, he needs revealing to himself, and he needs teaching and guiding,"

Cal looked confused, "Why are they sending us, they could send Carol, she's a teacher and a priestess," "I asked the same question, the seer doesn't know what yet but she suggested that this job will need their strongest team so here we are"

"We're only the strongest team because of you" Cal told me, apparently I was some kind of power conduit, really powerful, the seer thinks I have this whole other destiny, but I don't know about all that.

"Right let's grab a taxi," Cal laughed, "Don't you mean cab?" he said, "We're in New York now" "Okay smart arse, let's get a CAB, and head to Widow's Vale"

We grabbed a taxi and showed him the address he shrugged at it but then proudly tapped his satalite navigation system I rolled my eyes and we put our bags in the trunk andclimbed in.

Widow's Vale, here we come.