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Fayt self-consciously clutched at Albel's shirt. "Why do we have to be here?" he whimpered. "I don't like this at all. I feel so…exposed."

Albel glanced at their little spot in the park, surrounded on three sides by thick bushes. "Relax, Fayt. We're safe here. We're not completely out in the open, and even if we were, you don't need to be afraid of anyone."

"It's just so weird to be out in the open…where everyone can watch us. It just makes me really uncomfortable."

Albel kissed Fayt's forehead. "We don't have to do anything yet. We're just taking small steps to get you used to the world. We'll just hang out here for a few hours. It'll be nice to get away from my parents for the rest of the evening."

"You've been away from your parents for five days now. Don't they want to see you? Eat dinner with you?"

Albel made a dismissive noise. "They don't care, as long as they know where I am. If I'm gone for a few days and they don't know where I am, they'll start to think a vampire got me."

Fayt whimpered and buried his face in Albel's shirt. "I won't kill anyone…I promise."

Albel soothingly rubbed Fayt's back. "I know, I know. You're cured."

Fayt lifted his head. "What if I'm not really cured?"

Albel frowned. "How could you possibly not be cured?"

Fayt sniffled. "Well, what if you're just so used to it…that it doesn't affect you anymore?"

Albel sighed. "You're overreacting, Fayt. Come on, let's sit down and calm down. This a good spot?"

Fayt nodded and slowly sat down on the dry grass next to Albel. Albel pulled a bag of pretzels out of his jacket pocket and offered it to Fayt. Fayt cautiously took one and began munching it thoughtfully.

Fayt shut his eyes in bliss. "Mmmn…this is the best pretzel I've ever had."

Albel frowned at the bag of generic pretzel sticks. "Fayt, these are cheap pretzels. God, you must've been deprived if you've had worse."

Fayt opened his eyes and smiled at Albel. "They just taste good. Can I have another one, please?"

Grudgingly, Albel held out the bag to Fayt and Fayt began munching contentedly. "Mmmn…these are so good," Fayt murmured.

Albel rolled his eyes. "For God's sake, Fayt. They aren't that great, so quit acting like you have an orgasm every time you eat one."

Fayt turned pink. "A-Albel," he whimpered.

Albel snorted. "You've eaten plenty at my house, even though it won't fill you up, but just to be polite. So don't tell me you haven't had good food before."

"I don't mean to offend your mom's cooking," Fayt said quickly. "It's just…amazing how much flavor those have. It's like nothing ever tasted so vibrant before."

Albel cocked his head and looked Fayt over carefully. "Yeah, you're definitely cured," he said at last. "You have to eat just like the rest of us."

Albel was caught off guard when Fayt threw himself at Albel. "Oh, you're right," Fayt said happily. "How can I ever thank you?"

"Well…" Albel said mischievously.

Fayt turned a bright red. "Albel," he protested. "Not here. I don't want anyone to see me naked except you."

Albel smirked and pinched Fayt's cheek. "You're cute. You know that?"

Fayt glowered at him. "I'm not a little kid. Don't do that." He rubbed his cheek irritably.

Albel's smirk grew. "Really? If you're not a kid, we should be fine doing adult stuff."

Fayt pouted. "Albel, you know I don't want to go rushing into that stuff. I'm not ready for it."

"Fayt, you'll keep psyching yourself out and telling yourself that you're not ready. But you are. If it hadn't been for my dad, I would have had you back in the garage."

Fayt turned pink. "Wha-what do you mean?"

"Think about it, Fayt. You were stripped down to your underwear. Logically, what do you think the next step would be? Now, I know you're worried about losing your virginity and you're over thinking things. But once you get into the moment, you forget about all that and you'll have a great time. Want to have a try?"

"Alright," Fayt murmured reluctantly.

"Good. Now lie down. Nice and easy." Albel gently pushed Fayt down on his back in the grass. Fayt looked up at him fearfully.

"There, just like that." Albel laughed at Fayt's expression. "Don't look so worried, love. You're going to have so much fun and you won't even have time to think about all those worries in that pretty little head of yours."

Fayt flushed. "It's not my fault that I'm so worried. I've never done anything like this before…never really heard anything about this kind of thing before. It's probably going to hurt, isn't it? Will I get pregnant?"

Albel snickered. "Sex isn't just about knocking someone up. Yes, it probably will hurt…but I'll try to distract you as much as possible. And next time, it won't hurt as bad. It's always a little painful for virgins, breaking their little bodies in."

Fayt began an indignant retort, but Albel covered Fayt's mouth with his own and his tongue gently, but insistently demanded entrance into Fayt's mouth.

Fayt whimpered as his whole body fell limp, surrendering to Albel's advances. His eyes slid shut and his lips parted.

Albel let his tongue do a brief exploration of Fayt's mouth before he pulled away. "There, that wasn't so hard," he whispered huskily in Fayt's ear. Fayt shuddered as Albel licked the shell of his ear.

"Want me to continue?" Albel murmured.

"Please," Fayt whimpered as Albel began to lick at Fayt's collarbone.

"Are you sure?" Albel asked lazily. "I can barely hear you."

Fayt grabbed onto Albel and pulled him in for a kiss that Albel willingly deepened as Fayt slid into the submissive role.

A light suddenly shone on the pair. Fayt frantically pulled away from Albel and stared up fearfully at the newcomer.

A wizened old policeman stared down at them thoughtfully. "Hello, you two. Don't stop on account of me. Just making sure everything is in order." His gaze lingered a moment on Fayt.

Albel pasted an innocent smile on his face. "It's okay, officer. My father caught me with my lover in the garage today so he's a little skittish. He thinks my father's still out to get him."

The officer looked sympathetic. "Yes…I remember those days too, when I was in my youth. How I missed that girl…" He suddenly roused himself. "Just you boys be careful. I don't want you to get caught by vampires."

Fayt's heartbeat quickened and Albel kissed Fayt's cheek soothingly. "It's okay," Albel whispered. "He's not after you anymore."

Fayt took a deep breath and willed himself to calm down. He smiled shakily.

"It seems strange, how long you two have been out here," the officer continued. "Almost an hour and still haven't lost a scarp of clothing. Not up to something rotten are you?" He leveled a steely gaze at them. "If you're not at this park for romancing, I have a right to know."

"Oh, don't you worry, officer," Albel said quickly, before Fayt started panicking again. "We just like plenty of foreplay. Now, excuse us please." He grabbed Fayt and pulled him into a fierce kiss.

The policeman nodded approvingly and moved on his rounds.

As soon as the man was out of sight, Fayt jerked out of Albel's embrace. "You told me that they wouldn't be watching us!" he snapped.

"They're not watching the whole time," Albel said soothingly. "He just looked up now and then and noticed we weren't doing anything but talking and thought maybe we were terrorists. If he noticed us doing anything remotely looking like sex, he would have ignored it."

Fayt frowned. "I don't want people to watch us."

Albel sighed. "They don't know us. What do we care what people think of us?"

Fayt bit his lip. "I-well…" He sighed unhappily. "I guess you're right. And you said it's perfectly normal? We won't get in trouble with it?"

"Perfectly normal," Albel assured him. In fact, it would be really suspicious if we didn't."

Fayt sighed. "Well, I guess so."

Albel turned serious. "Fayt, sex isn't something you say about, 'Oh well, might as well do it'. Sex is a serious matter. Now, if you truly don't have feelings that strong for me, you're just wasting your time."

Fayt looked fearful. "I mean…I don't know anything."

"No, of course you don't. I'm doing a favor for you by taking your virginity. You're considered a little old to lose it, but due to your circumstance, it's understandable. No one else will understand the reasons because they weren't with you like I am. Maybe we won't end up together later, but if I don't have sex with you now, no one will in the future. They'll think something must be wrong with you if no one was willing to sleep with you."

Fayt nodded. "I do care about you, Albel. I know most people now don't stay with one partner, and in case we ever break up, I want the ability to move on to someone else. I don't want to be lonely forever."

"Good, then let's get started."

Fayt watched with interest as Albel began gently removing his clothes. Albel gave Fayt a teasing smile. "And after going on so much about not wanting people to watch you, here you are ogling me."

Fayt ducked his head and rolled on to his stomach. "Can't help it, Albel. I've never seen anyone naked before."

"Boy, you really do have a lot to learn." Albel cocked his head to one side. "Okay, your turn now. Strip for me, Fayt."

"But I-"

"Don't make me have to do it for you," Albel said warningly. "My hands tend to wander."

Fayt grinned. "You say that like it's a bad thing."

Albel raised an eyebrow. "Kinky. I like it."

A few minutes later, Fayt was completely naked and pinned to the ground by Albel. Albel was nipping at Fayt's throat and Fayt was panting heavily. He struggled to get out from under Albel. "Ah-ah…stop it, Albel. Please-ah."

"Stop? And leave you with this?" Albel affectionately patted Fayt's arousal, earning a soft moan from his trapped lover.

"Stop the-ah-stop teasing me."

Albel delicately raised an eyebrow. "Ooh...I like the sound of that. My lovely little Fayt is begging for me to take him?"

"Anything," Fayt whimpered. "It hurts so bad…I'm going to burst."

"Can't have that, can we?" Albel licked a hot, wet trail down Fayt's chest and stopped just short of Fayt's erection. He eyed it and then licked the tip of it, enjoying Fayt's throaty moan. "Feel a little better now?"

"Yes," Fayt gasped.

"Good. Then we'll move on to something else."

"Albel," Fayt groaned.

"Not tonight, love. Maybe the next time. That's not how I want you to lose it to me. We have to be connected."

"You're still teasing me," Fayt growled.

Albel wrapped his slim fingers around Fayt's erection and gave it a quick pump. "No, just keeping your attention. Now, spread your legs, Fayt."

Fayt obeyed him, willing to do anything to get rid of the throbbing between his legs.

Albel squeezed a small amount of lotion onto his hand and gently pushed one finger inside Fayt's opening.

Fayt let out a soft cry of pain. "What're you doing?"

"Stretching you out."

"It hurts!"

"It'll only hurt worse if I don't,' Albel said calmly, wiggling the offending finger inside Fayt some more.

"Aaagh," Fayt whimpered. "A-Albel."

Albel's expression was unreadable as he removed the finger and poured more lotion over his hand.

Fayt closed his eyes and sighed. "Albel, I-" He squirmed suddenly as Albel pushed the finger back in, this time with a second finger.

"Stop," Fayt whined. "It hurts."

Albel said nothing and continued scissoring his fingers inside of Fayt, slowly stretching him out.

"Done yet?" Fayt asked as Albel removed the two fingers.

"No, one more."

Fayt groaned. "And then you'll be done?"

"And then I'll be done," Albel agreed. "With stretching you out. And then we'll move on to the real thing."

"Will that hurt too?"

"Probably. Virgins are always built a little too tight and they have to be stretched out. But next time it won't hurt so badly."

Fayt sighed and willed himself to stay still as Albel prodded at him with his three fingers, slowly stretching them apart, exploring Fayt's insides. The pain had faded to a dull ache.

Fayt moaned and arched back as one of Albel's questing fingers found the spot inside of him where all the pain exploded into pleasure.

Albel smirked and continued to stroke the bundle of nerves with his finger. Fayt mewled and pressed back against Albel's fingers, trying to get more of the wonderful feeling.

Abruptly, Albel removed his fingers and Fayt let out a groan of disappointment. "Why'd you stop?"

"Now we get to move on to the real thing," Albel said calmly.

Fayt swallowed hard and looked at Albel's erection uncertainly. "Are you sure that'll fit?"

"It will," Albel said soothingly. He gently spread Fayt's legs further apart and dipped a finger into the lotion to spread around Fayt's entrance to make it easier on the boy.

The evening was fading to a deep, dark night. Other couples were now in the park. Fayt could hear distant voices. But they wouldn't be seen. Fayt could barely make out Albel's face even though he was so close.

Fayt gasped and his eyes welled with tears as Albel slowly pushed into his body. Albel was moved very slowly, trying not to hurt Fayt. But pain would be inevitable owing to the fact that Albel's size was much larger than three fingers.

Once Albel was fully sheathed inside Fayt's body, he waited, waited for Fayt to adjust. He listened to Fayt's heavy breathing and felt the tight, stubborn resistance from Fayt's muscles.

But at last, Fayt's body began to relax and Albel took it as his signal to continue. He took careful aim and thrust forward at the spot that had been Fayt's earlier source of pleasure.

Fayt let out a soft cry and arched upwards and then limply fell back onto his back, panting heavily.

"More," Fayt whispered.

Albel increased the pace eagerly, delighting in Fayt's cries and the look of ecstasy on his face. Fayt moaned and thrashed beneath him as Albel continued pounding into his lover's warm body. Fayt handled the quick pace of Albel's thrusts remarkably, always begging for more.

Fayt was a virgin with absolutely no sexual experience, so it couldn't be helped that sex with Fayt couldn't last as long as Albel wanted it to. Fayt held on as long as he could before collapsing with a harsh scream, his body spent.

As Fayt tried to fight off the hazy dreaminess overtaking him, Albel continued to thrust into Fayt until his own release. Albel collapsed on top of Fayt with a heavy groan and kissed him gently. "You were good, Fayt. And not just good for a virgin. We'll have to do this again."

"Not now," Fayt whimpered. "I'm too tired."

"Not now, of course. I'll let you sleep, recover."

"Maybe tomorrow," Fayt murmured drowsily. "If you promise me something."

"What's that?"

"You can't kill any vampires. I mean…not unless they're the bad kind, the ones that kill people on purpose."

"I won't. I promise." Albel settled onto his back next to Fayt and pulled a blanket over the two of them. 'After all, if you can be cured, so can they. They just need to find someone who knows what they are and accepts them anyway."

"Mmhm," Fayt said softly. "if only everything could be fixed by love." Then he dropped off to sleep.