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"Hunter?" came a whisper from the pale older woman in the room

"Hi Aunt Shelagh," Hunter smiled softly

Shelagh glanced at her husband, "How could this be?" she asked, "he's dead, am I seeing ghosts?"

"You didn't know?" Hunter asked confused

"Hunter, don't…" Beck pleaded

"Didn't know what?" Shelagh asked, "What in the name of the goddess is going on here?" her voice pitch raising, she was clearly getting more and more upset, "Hunter, Linden and Alwyn DIED years ago, how is he here?"

"Girls," Beck looked at his five daughters, "Could you please go up to your rooms give your mother and I a moment,"

Morgan watched as Hunters 5 blonde cousins left the room silently, all clearly as confused as their mother

"Beck, why?" Hunter asked trying to sound angry, but Morgan knew he was more hurt than anything

"I took it upon myself to protect you, to hide you away so you didn't meet the same fate as your brother and sister, as your parents Hunter, I couldn't bare to loose you too, so I thought it would be better to send you away for you safety rather than watch you be taken away,"

"It wasn't your decision to make!" Hunter shouted,

"It was exactly my decision!" Beck yelled back, "It was my job to keep you safe at all costs! You were just a boy and I was your guardian"

"Beck what did you do?" Shelagh asked, "Why didn't you tell me he was okay?"

"Shelagh, he needed to be safe, no one had to know the truth, I cast a small illusion to make everyone here believe he was gone like the others, I put Hunter in a slumber spell and wiped his memories of this place, his heritage and bound his powers and took him to America and had him adopted so he could live a safe and normal life"

"You had no right to take my memories or my powers!" Hunter shouted

"I know," Beck said softly, "I did what I thought would be the right thing to do, Hunter."

"Did you not think that eventually I would remember the truth and with that truth my powers would eventually unbind themselves?"

"I knew that in time it would happen but it kept you safe as a child," Beck said, "look at you now Giomanach, a man, your father would be so proud of you."

Morgan felt Hunter soften up, he got out what he needed to say and he knew his Uncle was just as hurt by his own decision as Hunter was.

Shelagh wrapped her arms around her nephew, "I'm so glad your safe," she kissed his cheek and pulled back

Hunter and Beck studied each other for a moment, "I hope you can forgive my actions Hunter, I'm only a human I just did what I thought was best for you,"

"I understand why you had me adopted and why you sent me so far away, but taking my own life from me I don't think I could forgive, these past few months I've had to learn so fast and catch up with all I missed out on to protect myself from Selene Belltower"

Beck's eyes widened, "Oh Goddess! She found you? What happened?"

"She won't be destroying anymore families" Hunter said firmly, "Morgan works for the council she helped"

"Morgan?" Beck finally noticed the girl in his home that accompanied his nephew, "Are you two…?"

"Yes, we're together, Morgan is my girlfriend" Hunter smiled for the first time and reached out for his love's hand

"You look so familiar have we met before?" Shelagh asked

"Maybe through passing, I lived round here a while ago with my mother Maeve Riordan"

"Oh Goddess you're Morgan Riordan, daughter or Maeve of Belwicket and Ciaran MacEwan of Amyranth"

"I am nothing like my father I can promise you that," Morgan said surely

"It's true, we face him when confronted with Selene, she fought her own father to save me" Hunter said

"And what of Ciaran?" Beck asked

"He's alive, but I don't think we'll be hearing from him anytime soon, and if he does show up again, we'll be ready for him" Morgan assured them

"Hunter" Beck said softly, "I'm sorry," he said and pulled his nephew into a hug, "I'm proud of you"

Later that evening Beck, Shelagh and their five daughters invited their long lost nephew and his girlfriend to stay for dinner, they sat around the living room picking out of Chinese cartons and sharing stories. Hunter told his family of his plans to go to Medical school and what life was like for him growing up in America without Wicca and the story of meeting Morgan and Cal and how it changed his life.

"Have you anywhere to stay for the night?" Beck asked the couple as they stood up to leave

"The council sets with me up with accommodation wherever I go" Morgan explained "We've got a little flat sorted out about 10 minutes from here"

"So you'll be around for a while?" Beck asked

"Yes, we wanted to move around a bit but Hunter needs to save for college we'll be heading down to Cornwall for a few days to see my mother and we're taking it from there"

"Good, I'd like to see more of you Hunter, we need to catch up, I've missed you"

Hunter nodded, "I'd like that too,"

Hunter hugged his cousins goodbye and his aunt and uncle walked them to the door.

"Stay safe sweetheart," his aunt Shelagh wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek, "We'll see you soon"

"Beck I just want you to know I'm not mad at you and that there are no hard feelings, I know why you did what you did, you did it to keep me safe and it worked. It's just I've had a lot to deal with these last couple of months, and I've felt like I've had a part of me missing for so long and I'm just learning how to get it back,"

"I know my boy, I really am sorry I should have thought of something else but at the time it was the only logical solution," he hugged his nephew again

"See you soon, Hunter" Beck smiled

"Count on it," Hunter replied, he took Morgan's hands in his and they walked off down the street.